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We had a nice weekend. I'm surprised how many of you went to the movies... I don't think I could pull that off right now. I'm too antsy and wouldn't be able to sit that long. LOL

I had a very nice weekend... yesterday was the best day off all because I finally got to go in my mom's pool. I could tell it was doing something with my pelvis while I was in it. I got out and changed and went to the bathroom and noticed a bunch of mucus plug. Fun.

Last night my parents came over with chinese for dinner, thinking they were helping out by doing so. I knew it wouldn't sit well. I was soooo sick last night! I actually threw up and then had issues out the other end, and still feel sick this morning. It was confusing because my stomach hurt so badly it was causing contractions too and I kept wondering if I was in labor and just in major denial! So note to self: keep eating well, don't eat greasy chinese food, and certainly don't eat it a few hours before bed.

Midwife appt in a little bit.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Mab- I think it's totally normal to worry, and a good idea to plan ahead a bit. Have you subbed or read the "Mamas with a newborn and toddler" thread in the Toddler section? The current thread is still very short and you can find it here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=665552
(the older thread, with lots of great ideas/advice/support is here http://www.mothering.com/discussions...632237&page=6). Anyway, there are a lot of mamas here at mdc with multiple little ones and lots of support for "juggling" everyone's needs!
Thanks a lot for replying, Wombat, I loved the answers I got at both posts and now feel reassured and anxiety is almost gone. I've adopted the come what may philosophy

I know y'all hate being hot up there, but here...being this pregnant in almost winter is not fun, I hate going outside the home, sweaters are very unconfortable and I look like a polar bear in them, and ponchos just aren't enough. This morning was so cold, I told ds hey, maybe we could hang out here this morning? : (he goes to waldorf kinder). He replied No way and got up jumping.: Oh well.
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Wow a momma going through winter, that is just amazing! I know it is possible but it is neat to hear about it. Sorry Mab that you are going through it though, winter is my least favorite season!

Still pregnant here too, I have been having lots of loose stools and some mild cramping, my belly has dropped so low I can't imagine it getting any lower. I have a MW appointment this afternoon, she most likely will not check me, I probobly won't ask, I have set my mind on the fact that baby will come when baby is ready, although just like Jilian, going too far past the due date will really make me : crazy! So I just have to pray that doesn't happen to me. My MW and DH and Ds are going to paint my belly today, it is a kind of blessing way my MW does at 38 weeks, I am looking forward to it, last time she painted what looked like a very large vagina, so DH this morning was joking about the "ritual painting of a large vagina on my big belly" He thought it was kind of funny, but I still think it is fun. Ds should enjoy it too! Lets hope for some more healthy ready babies this week, as we head into our birth month.
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so ready for this to be over.
It was my 30th birthday on Saturday and my sister came and took some photos, did a belly cast and a henna belly, it was such a great day. Dh is home until the 6th and he has helped with the final unpacking and so the place is finally looking like a home and not just piled with boxes. He aslo got all the pipes etc for the birth so I feel ready now.

I went to 40+2 with dd and know that there is no reason that this baby will come any earlier. BUT i really want dh to be here. So I have until Tuesday next week. He then goes back off shore for 2 weeks and will not be home until 20th by which time I am sure i would have delivered. I have my sister and friend as back up but i really want dh here.

I am drink RRL tea, using Vit E, nipple stimulation etc etc and having strong BH but nothing more. I have talked very nicely to baby telling him her has to come now if he wants dad to be home. Please send labour vibes
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Sally, sending some labor vibes your way
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Still pregnant here too. The baby dropped about 2 weeks ago though and I'm measuring at 42 weeks already (don't know if that really means anything though). I at least want to make it to Friday since I have several things at work that I have to get done before I go on maternity leave (which probably means I shouldn't be taking a break to check on what's going on here!).

My only real reason for wanting to be done is that I am craving all sorts of food that I can't have-I've been on a very low sodium diet for 2 1/2 weeks and I feel like I've been eating the same foods over and over again. DH is on his summer break and would normally be making me fabulous meals-he's the real cook in our house, but most of them don't fit into the low sodium diet. He did manage to find a shrimp curry recipe that I could have though and it was so yummy!

