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I can officially cross off #1 on my list!

DH is gone and one of the things I like to do while he's away is declutter. So late this afternoon, I decided to tackle the outdoor storage closet. It only took about an hour. I took all the area rugs out and set them on the front porch and put a big yellow sign on them that said "give away." I'm hoping someone will walk by our house and want them. I also put a lamp in the pile (good condition) and our lawn chairs (yuck-broken and rusted) that will probably have to be trashed (any other ideas-I hate trashing things!). After I had cleared out and organized, I went inside. I took the BIG boxes out of our walk-in closet at the end of the hall. We had the box from our vaccum, air bed, and a few other things that we bought recently and don't want to recycle just yet. They were taking up valuable space in the walk-in and since there was plenty of room outside, they went there.

If I have time, I'd like to do the walk-in closet at the end of the hall next. It really shouldn't take long at all-probably 45 minutes tops. It's pretty much decluttered, just needs to be rearranged now that the big boxes are outside.

How is everyone else coming?
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Here's mine -

1. Finish organizing my sewing and crafting area. DONE
2. Summer and winter clothes, still need to get the rest of winter away and summer completely out. Donate/consign any not being worn. DONE
3. Look again at the basement/laundry. I want it spotless for extra pantry storage during canning season.
4. Move gift and wrapping totes to sewing area and out from under our bed. Keep it clear and clean. DONE
5. Quick run thru walk-in storage closet again. Get all BIL stuff OUT! DONE!!!
6. Be ruthless in linen closet and our bedroom bookshelf - still too much stuff. DONE
7. Make room for dh's farming paperwork somewhere other than the china cabinet. DONE
8. Get photo albums caught up since last summer.

If I can quickly hit these goals, (most are 2nd or 3rd hits) then I'll feel ready to paint the downstairs and tackle a few other projects I've been hoping to get to when school's done. But there is no point in decorating till I'm happy with all the stuff gone!
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I've got to get rid of everything that doesn't fit anyone.

I have to organize our schoolroom.

I have to get rid of the excess paper clutter.
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I want to get rid of half of my stuff. I can't get dh even close to being on board :cry:
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The store room. Everything else stays quite clutter free, with the exception of dh's office which I don't touch. The store room is a mess mostly from dh going in there to get something and never putting a damn thing away. And he wonders where the kids get it.
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To get the basement, attic, and garage in order and to catch up on my scrapbooking.
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My goals:
* De-clutter children's clothes in preparation for back to school. (I have no idea how they got so many, but they don't need all that they have.)

* RUTHLESSLY de-clutter toys and games. (We have enough for 8 children! : )

* "Clean Sweep" the garage (stole that term from a PP). I need to find metal hanging storage for my garden tools and supplies. SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED!!! :

* Re-evaluate "corridor cupboard" with an eye to making it as efficient as possible for storage of "health & hygeine" backup supplies.
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- organize sewing room and thin fabric stash (this one might take all summer)
- re-organize baby clothes, give outgrown items to pregnant friends
- find some sort of outdoor storage solution for our lawn and garden stuff
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