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My 4yos head circumference is 19 1/4 inches - what about your child's?

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I was re-reading the neurologist's report and he mentions microcephaly (micro-small, cephaly-head). I'm buying my 4yo a 12" bike for his birthday and also getting him a new helmet. He still wears infant size helmet as it goes from 18 1/2"-20 1/2".

If you aren't offended: What size is your child's head and what age is he/she?

Naturally I couldn't find my son's measurements from birth other than weight and length.

I googled head circumferences on line but it says the charts stop at 36 mos because your doctor would have noted microcephaly by then. I don't recall discussing this.

Another gray hair for my head eh?

Debra, homeschoolig mom of 4 ages 10(AS), 9, 7, and 4 (Apraxia, Dysarthria, HFA?)

*I found this but am not sure it applies: http://www.williams-syndrome.org/for...circ_male.html

My son will be 4 on June 2.
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Around 21 inches, but he has a humongous head His ped neuro measured all our heads. He said they were all larger than average, so it's a genetic thing. DS is 25 months.
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My guy's head has always been in at least the 90th percentile - but I too have a big head, so like mylittlevowels we're pretty sure it's just genetic and doesn't mean anything.
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My DD is 4 and developmentally normal, as far as I can tell (I just popped in here for a minute) but her toddler helmet still fits her head.

I don't know if that helps you any.
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My NT 6 year old daughter is just over 20". My autistic 3.5 year old son is 21.75. Your son's doesn't sound that small to me.
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My youngest baby (just turned 2) is 51cm and his brother (who will be 3 in July) is 48cm
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21.5", DS wears an adult size small hemet at the age of 5. He has a gigantic melon
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I just measured Liam and Jake's heads yesterday b/c I'm going to make them hats. They were both around 20" somewhere. I think 20 and 21? I didn't pay much attention other than that they will both fit the size XL on my pattern. It's infant sizes. Liam and Damien have big heads, Jake's has always been average. Liam and Damien are my ASD kids as well, and I always wonder if there's a connection somehow. But at the same time, I can wear children's hats and I'm sure I'm on the spectrum.
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I don't know, they didn't measure his head at his well child check today, but they did measure it at the autism doc last week....I just forgot to ask.

Put it this way...his head has always measured 99th percentile on the growth charts, at one point there was some concern about how big his head was, fortunately he seems to have grown into it. However he's always had a melon head.
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Well my 7yo dd is 20" and my 9yo dd is 20 1/2

and I an 22" so I guess 19 1/4 is not remarkably small for us!

Thank you for your replies. My youngest doesn't have a concrete diagnosis and when I re-read and try to not miss anything I needlessly worry.

Debra, homeschooling mom of 4 ages 10 (AS), 9, 7, and 4 (Apraxia, Dysarthria, HFA?)
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Ds's (who will be 4 1/2 in June) head is 20 1/2".
Mine is 22".
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I know this is an old thread but I wanted to answer anyway. C turned 4 years old two days ago and his head measures 20.5".
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Oh, and here's a chart in centimeters that goes up over the usual "up to 36 months" chart.


C was 95th percentile, which has been about right from birth onward. He's not crazy tall or anything, I believe the 70th percentile at his last checkup, nor weight, which also is generally around 70-75th. He doesn't have an overly high BMI. I'm saying this because I'm assuming this question was brought up due to that study about autism in boys, and growth hormone.
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I'll to measure my kids heads tomorrow...but in general Janelle (will be 5 in september, and I guess is typical...I don't especially like that term.) has a tiny head, always has, back when the ped measured it it was always just slightly lower than her weight (3rd% is as high as she has ever gotten in weight) on the charts (so umm, not on the charts), he hasn't measured it since she turned 3 though. She wears a size 6-12 month hat from gymboree/janie and jack. Kincaid(turned 3 in March, is epileptic, ASD, cognitive delays, gross and fine motor delays supposedly, SID/SPD) has a big head, though closer to average now. It started out 50th% (just like his weight, his height started out 95th%), then it dropped off the charts at the same time that his weight went off the charts in the other direction...and then it started getting bigger as his weight started falling...at 6 months old he was at the 75th% for both measurements, at 12 months old he was in the like 50th% for weight and his head was off the charts big...it stayed that way till 2, and then it started leveling out again...the last time all 3 were measured he was in the 85th% for height, 75% for head circ., and 20th% for weight.

His neurologist has watched his head growth carefully, but he's had many cat scans, mri's, eegs, and even an ultrasound of his birth mark that is on his head and there is nothing "wrong"...I mean, he is epileptic, but that seems completely unrelated to both the weird growth pattern and the size of his head.
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