We've finally finished most of what we need to have done although I would really like for the house to be a bit neater-it looks like a tornado went through right now! We rearranged the bedroom on Saturday to fit the co-sleeper in there, and now our cat thinks it's his bed.

DH really wants to go see Pirates tomorrow afternoon-I'm not sure I'm up for that long of a movie, but I'd love to see it too. We rented Keeping Mum last night and I loved it! I'd highly recommend it-it was very fun!
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happy birthday sally (a little late, but ah well)!

finger's crossed for happy birthing vibes all round!
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I have got the knitting-needle-to-the-cervix painful twinges going on today something fierce! Usually I get it for a few minutes and it fades out, but it has been most of the time since I got into my car after acupuncture today at noon. :

I don't think it's a labor sign. I just think it sucks!

Grumble grumble...

But actually having a lovely day otherwise.

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well, saw my chiropractor today. she does amazing things to my back~ shes able to fix my tailbone which has cause me unbareable pain since i was pregnant with my son 6 years ago. unfortunately, in the state im in now all her good seems to get twisted back almost immediatly. BUT im still hopeful that she can help get him head down.

the pulsatilla i took in hopes of head down affect didnt work, cleared my nose up for a couple hours though!

finally bought the little guy some clothes today. had a lot of fun doing it, too! apparently my mom and nana bought a bunch of stuff from the layette i registered for (crazy expensive, so i figured id only get 2 or 3 items total) so, between that and a couple of items from his big brother, i think we're all set clothes wise. now i just have to empty out our catch all...aka the bassinette and wash those sheets, and a couple blankets and outfits.

ive been having regular contractions every 1/2 hour since like 6 am. its really odd...just that theyre so regular, but so far apart. not the real thing, im sure cant be, anyhow, im not allowed to hatch until the 3rd-ish, not to mention my birth kit and tub havent arrived yet! was expecting the kit today
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I am the world's biggest idiot...

DD has been insane today, tantrums left and right, crazy screaming, the works. And I had a lot of contractions last night and really massive calf spasms and other nerve zingers so I'm totally exhusted as well and not really up to dealing with little miss two year old.

So anyway, I finally get her happy and playing in her sandbox and I realize I'm starving...I had a little yogurt and watermelon for breakfast but nothing since then. So I pull open the fridge and discover that DH has brought home a carton of really yummy ice cream. Not the generic stuff we eat every now and then (ice cream isn't a frequent treat in our home) but some really super rich premium stuff with chocolate and peanut butter and probably more fat that a tub of lard. But it's cold, and chocolate, and yummy and full of sugar and...well...I ate about half the container. I did look really quickly and the serving size is a half cup. I did not eat a half cup. I ate more like a half gallon. I don't even want to think about that.

THEN...about a half hour later I realized that I should probably have eaten something "solid". Specifically I'm thinking something filling, something salty, something I can chew. I open the fridge and what do I see? Salami. Hmmmm I say, maybe a little salami on bread. I pull out the bread and salami and over the course of an hour I eat ALL THE SALAMI! About 4 inches perhaps? Since I was focused so much on trying to keep dd on an even keel I just didn't notice what I was doing until much too late.

So what do I have in my belly right now? A dense, solid, unforgiving ball of meat and dairy fat, unhappily congealed around a few chunks of unfortunate chocolate cluster.

I'm going to die.


I'm going to curl up on the couch as dd watches Sesame Street and die of indigestion. Unless the heartburn kills me first. I cannot believe what an idiot I am (and I know that DH is going to laugh is butt off when he gets home and hears about this)...

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
I am the world's biggest idiot...
I'm going to curl up on the couch ... and die of indigestion. Unless the heartburn kills me first.
Okay, I'm grinning a little bit, but more with empathy than to tease you--only because I've done this a few times myself lately. (Fish & chips plus ice cream -- not a great idea either!)

Do you have any charcoal capsules at home? Do you have any Nux Vomica? Either one might help...

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yep, ate more then half a bag of fritos last night and felt about the same as you d now, wombat clay! go pull the trigger...made me sooooo much better! ugh!
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Clay: Your post almost made me wet myself, it sounds like something I'd do.

