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@#$^^%$&^ website!!

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Okay, so I have had my stupid site designed on paper for 2 months now and it is talking SO LONG for my web guy friend to put it up and it was all set to be done and now our friend went into labor which is great and all but now he's babysitting her 2 year old and NOT working on my site!!! So now it's all half up and goofy looking and messed up and I'm totally not mad at him but just at life and I am tired from sewing all day and I need a freakin break!!!!

Any other WAHMs going out of their freakin gourd?? ***sigh*** really, I just did IRL and now I'm calming down and getting a cup of tea. Did I mention that Sephie has been very needy lately? Which is fine but darnit I'm trying to makeup for being 2 weeks past my deadline!!! AAACCCKKK!!!

In my friend's defense we put the site on hold while I did dcp work for my doula/friend for 6 weeks and that's the main reason it took so long. Okay... chilling out now...

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Well, I'm not a WAHM, but I'm going crazy because it's killing me I can't see what you've got over there!!! I keep checking the site again and again. I even had a coworker go there to see if it was just my computer. LOL

Hang in there. Look at this time like a forced break. Mamas rarely remember to take time out. Take advantage of those times when you can't help but do a bit of nothing. KWIM?
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Thanks Chelle. Try Internet explorer and you should see it. I'm a little more chilled out because he worked on it all night after our friend had her baby he just hasn't put up all his new work. Anyway, I'm going over to inish it today i think. I'm STILL stressed out though. this last week has been SO ROUGH I've been hitting the rescue like every 5 minutes. Our landlords said they were coming for inspection on Tuesday and so we cleaned and cleaned and did yardwork until the house looked better than when we moved in and they called and said they weren't going to come 1/2 hour before they were supposed to. So all that time, while my house was getting cleaner which is cool, I wasn't getting any work done. Plus our landlords stress me out BIG TIME. When our rent check got lost int he mail-- and I had it sent with delivery confirmation and all kids of tracking and everything and I showed them the stub from the M/O and the tickets fromt he post office they still said they were going to evict us and this was when the Dr.s said i had incompetent cervix when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Totally stressesed out. I seriously get an adrenalin rush when they call.

Anyway, I guess I just have to realize that the site will be ready when the site decideds it's ready and I'm not in control of the world. But I'm still stressed OUT!
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my #$$%$%$ website is 6 months past deadline, and counting....

dh abandoned it, so I started to work on it myself but sewing, and mama life, and LIFE are just eating up my time! I just sat down to answer some emails I left hangin' while I had my best friends' wedding weekend (It was beautiful, pics later); and popped in to surf a little first . I have so much sewing to do...

guess I'll be loggin' off now

email me, Lauren...maybe we can commiserate
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Oh Kendall, but you have such a great business. Everyone loves your diapers. Your fame and glory far outweigh your website problems.
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OMG I am crying. My best friend who is a web designer called me last night and said, "I'm going to redesign you site becaues... it's not the best and you deserve the best." I started bawling and saying, sge's right, I hate it!! So she sent me a jpeg of my new homepage and I started crying. It's beautiful! She said she made it colorful because I'm a colorful person. It looks like rainbow sherbet. I can't believe this process. It is so emotionally draining! chelle, I'm emailing you the jpeg, it's so pretty!
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email it to me too!
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check out www.sextondesign.com/mamasmith
It's pretty! The mission statement works and the about attachment parenting goes to the products now, lol.
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very nice!
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Thanks! Doesn't it remind you of rainbow sherbet?
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Ooooh Lauren that new site is awesome!! Looks so much more 'professional' while yet still looking fun and colorful! Does remind me of either sherbert or the pastels baby stuff tends to come in. I've been checking out your site's progress whenever I see a post you put up, its slowly getting there and what a nice surprise to have your friend design a site for you thats so pretty!

Oh yeah did you get my phone message today??
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I know! I love it! I put the link in my sig line. Yes, calling you back ASAP.
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I was in the same boat for a while....try not to stress over it (yeah...right !) It'll all work it's self out soon enough.

The new site looks GREAT very colorful and best of all....unique and professional. For some reason it reminds me of Martha Stewarts site.
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LOL!!! Dp said, "For some reason it reminds me of Martha Stewart." Yeah, I changed the colors on my site. It really sucks because I have to pay for the design of the site I'm not even going to use.

How many WAHMS doesn't take to screw in a light bulb?

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
20-- One to screw it in and then post about it at MDC and 19 to respond sympathetically

:LOL I just wanted to try out the new spoiler :LOL

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Ame- so I figured out why it looks like Martha Stweart! When I was pregnant, my friend and I got a book on baby showers and the two women who wrote it used to work for Martha Stewart. Each Chapter had a different color theme and she used all of the colors together.

Okay, so it's up it's up it's up!!


THat's the temp URL
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I can't wait to see your stuff....your site looks GREAT !
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I didn't have anything to do with how great it looks
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It's a nice site. You have some bugs in it.

Do you have a tester?

I wouldn't mid testing if I could find 5 minutes.
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I would love that Foo, thanks for offering! My new email is mama@mamasmith.com. I noticed a few bugs too. I did get my first email from the Fair yesterday though! She wants to be emailed when the products are all up! Yay!
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