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Wow my beta at 25 dpo was 4,323 so that number is super great. With a number that high I would be thinking twins actually. Avg levels for 27dpo is between 19-7,340 are you sure of your O date??

Were the tests you were using the same brand?? Because different brands read different levels of hcg.
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those beta #s are just fine!! And I don't know at which point it happens, but I do know that pg tests will STOP showing +!! Don't let it get to you! Especially if you don't have cramping or bleeding! Looks like you're stuck with us for another 7 months or so!
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Looks like a sticky bean to me!
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I had my blood drawn again this am and should know the answer about lunch time.

I'm pacing!!

Oh, I am completely sure of my O date. And I tested positive at 10dpo.
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BETAs are a big, big deal in surro world, lol. Your first # for how many DPOs you are is in the multiples range!! What will really tell is your second # and how long it is taking to double. Average doubling time is 48-72 hours. Here is a website to find out doubling times: http://www.justmommies.com/pregnancy...lculator.shtml Just type in the two beta numbers and how many days between them, as long as the beta is doubling within a 72 hour time frame it is a healthy number!!

Good luck! I think its safe to say there is at least one healthy, sticky little bean in there!
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So, hey, it's 2pm here....I'm waiting patiently! (sort of )
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Oh, I'm waiting too. It's 11:30 here. I gave the blood at 9am and it was marked stat.
I'm trying not to be that annoying patient who calls before the tests are in....
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I don't know anything about beta numbers but since others say that looks good I'll just agree with them Hope you get some good news today.
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Not to scare you, but here are some # taken from the Epic Beta thread on my surro board (basically all the ladies post their beta # for how many days potst transfer/ovulation they are)

27DPO ~ 24dp3dt
Singleton: 7037, 9801, 13474
Twins: 2746

27DPO ~ 22dp5dt
Singleton: 2540, 3019

Your #, 25,466 is very high. Which leads me to think one of three things: you O'd much earlier than you thought, you have at least two in there, or the lab screwed up and there as suppose to be a decimil point in there somewhere!

I'm really interested to see what you're 2nd # is!! I'm going to be hitting refresh all afternoon!
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Now i'm paranoid about being too high?!?!?!?!?! I think I remember that I had higher than average betas with my last 2 pregnancies. I know for at least one of them, because I had some pretty severe bleeding and they commented on how high the beta was.

Oh, when will it end??

my phone is strapped to my hip. Believe me.

I will update as soooooon as possible.
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Mine was high too, there's just one, and so far so good! I really hope you are getting good news, but it seems like with one high beta you can disregard faint pregnancy tests at least.
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: : how would you feel about multiples?
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I don't think it's multiples as I had higher than avg hcg in previous pregnancies.

How would i feel if it were??

I would be absolutely TERRIFIED. I have a 11 year old, 3 year old and a 1 year old and to be honest.... I'm terrified at adding another singleton!
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Oh gosh, that's a lot of kids. I'm a little nervous about adding another to my toddler, honestly.

I can't wait to get your results!
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Well, my second beta came back....
Doubling time 111 hours.
The midwife thinks it isn't going to be viable.
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Really? I'm sorry to hear that. It does seem that when it gets that high that doubling time is slower - I hope she's wrong!
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You're numbers are VERY high! When they get at about 2,000, the doubling time goes way down! I personally think that you're just fine. Have you checked out www.betabase.info?? It's a great source of information!
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According to betabase it's still slow for that range.
betabase says normal for me right now would be 72 hours.
I have an ultrasound tomorrow at 1:15.
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The number is fine and not everyone doubles in 72 hours it can take up to 96 once the number gets high enough.

I honestly dont see how with numbers that high at the dpo you are that this pg would not be viable : I mean at 27dpo your number was almost double what is considered avg for that dpo.
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Don't know anything about this but wanted to add that my thoughts are with you and I hope all is well!
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