And speaking of wetting myself, I've given new meaning to the term "frequent urination" today. I must have peed AT LEAST 25 times today already - no exaggeration. My bladder must be the size of a grape at this point. I'm worried about even leaving the house, DS and I went for a very short walk today and I was practically running home at the end to pee. Oh great, I can't even finish blabbing because I have to pee again! :
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BTW, where is Jamie? She usually posts just about every day. Did she sneak off and have the baby without telling us? Jamie, we were supposed to deliver on the same day, and I didn't get the memo about going early
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I'm here.... oddly enough posting RIGHT after you asked about me! I haven't been here since last Saturday or so but not because of having a baby : ... Just bust and haven't gotten on the computer

Saturday: Went SUPER grocery shopping ( with food stamps.....) to buy food for my friend (dexp's sister infact) Surprise birthday party! I decided to throw her a surprise *family* party since I knew no one else would. SO I was making mac salad and fruit dip and Kabobs and all sorts of yummy's.
Then I saw Pirate.... NO WAY was I making it through that with out a bathroom break... dont know how you ladies did it!

Sunday: More party prep and then throwing of the acctualy party, and clean up after. I had DexP come with me to help set up and I drove him... so he had quite a few Beers.... he was very nice to me and lovey-ish. It made me feel good, but a little sad all at once. I made a VERY nasty, un-called for comment to him though. Some one was there with her 2 month old baby and he asked how old she was and made the "oh -my-goodness, babies are intimidating and I will have one in a few days" face and I said "Dont worry, you wont be there." It was very rude of me and I had to go apologize. So then we were both super nice to eachother after that. And he got alllllll mushy holding the baby. SERVES HIM RIGHT!

Monday: Went to breakfast with my BEST male friend from highschool who is moving to Seatle to work on his PHD! I will miss him soooooo much, but it was so nice to see him. Then the old folks, DD and I drove out to the cemetary for memorial day.

Today: After eating nearly an entire fresh pineapple, taking three evening primrose oil capsuls and downing two mugs of RRL tea (my friend gave me some this morning... this was my first time with either the PRO and RRL) DexP calls and says he HAS to go to Long Island.... 4 hours away.... on Wed night.... and wont be back till Thursday night...........WHAT?!?!?!??!? I FINALY decide with out a DOUBT that he is the ONLY person I want there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first got preggo I told his sister that I would have the baby on her birthday... thats wed. And lets see... we're looking at the BLUE MOON on thursday night (but IMHO, the whole three day reign of the blue moon is cause for concern of him not being there) He promised to some home if I'm having regular contractions but I've been having regular contraction for a MONTH!!!!! AND HE'S 4 HOURS AWAY!!!!! My WHOLE labor only lasted 5 last time! What if it's rush hour???? then he's 6 HOURS AWAY!!!!

So.... I either need some "come the heck out NOW vibes"..... or, if she hasn't come by early Wed night, then I need some "STAY PUT vibes" till Friday.......:

Oh... FWIW... I found this nice break down of when the blue moon is accourding to location....http://www.obliquity.com/astro/blue2007.html
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Anyone else running into the ongoing nesting problem? Where you clean obsessively but then realize that things are getting dirty again (as is the way of the world) and suddenly you're cleaning all the time AND getting frustrated about it. Or is that just me?
Oh, that's me, alright! I've been sending dh into fits of frustration because apparently there are a million things left to do and everything needs to be done NOW! (hehehe, I'm just insanely nesting; things are actually quite clean and orderly around here!)

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow where they'll hopefully tell me Savannah is still head-down and hasn't turned breech again (I'm certain she's fine). Only 2.5 weeks to go! Woo-hoo! Felt crampy today and have been having some lower back pain, plus this little girl is REALLY kicking me hard!

Hope everyone else is feeling well and resting up!
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ITA with the PP - I can't keep up with you folks! I have so much to read and then by the time I'm ready to post I've forgotten what I want to say!

WombatClay - Thank you sooo much for the good laugh! I mean, I'm sorry you are paying the price for it, but I have so been there! Looked down and realized what I had just done - UGH! Especially ice cream - what is up with that? I scarfed down a pint of B&J's a few weeks ago in two days. And thank goodness it was only a pint! If it was a bigger container... <shudder> And I have to think about food so much more these days - I can't just grab a quick snack. I need think about how much protein and carbs and fat it has so that I can be sure to get enough of everything so that I'm not either sick, dizzy or starving in an hour.

