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Thirsties Covers

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I cannot say enough great things about this cover! We use mostly prefolds and this cover is fabulous! It is very slim fitting (important ober a bulky prefold), laundry tabs on the velcro, perfect leg gussetts, all of the fabric edges are bound (so no marks on baby), I rarely have to "tuck" the diaper into the cover as it just fits right, in 4 months of using it for daytime she has never had a leak! It comes in the best colors and doesn't look so diapery so Eden has worn it by itself with just a t-shirt!

I buy them from www.abbyslane.com and I recommend them too! Great customer service, fast shipping, and Stephanie is on IM a lot and will answer questions right away!
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I love these covers. I wasn't sure about the fabric at first, thought it felt way too flimsy and would leak, but I have never had a leak with these. I'm a fan of the great colors as well.
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When DS was smaller and not mobile I loved my Thirstie's covers. Now that he is older, I don't like them as much. They move down in the front and it causes the diaper to come out the top.

I didn't like my Bummi's SWW when he was small, but now that is all I reach for. The stiffness of the fabric rids the problem discussed above.
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We use our Thirsties covers with Sandy's fitted terry diapers. I find that Thirsties run small if you are using a thick, fitted diaper, so keep that in mind. I do like that they come in bright colours.
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I bought the lavender cover in XS and I love it!!! No leaks and it fits my dd wondefully! Definately will buy these when she needs the next size up.
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Originally Posted by Dylan'sMommy View Post
When DS was smaller and not mobile I loved my Thirstie's covers. Now that he is older, I don't like them as much. They move down in the front and it causes the diaper to come out the top.

I didn't like my Bummi's SWW when he was small, but now that is all I reach for. The stiffness of the fabric rids the problem discussed above.
We had this exact same problem....loved them when DS was younger but now that he's crawling and pulling up the dipe is always sneaking out.
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I have found these to be absolutely the best covers I have tried! I use mostly prefolds, and just tuck the top of the PF up into the little "pocket" in the front, and I never have any problems with leaks or the dipe peeking out the top. I love that the leg gussets allow you to put as much or as little absorbant layers as you need. They are just so deep that I can put two PF's plus a doubler or two in at night for my heavy wetter, and He has never leaked.

I just wish they came in prints.
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I loved these when my ds was two months and younger. After that, I bought the next size up because I loved the feel of the fabric and the thinness, however the top now folds in towards his belly. It results in red marks from the velcro rubbing right up against his skin. I won't buy these again as he'll be crawling soon and it is sure to bother him more.
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I love these now but Avraham Tzvi is only 3 weeks old. They fit him really well and I have room to snappi the diaper under the extra small covers. I went with these instead of newborn bummies because they have a bigger weight range. (Bummis say 7 - 10lbs for newborn and thirsties are 6 - 12 lbs) He's over 9 lbs now and I still almost crossing over the tabs even when I snappi an infant prefold under. I also have a couple size small but i haven't used them yet. For medium covers I have bummis from my girls in excellent condition so I didn't get any thirsties ones to try (and I also read about the issues with mobile babies) but I highly recommend them for the newborn stage.
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I switched from Bummis to Thirsties for my daughter when she was 2 and LOVE THEM. She has since potty trained and I now have some Bummis and Thirsties for my 3 week old. The Thirsties fit so much better because of the gussets, and they never ever leak for me. I love them!
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Thirsties are currently my favorite. I love the double leg gussets. I've used them on my son from around 4 months or so until now at 20 months. The only thing I would change is for them to have a size in between the medium and large sized covers.
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Not So Good Experience.

I used them from about 3mo to 5mo, size medium. Never had a leak with the Thirstie covers, but they didn't work for us.

The gussets that are awesome in preventing leaks left horrible deep red marks in her sweet chubby thighs.

Later I realized that every manufacturer has different size fittings.
Thirsties are great, but not for chunkers.

HTH some one who might have a super chub.
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Bad Experience

A friend of mine recommended Thirsties covers to me. She loved them, but I have not had good experiences with them. The PUL fabric didn't hold up long and the aplix fell apart. I even had one that came unstitched. The company replaced two of them for me, but I had the same experience with the replacements and got fed up. In case you think that this was due to neglectful care, I assure you that I line dry ALL my diaper covers and never use vinegar in the wash. I was always very careful to fold up the aplix before putting the covers in the wash. And I typically only washed them by machine once a month, the rest of the time I washed them by hand.

I will say that they keep in the leaks well, but they do not hold up AT ALL!
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LOVE Thirsties covers! For newborn and infant stages they work amazing. They secure a prefold without a snappi and no leaking!
The best fit for a skinny baby IMO.
Wash them and dry them by machine 2x/week and they hold up great. (I use cloth full-time and only have 3 covers)
They are much better at resisting stains and odors than Bummi's, again IME.
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I also liked these until may son was older . I find them short in rise and the pul wicks more then other brands I tried when his disper saturates. I do use this cover in the afternoon when my DS tends to wet less becouse its more breathable then his other more water proof covers,
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I love these! After a heavy, heavy wet the leg gusset trim gets a little damp, but that is rare.

Beware of the Thirsties AIOs, though. They leak like crazy.
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My son's 3.5 weeks old. He was about 9lbs at birth, and is now about 22.5 inches long and 12 lbs. The XS covers fit him perfectly when he was born with a bit of room to grow. He's just about too big for them now. He has pretty chunky thighs, so I'm surprised that he was able to get to the upper weight limit on the XSes-- pleasantly surprised, mind you! (Interestingly, we also have three size 1 Duo Wraps, and he seems to be too big for them already, even though they're rated for 6 lbs heavier!)

My little guy is a bit of a super soaker. And he has about four gigantic liquidy poos a day. What I'm trying to say is that he DEFINITELY makes the Thirsties work for their money!

Despite the heavy load he's putting on them, we really haven't had leakage problems. Yay!

The quality of the covers seems to vary. Two of mine are holding up really well, but the aplix is coming unsewn from the waistline of the third one. They've all seen about equal use and have been cleaned fairly gently (washed about 2x a week, line dried). I'm disappointed that the one seems to be falling apart, but it's something I can mend myself so it's not a huge deal.
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We love ours. My ds is 22 months old and 22 pounds, and wears size SMALL with room to spare.
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I just have to jump in here and RAVE about these diaper covers! I've tried pro-raps, bummis, and some others but Thirsties have turned out to be the BEST PUL diaper covers I've ever used!


I've used them in size Medium on dd for a year and at 18 months she can still squeeze into them (the sizing is so generous but not "too big" - it allows them to fit longer or for you to stuff your diaper more if needed.) but she'll be moving into a Large finally.

And even after all that USE (with 6 covers and pre-folds) the velcro tabs are PERFECT (not all frayed like the others I've tried). The elastic is still perfect.

These diapers NEVER leaked - ever! The fit was just so good and I dare say "trim" - for a cover (depends on what you stuff it with, really).

And I couldn't beat their generally low price - much lower than some of the competing diapers - but I still prefer these over the more expensive ones. I will be saving these and using them on the next baby.
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We love the Thirsties diaper covers! They have the best fit, the leg gussets hold in poo like magic and they are super durable! Not to mention super cute!
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