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How many garbage bags do you go through in an avergae week?

Poll Results: How many garbage bags do you use in an average week?

  • 10% (15)
    less than one garbage bag a week
  • 19% (27)
  • 32% (45)
  • 13% (19)
  • 5% (7)
  • 18% (26)
    five or more
139 Total Votes  
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(Edited to add: Can you specify the number of people in your household - that might make a big difference! There's five of us)

The number of garbage bags we throw out just seems ridiculous to me!

It's usually about one regular size bag kitchen bag a day!

And our recycling bin is always full (that is picked up once a week) and I use cloth for almost everything!

Most of our waste is food, which is really sad but I don't know what more we can do about it: we get some of our food for free (foodbanks) or cheap and lots of it goes bad before we can eat it; we eat at home a lot and cook from scratch but then there's always lots of fruit and vegetable waste (peeling, etc.)

Also, we do tons of crafts, etc and I feel like we always have lots of little bits of stuff to throw away: paper bits that are too small for any use I can think of, etc.

I have thought of composting but we live in an apartment and I'm not sure what I would do with the compost or where I would keep it???

What is your experience and what tips have helped you reduce your waste?

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We only throw out one or two grocery bags a week, so maybe one kitchen sized bag.

But we have curbside composting, so any food or organic waste goes in there, and we can recycle a lot compared to a lot of cities.

The only thing we usually throw out is kitty litter and the occasional disposable diaper.

I know some people do vermicomposting in apartments.
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Usually one very full kitchen trash a week for our family of three. We recycle paper, glass, cans, and plastic which helps. We have to drive the paper and plastic someplace but have curbside for glass and cans.
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We usually have one green garbage bag per week, which is kitchen and three bathrooms worth. Our recycling is always overflowing. Usually just DS and I here, and DH doesn't increase things any...well, actually maybe he does create another bag in the garage when he's home.
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About 3 grocery bags a week for 2 people. And we recycle.
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Four people, usually between 2-3 kitchen sized garbage bags a week. We recycle all glass, cans, plastic bottles and paper
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There are five of us. I voted two bags per week.

Why is most of your garbage food? You don't have a garbage disposal?

We can recycle glass, plastic (1s and 2s), cans, paper of all varieties. I reuse or recycle both plastic and paper bags. I only buy eggs that come in cartons I can recycle. We can recycle milk jugs, milk cartons, juice boxes and bottles, every type of box as long as we break it down.

My dp calls me the recycle queen. I make the man recycle the price tags from shirts.... I really do!

We still have the small round garbage can; everyone else I know uses the larger square ones. Only at Xmas does it not fit. Since dd potty trained, it is really easy to make it fit.
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I voted for 2 bags weekly. However, I must admit that includes a few bags within bags. We have small bags for our bathrooms, and DD's daiper pail uses a tall kitchen bag. We try to dump the smaller bags into the larger bags, but if they're icky they get tossed, too.

Regardless, we put 1 bag of trash at the curb twice weekly. DH is really proud of the household changes I've made in the past year. :

This is for two adults and 1 toddler.
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1 kitchen sized for a family of 4

we used to not use bags at all but we now have a private company collecting our trash and they require it be bagged.
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4 kitchen size a week, for whole house, for family of 3, plus pregnant mom using way too many mini pads. But, our recycling does not take plastic containers like yogurt, etc. Only plastic bottles. So we have to trash all that plastic. Makes me sad. I am writing to City as soon as I figure out what to write. But, we do compost a lot so that cuts down.
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1-2 per week, sometimes three, for a family of five (two adults, three young children). That includes bathroom trash dumped into kitchen trash then taken out to garbage.

We recycle quite a bit of paper and plastic, otherwise it'd probably be another half a bag full.
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We definitely go through more than 5 most weeks. We've just started recycling some- our newspapers at least. We need to start doing more but are working on it.

When it's just our family- 2 adults and a 2 yo we don't go through too much, but I have a home daycare so we have a bag of dipes every other day. and tons of food trash- they rarely eat what is on their plate but I'm on the food program and have to serve it to them even if they won't eat it. I want to start composting this summer though. Also wanting to start recycling other things.. I'm thinking I may buy some big rubbermaid bins with lids that I can put on the porch to put recycling in. I have no room in the house for recycling and racoons get into any open containers outside.
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It's just me in my house and I use one bag a week. Then I have a bag of plastic, a bag of glass, 2 bags of paper usually (I get it delivered daily, plus junk mail, envelopes, tissue boxes, etc.) I throw garbage and left overfood into the way back of the yard, in the chicken coop foundation that serves as sort of a compost.
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We are a family of 3.5 (DSS is here part time). We have two cats and a dog, also.

We recycle plastic (#1 and #2), aluminum, glass, and paper. We live in MI, where we return pop and beer bottles/cans. Our (stupid) city regulation requires us to use brown paper bags for this.

We are still learning the art of composting, so we don't do as well as we can, but we are learning more all the time. We have two compost piles, one for food and one for non edibles (houseplants, flowers). In the food goes vegetable and fruit scraps and eggshells, as well as leaves and peat moss. In the non food goes dog poop, the alfalfa pellets that we use as cat litter, meat/dairy leftovers, dirt, and lawn clippings. We have a municipal compost heap, so sometimes we take the non food compost to the municipal heap when it gets to big and/or smelly. I use a brown paper bag to empty the cat boxes. I just rake the dog poop, but we take plastic sandwich bags with us on our walks to pick up our dog's poop.

We have a very small undersink kitchen trash can, a bathroom trash can, and a basement trash can. The bathroom and basement use regular tall kitchen bags, and the kitchen uses plastic grocery store bags. The kitchen trash gets changed every day or every other day, the bathroom once a week, the basement once a month.

So our total weekly use breaks down like this:

Brown Paper Bags: ~8
Plastic Grocery Bags: ~6
Tall Trash Bags: ~1.25
Plastic Sandwich Bags to Scoop Poop: ~15

I'm always trying to go lower, but we've been stalled out here for a while now.
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i voted 2, but that is a guess. We use plastic grocery sacks, so they are smaller than garbage bags. Probably 3-4 of those a week for a family of four. We additionally fill our huge recycle bin every two weeks (that's when it's picked up) that includes all paper, glass, aluminum/stell cans and most plastic bottles.
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We probably use 3-4 actual bags (13 gal kitchen size) but they're not full. I usually make DH take change them out because something (meat wrapper usually) is starting to smell up my kitchen.
We can't compost in the apartment, and there is no handy recycling system here either.

Sometimes I get smart and take all the meat out of the wrapper and put it in the fridge in some better container, that way all the wrappings go out the trash at once. But sometimes I just don't do it.
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We use 1 a day right now, but thats cause its mainly full of sposies (severe diarhea in the kiddos and not enough dipes in thier size right now). On average its is more like 3-4 a week rather than 7.
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Sadly enough, we use 5.....we CD, recycle everything from platic to steel to paper...though I believe a lot of trash is still paper dh doesnt feel comfortable recycling and we have to get a shredder. If anyone has anymore suggesions I am open! I hate it!
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Usually one full kitchen bag a week - occasionally we'll have two. That's for 4 people, and we recycle paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic, so those are not included. We can't recycle plastic bags or styrofoam, though. I carry my own bags (when I remember) to minimize the numbe of plastic bags we get, and I take styrofoam peanuts to the mailing place down the street, where they are happy to reuse them. We do end up throwing out a lot of plastic food packaging.
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