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Normally I would guess that if they smell coming out of the dryer they are not getting clean and would use more detergent and possibly hotter water on a regular basis.

How did you strip the diapers? Do you have a top loader or a front loader? (washer) Do you have cotton diapers or perhaps hemp or fleece? Hemp and fleece are more prone to stink IMHO.

I do a dry pail, lined with a wet bag, and wash every 2 days. I empty the liner and dipes into tthe washer and do a cold rinse. I often add bs at this point. I then do a hot wash with detergent (currently Sun but the Charlie's is waiting to be opened). My washer only offers a cold rinse. I try to check and make sure it is not too sudsy. If I think the diapers need more rinsing I will set it to fill with warm water and let it agitate for a full wash but then switch the machine to rinse for the spin. Does that make sense? I also sometimes use a downy ball with vinegar as a rinse aid. I have moderately hard water.
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useful site on CLR

Howdy Ladies,

I found this useful link on CLR. It tells what's in it and gives instructions for cleaning out hard water deposits. If used to remove hard water deposits from clothes (VERY DILUTED), those clothes should be washed normally several times to remove any residues from the acids.
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So -- if I were to use vinegar, where does that go? In place of detergent, or where the bleach would go? We have this fancy HE front-loader and it's complicated.
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I put it in with the detergent, but I have a top loader.
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Wow, great thread! You know you are a cd nerd when....:

There are so many variables with cloth diapering and the smells!!! Seems to depend on the age of the kid, diapers you are using, machine you have, water heater temps, soap, water quality, arrgh!

I know that my dipes can have that mildly poopy smell when ds wets and then I try to make sure I'm washing with hot and doing a double rinse. I think the fleece from FB can get a little stinky, sometimes.

I LOVE the suggestion of some essential oils! Sounds so nice.... I love Mrs. Meyers clean day detergent for a pretty smelling wash. I also like biokleen. I really DO NOT like powders for cloth diapers.

We have hard water with minerals.... I do throw in vinegar every third washing or so and that seems to help keep them fresh. I think one of the key points is to act right away when they start smelling funky, versus when they are really stinky.

I wonder, is it harder to get diapers clean with a front loader? I wonder about that as I watch the water swishing around in my old water-hogging top loader.

Also, I just read a little insert that came with some new diapers that said do a quick cold water rinse, then a HOT wash with a cold rinse. The theory was, why would you want your good hot wash to be swirling with poop and pee. Hmmm. Made sense to me.
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I read on one of the diaper sites that powder detergent is better for diapers because liquid detergent has ingredients that aid suspension and reduce rinsability. As you said, there are so many variables it is hard to give general info.

I have heard that front-loaders are harder to get diapers clean with because they use less water overall. I am not lucky enough to have first hand knowledge of that problem.

OT - midwest meg I love your children's names.
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Originally Posted by kikidee View Post
So -- if I were to use vinegar, where does that go? In place of detergent, or where the bleach would go? We have this fancy HE front-loader and it's complicated.
I have a HE washer too. I put vinegar in the fabric softener thing. Then it comes out in the rinse cycle.

I was going to start basically the same thread, but there are so many great responses here I'll just ask another question too. I had heard that you can strip your diapers in the dishwasher, so I tried that yesterday. What a fiasco! It stunk up the whole house (steaming all the bacteria/poo/ammonia/detergent smell!) and then there was the load of sopping wet diapers to contend with. DH put them out on the clothesline, but they smelled worse than they did before! So I put them through our diaper cycle in the washer (presoak, hot wash, 2 rinses) using baking soda instead of detergent and vinegar in the rinse. I think they are better but I haven't used them yet to be sure.

So here's my question: did I do something wrong by putting them in the dishwasher? I didn't use any soap or anything--just hot water. Did it stink so bad just because the diapers were long overdue for being stripped?
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Originally Posted by Miasmamma View Post
I just stripped my dipes and they still smell like pee. The load I just took out of the dryer even smells still. Not bad, but it's definately there. I use a wet bag, but think I'm going to switch to a pail. Does anyone presoak theirs in the pail? If so, what do you use, or should I just try to do a presoak in the washer? I wash mine in Tide Free and use about a quarter of what I should for a large load.
I am almost positive I've read bad things about Tide Free for dipes. Check out this link and see if maybe a new detergent would help. We use a dry pail with no problems.
pins and stripes
Hard water, Allen's detergent, a 1/2 cup of vinegar in the tank with the cloths of our front loader.

Yes, this CD thing is a huge science project.
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Okay then, maybe we are getting somewhere! I use the Costco brand of HE free, which is similar to Tide I would imagine.

