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Ergo Baby Carrier

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Has anyone tried the Ergo Baby Carrier out? Just wondering because it looks really handy and comfy too! I would like to try it because I need something to carry my baby in on my back! By the way...I just found out that you can win one at http://www.alongfortheride.biz/contest-s/49.htm ! So...if you want you can head over there and check it out! I would love to hear from anyone who has any reviews or advice on this baby carrier though!! It seems really good from what I've read so far!
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It is a great soft structured carrier, although there are certainly other great brands out there, too (like Beco and Patapum). It's my go-to carrier for my kids from about the time they're 6-8 months, and upwards of 15 pounds.

I do find that it doesn't work well for people on the small and large ends of the spectrum -- so for very short people with narrow shoulders, or large/very tall people with broad shoulders/chests, it doesn't necessarily fit.

You can read more reviews at www.thebabywearer.com if you're interested.
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I had one, and it was okay. I liked to better for wearing on the back. On the front, the straps jsut weren't comfortable. I saw a dad the other day wearing one, inthe front, and he and babe looked so comfortable. It is great for the back though, and front carrying seems good for taller people.
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They're very popular and for good reason. See if you can find a NINO around you to try one out. That's the best way you'll know if you'll like something or not. Everyone has their preferences but when all is said and done, it's just a matter of whether you and your family like it.
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I love my ergo. I can easily front carry, back carry and nurse in it. It is also the only carrier my dh will use. :
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I love my Ergo to death, we use it every single day.

Details on us: I'm a totally average size and build, not big not small. DD is 27 pounds and 21 months and rides in the back carry pretty much exclusively. We've used it since she was just over 1 year, so I can't comment on it for a younger baby.

It does fit my 6'2" tall DH and adjusts back and forth easily, too.

Highly recommended by me.
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I love my ergo; I too use it every day. I'm on the smaller end of the spectrum too, at least height wise. (I'm 5'2 and about 120 lbs.) DD is just getting to the point that she can use it without the insert, and I love it even more w/out the infant insert. Highly recommend it.
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it is great...but if you have really big boobs and wide shoulders it could be a little uncomfortable. the arm straps smash my boobs a little...looks kinda funny. i could care less, but if you care about that kinda stuff you might want to try something else....also i have really big hips so i had to buy and extender (8$ on ergo website) so i could wear it around my hips. wearing it around my waist hurt my back...my dp is also a very tall and big man, so the extender was neccesary for him to wear it.
it is an awesome carrier for long walks, camping, hiking, or long excursions...but for every day errands it can be a pain snapping all those snaps just to run into the bank or something, so i use a pouch for that.
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I love the Egro too. I used it in the front carry with the infant pillow when DS was tiny. It worked great for vaccuming, etc.
Then at around 5 months I briefly switched to Hotslings but I am back to the Ergo. We live on a farm and DS and I have to take care of the horses twice a day. He is 12 months old now and weighs 27 pounds. With him on my back I can use my arms to carry hay, shovel manure, etc.
It's great. I couldn't imagine anything safer for him to be in.
Plus schlepping him around like that for a couple of hours a day ahs really strengthened my back and stomach muscles so it's also great exercise for to get in shape for riding!
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use it every day, exclusively since 4 months (pouch before that). Use it on front and back, DS 13 m, 25lbs. We love love love love love love LOVE it and it is the most essential item IMO. I should really sell these.
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I love mine, though now that summer is here, I lean more toward my solarveil zolo.

Anyhow, the Ergo works well for me (front carry, infant insert) and my husband. Our five-week old son falls asleep right away when he's worn, so we assume he likes it.

I'm short (5'2"), curvy (145 + cartoon boobs), and very short torso'd. My husband is 5'8" and slim. We both find it comfortable and easy to use for longer treks. He's looking forward to hiking with it.

We have the backpack accessory, too, but we've not strapped it onto the Ergo yet. We use the backpack as a diaper bag + purse. One of us wears the baby, the other hefts the bag.
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I have to bust mine out and try it again. I am 5'1 and I prefer my mei tai. I feel like I can get my babe closer to my body. I wore him (23 lbs) for hours yesterday, but my lower back is a bit sore....I think because I am so short I have a hard time getting my babe as close to my body as I would like. But I also think I just have a preference towards the tie on carriers.
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