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Latex allergies

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Someone mentioned latex in food: ie: bananas.

I've never heard of that and I'm hoping someone can explain. My ds (11 mos.), in addition to his many traditional food allergies, has a negative reaction to bananas. He doesn't break out, like he does with dairy and soy, etc..; he throws up. He's never loved bananas anyway, but, his diet is so limited, I coaxed him into eating a little several months ago and within an hour he was throwing up. We thought he had picked up a stomach virus, but, a few weeks later, I tried the bananas again. Same reaction. So, no more bananas. Unlike the other foods, it doesn't bother him when I eat them. We thought maybe it had to do with a possible bacteria in the raw fruit? But now I'm wondering.

What others foods contain latex?

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That was me and, unfortunately, I only have a minute here-water's boiling for Spicy Chinese Noodles. lol

dr thinks my son has a latex allergy so we're trying an elim. diet for 2 weeks. There's a long list I could tell you later. Bananas, avocados, potatoes, tomatoes, kiwi, etc.

He also mentioned (and I don't recall well) that b/c of genetic modifications, more foods; ie. sunflowers, will contain latex.

I wonder if it's b/c I intro. avocados and bananas as a first food; ie. if we overdid it and now he has some kind of sensitivity.

I'll try to send over a link later-paperwork is in my car.
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Could be latex....

I have sensitivity to latex....and have found that some produce has been handled by people with latex gloves. Or, next to other produce that is latex related--bananas, avocados, etc. Or, perhaps the bag or wash they used somehow had come in contact with latex.

Although as BusyMommy said....with genetic modification...there will be many more allergies! Some people who are allergic to latex rubber are also particularly sensitive to certain foods, including avocados, apples, bananas, chestnuts, kiwis, peaches, cherries, plums, pineapples, melons, pears, hazelnuts, almonds, celery, carrots and papaya. TRUE allergy to latex is rare and really serious, but lots of people are 'intolerant' to it.

Is your ds cloth diapered? There is latex in virtually ALL elastics used in cloth diapers! I recently made a bunch for a friend with a latex sensitive child using latex free elastic. Otherwise, she breaks out terribly in a bubbly burn looking rash on her bum from latex in her diapers.

There is also something else....and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it...it's something about a mouth sensitivity to certain foods...not an allergy...or intolerance....hmm....off to search for it!
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Since posting the question, I've taken a little time to do some additional research. Ds has shown distinct reactions to bananas and avocados; we haven't tried any of the other foods mentioned in my reading, except potatoes, which are only a proven problem if raw and since we're not in the habit of serving raw potatoes...

With his long list of allergies, I think we'll err on the side of caution and assume he has an allergy to latex in addition to every other edible substance known to man. No, he's not cloth-diapered so I can't use that to judge.

Thanks for the responses!
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Some disposible diapers have latex in them as well! I can't remember the full list, but my friend's daughter started reacting to them as well, and after research she found out. I think the Huggies Ultra or Supreme maybe they are called? don't have latex, but a lot of the others do.

If you can avoid, and that solves the problems....awesome! I'd say nothing could be 'easier' but....how far from the truth!
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+ carrots, melons, papayas
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