Mab - Sorry to hear that you are heading into a chilly winter (the thought of that kind of trips me out!), but I got a chuckle out of the "polar bear" analogy!

Things are slowly getting better around here, but the insomnia is kicking my butt. Sometimes I can barely get through getting the girls to bed, but then my second wind kicks in and I'm awake until 2AM! I had to get up really early this morning to help DH get them ready for a little outing they had thru Livvie's Waldorf preschool - a sweet little rafting trip and a park picnic afterward - so I was really dragging today. But my second wind is picking up and I'm truly terrified that I will be up again tonight. Is anyone else going through this?? HELP!!

I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday - although DH says that everyone's been asking if I've had the baby yet. I told him it was probably good that they were asking him (since I've been sick) because they would not get a very polite answer from me! One of the mom's today asked if I was overdue!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr She's very young and not terribly savvy, so I let it slide. *sigh* I am huge, but at least I haven't gained the 60 pounds that I did with the girls.

Good labor vibes going to to those who are ready! Willo, I agree - if someone up there is taking orders, I'll be very ready to go in about 2 weeks!
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Jillian, I'm with you on the peeing thing. It is so silly! And then I hardly pee at all!! I had to sneak in a friend's house when she wasn't home on my walk the other night I had to go so bad!

I saw ANOTHER cute newborn, fresh as he was born yesterday! Oh, he was big and solid at 9#9' like my babies! I asked my friend/the mama if I could take him home and pretend he was mine!!

But we have FINALLY settled on a boy's name after many ones that just didn't feel right- Bjorn Annan. Bjorn is in my family tree and Annan is Irish, as our boys both have Irish middle names as well. I'm just hoping that having a Bodhi and a Bjorn isn't too much "buhbuhbuhbuh". Does everyone know how to pronounce Bjorn?? I grew up in the midwest where everyone had Scandinavian heritage so I'm not sure if other people are clued into that name. Of course, the "Baby Bjorn" carriers probably helped!

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Clay, I'm completely with you on the bad eating decisions and resultant discomfort. I bought a Cold Stone Creamery cake for DD's birthday yesterday. Let's just say that's not the smartest thing I've ever done. I do generally eat dairy, but it doesn't like me if consumed in quantity. Ugh!

Saw the MW today and babe is vertex (yay!) and completely anterior (double yay!) so that's a relief. The kid had been posterior up until this visit, so I was a little worried about a longer, harder labor this time. Now I'm feeling much more confident in my ability to do this at home without drugs. DD's birth was unmedicated. It was a lot of work, but nowhere near beyond my pain tolerance level, so hopefully I'm not just being cocky.

My MW has another client (a close friend of hers and aquaintance of mine) with the exact same due date as mine. I know babies are rarely born on their due dates, and the chances we'll go at just the same time are pretty low, but I'm still a tiny bit nervous about that. The worst case scenario is that she would attend this woman's birth and her backup, whom I've seen two or three times and liked, would attend mine. So it's nothing awful even if we do go simultaneously. Still, I hope it doesn't come to that. My due date buddy is apparently itching to deliver, while I'm still feeling pretty content to wait, so hopefully she'll go soon and it'll become a non-issue.

I can't believe I'm due next Monday! Where did all the time go? :
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Originally Posted by mataji4 View Post
Does everyone know how to pronounce Bjorn??
Hmmm... not sure. I grew up on the east coast, so it's certainly not something I hear regularly. Though I did find out from my dad a few years ago that we're distantly related to Bjorn Borg. (As a Star Trek fan I was more entertained by the fact that my great-great-grandparents were Borgs. Prepare to be assimilated!)

Anyhow I always thought it was a single sylable name pronounced like "born" but with a "y" sound (as in "yes") squeezed in after the "b". Is that right? I've heard people talking about the baby carriers and saying "bee-yorn" and "bu-jorn" more than once.

It's a great name, though. Even if people don't say it correctly on the first try. It's unusual enough that he won't be surrounded by others with the same name, but familiar enough that people with have at least seen it. That's just about perfect, IMO.

And I'm with you on the peeing. I swear this kid has a shoulder lodged in my bladder. It's like having a UTI, but without the burning sensation. :
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