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colostrum as possible early pregnancy sign?

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You would think I should know this by now

Ds weaned himself at 2 1/2 , (and still asks but doesn't want to take the time to actually nurse, and gets mad because there isn't any milk!lol) and he is nearly 3 now. I had an early miscarriage at about 3 weeks or so recently, it just didn't stick. So, we are still trying. Would that cause my breasts to have colostrum?
Would having recently weaned cause it also?
My breasts are just really tender, and it doesn't seem like an infected breast. i thought so at first, but there would be A LOT of infected milk coming out if it were. And I am still sore. Is this mastitis or colostrum? Could this be a sign of pregnancy? Or just leftovers?
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Hi, Leila!

I hope it's a sign of pregnancy for you!! Is it the yellow-gold colored fluid, or does it look like milk? I'm 20 weeks or so and just was able to express a tiny drop of colostrum (I figured it was there because my DS had started nursing again as though there was something!). Definitely not milk - transparent and golden. But I'm not leaking yet, either. I know I didn't leak colostrum until about 6 months along with earlier pregnancies. BUT, I wouldn't doubt that our bodies are capable of it! Everyone is so different!

Do you know how far along you might be if you are pg? Is there any chance that you could be further along? I know I've heard of m/c of one twin and the other growing healthily. Just some random thoughts!

Hope it's great news for you!
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It is semi- transparent and golden. Definitely very golden colored. I really doubt I am pregnant(false test) unless it is a very early on, just conceived pregnancy I had a pretty heavy period a week and a half ago, and the month before that(actually more around like 3 weeks before) I had what started as implantation bleeding for 2 days, then clots.

So I am in pain tonight with it. Now I don't know what to think!lol I guess I'll never know. Hopefully it's just my body trying to deal, and I am preggered again
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I know you can definitely leak colostrum and not be pregnant. I learned the "OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THIS I CAN'T BE PREGNANT!" way . Any change in hormones can cause this to happen, and it sounds like your cycle is in flux right now, and not back to "normal".
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ok. This is good to know.
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