So I am going to try one of the more diaper-friendly detergents!!

I can't believe how much of a science project this is! You are right.
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Amy did you put in prewashed diapers or soiled diapers?
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Originally Posted by octobermom View Post
I'll differ in my experience Poo smell especially right after washing means too little detergent (amonia smell too much) I''d actuall try washing with a bit more detergent then rinseing well.
: That's ceratinly been my experience as well!
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Amy, I've done the dishwasher thing, too. Actually, it's the only way I've stripped my dipes. I don't think you did anything wrong, as long as they were clean dipes to begin with! And my dipes need stripping right now (smell like pee), so off I go!
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Oh, I am dealing with this insanity as well.

I never had a problem in our top loader using 7th generation free and clear powder. NO PROBLEMS for a year.

We moved, and now I have a fancy front loader, adn I was using All free and clear. Just a tiny bit. Sure I read somewhere to use that. (We use fuzzi bunz).

NOW I find out that was not a good detergent to use. We have HORRIBLE problems with both stink and leaking. SO I tried stripping them- I must have washed them seven times in a row on super hot using the "water plus" feature. Never saw any suds.

Still have the problem.

I am going to maybe try RLR which I have some of. I refuse to use Allen's Naturally detergent since it has a harmful chemical in it. (well, all detergents are "chemicals", but Allens' has one that is particularly bad. I'm surprised so many people use it thinking it's safer than other brands.) I'd love to keep using my 7th generation, but am not sure what to do at this point. I'm trying to do more research on this but keep coming up with conflicting reports on what to do other than wash in plain hot water to strip.

I might try some vinegar, and if that doesn't work, I shall try a bit of bleach (but I'd rather not use that). I've run them on the *sanitary* cycle of the washer and still have the problem, so I'm pretty confident that it is NOT bacteria, but is buildup/residue. And bleach will not help with that, but maybe vinegar will. I'm scared of using Dawn in the front loader. Any ideas?

Maybe I should try the crazy dishwasher idea. I've never heard of that until this thread! I"ll keep reading this and looking around for suggestions.
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Originally Posted by mamamoo View Post
I would not use rlr, it makes a TON of suds, like seriously took me 10+ washes to get it all out. Calgon and vinegar are both good choices for hard water.
Where do you find Calgon? I must be slow, because I've looked in different stores with detergents, and I can't find it.
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I found it at walmart in the laundry section.
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Just an update -- I am STILL having this problem! I am washing a few times, and rinsing a bunch of times. I ordered some Allen's detergent, so hopefully when that gets here it will fix things. It's getting tiresome though, I have to say!!!
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OK, I'm desperate now. Vinegar did not help.

How do you strip dipes in the dishwasher? I might post a new topic about this if noone sees this who has done it... I mean, do you just set them up in the tines with all of the liners and.. run it? Plain water? Sounds weird, but I think my dipes really, really miss the top loader and all of the water.. I think washing them in the front loader is very challenging... and I guess the dishwasher woudl give them lots of water! -j
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I am not a pro by ANY stretch, as I've stripped in the dishwasher once. BUT, what I gathered here on MDC (and what I did) was: just put them in the dishwasher like you described and run it. If your dipes have plastic snaps, only put them on the top rack. Check them occasionally to see if there are suds in the dishwasher. Mine ran all day long, and I still had suds, but I think that was because it was the first tiime I stripped, and I had been CDing for a year!
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Thanks so much for the info!

I think I"ll try this. It's frustrating, since I don't see any suds when using the front loader to try and strip them.. wouldn't I see suds if there was buildup? Anyway, I don't think the dishwasher can hurt. I'll make sure, also, that the heat is NOT turned on (so the dishwasher element doens't turn on- I can see that distroying diapers if it does), since our hot water is plenty hot.

If this doesn't work, I think I"ll try RLR or the calgon or something like that. Perhaps also here the water is much harder than it was where we used to live.

I'll post back with results! The smell, my gosh, it is soo bad. I thought maybe it was her pee and that she was ill, but when she pees in the potty.. no smell, at all! -j
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I'm pretty sure you should leave the heat on. When I saw the dishwasher recommended, people were saying that it was because the water gets so much hotter in the dishwasher than in the washing machine. If it was just the amount of water, I'd think that washing less dipes per load would take care of it. PLEASE someone correct me if I'm wrong (I'd hate for any dipes to be ruined, too!). Also, we have snaps on our dipes, and they were fine on the top rack (with super hot water).
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