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Friable Cervix?

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Has anyone had a friable cervix in preg? If so did the do anything to change your preg, like softening too soon, or having to bedrest or such??

Thank you,
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My MW told me at my first prenatal visit with my DD that I had a friable cervix. She didn't really explain what that meant, but I had no problems at all with my cervix throughout my pregnancy and no one mentioned it again. The MW I am seeing for this pregnancy didn't say anything about it. Now you've got me curious, though....
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I had some bleeding after intercourse in my last 3 pregnancies but no preterm labor or bedrest. One was 1 day early and the other 2 were late
Last pg I went to see an OB and he applied silver nitrate - no problems after that.
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I don't have a friable cervix, but what a term! Just because it's a little sensitive? Has any other DR told you that before? If someone said that to me I would wonder if maybe they shouldn't work on their technique. Was the silver nitrate to keep you from bleeding after sex? I wish they would just leave our cervixes (i'm actually not sure how to make that plural) alone! I had an abnormal papsmear(this was before I got pregnant) and instead of just doing another one to make sure, they did a cone biopsy at the same time. My gut told me I should have just asked for another papsmear, and I was right-since there was nothing there!
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I don't know about the OP but significant bleeding with regular intercourse on a few occasions. This last time I had blood running down my legs which sent me to the ER and I am a homebirther! I wanted the silver nitrate, I certainly didn't want another scare. Friable is just a medical term, one should not take offense.
If my OB (MWs back-up) even touched my cervix during examination it would bleed.
Oh and nobody messed up my cervix, it's just something that happens.

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Thanks for the info,
Yeah, I'm super glad my midwife showed me my cervix in my last pap, I'd never seen a friable cervix before and glad to know what it was and have her show me.

It's puts some info together, for I used to bleed everytime I used a cervical cap and just thought the cap was too tight. And now have bleeding after intercourse which she warned I probably would.

Glad to see no more problems. Mine is "friable" only on the tip and I didn't know if that would increase as the cervix became soft and open in pregnancy?
I was assuming the tissues being so soft and senstive would be more thin and stretchy, but now I'm thinking maybe not?

I think why they say friable it's not just because it's more senstive, it actually is pretty bloody, with more mucus. The tissues look a bit soft and red. But, it's not a sign of a problem like it you were to see cervicitus.
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