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DS is sleeping "late" today--it is almost 7:30 am! Now that sunrise is so early, he's often up a bit past 5 am. Yuck!

I need to get out and move my car, but expect DS to wake up any second--just like I have for the past hour. The FLOOR GUY is coming today. After the floor is done, my kitchen will really be livable! Oh, we'll still need to clean all the various forms of dust out of the cabinets, hang a few racks, and put a lot of stuff away, but all the "real work" will be finished. What a wonder! What a relief!

My cervix ached ALL AFTERNOON yesterday. I couldn't carry anything. I could hardly get up from a seated position. Ouchie! Around here, that is now known as me being "crotch"-ety.

All the posts about ice cream--in spite of the related ills--have me wanting nothing so much as to go see if we have any so I can eat it for breakfast! Hey! At least ice cream has never given me heartburn!

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Thanks for the sympathy all! I don't think the ice cream was to blame, though it certainly set the blood sugar stage. I'm focused entirely on that death-salami. Sigh. I have a mild problem with dairy but I think the last time I ate salami was...oh...ten years ago? It just looked so yummy and innocent and simple sitting there in the fridge. Obviously some sort of hormonal hallucination sent from the dark side to tempt me into indigestion.

I was fine after a few hours, but oooooohhhhhhh....those hours. Ugh.

I have an appointment this morning (in about three hours) and I've decided I want to get checked and have my membranes swept if I have a favorable cervix. I've been getting pretty regular BH every night lasting for about 3-4 hours and then fading away. I want to know if they're doing anything "significant" and if I can encourage this babe a bit that would make me happy.

Shifting Star Trek maxims a bit, today would be a good day to birth! (Wanna know just how ST geeky one can get? I actually wrote a paper IN KLINGON for a linguistic anthropology class. The professor suggested it actually, and I got an A for the paper and class. And I still know how to threaten someone's ancestors and demand chocolate in Klingon should the need ever arise).

Ok...more later when I've seen the doctor!
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Clay: I hope the stretch and sweep does something for you. I'm pretty sure I'll ask for the same thing on Friday morning if I'm still with babe.

Jamie: Can you line up another labor support person? It doesn't sound like your ex is taking his job of only labor support person seriously since he's going far away only a few days before your due date. Maybe it would make you feel better to have a backup plan?

Today I've planned a lot of last-minute running around to keep myself busy. I also booked a massage for Saturday - hoping I'll have to cancel. A past client got me a GC for a massage that I've never used. The masseus did say she can do some things to help me go into labor. I think she's a little nervous about me only being 2 days away from my due date - like I'll deliver on her table or something

How is everyone else keeping busy? I have far too much time on my hands these days!
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Hang in there vanessa...I'm sure it's just the hormones and nesting of late pregnancy!

Soooo...I'm home from the doctor and...I DIDN'T GET CHECKED! I was so convinced I'd ask for a check and sweep and then, well, I didn't.

Actually, the doc said "You know we wouldn't normally check you till your due date, but if you think it might be encouraging to know then we can check today. But it's up to you." and then he had to take a call in another room and so he gave me a few minutes to think about it. When I told him "no, I'll be fine" he confessed that while he was convinced I'd be dilated he was glad I'd chosen to wait...that there's no good reason to check and that it doesn't make any difference one way or the other.

But next week I am due, and if Roro still hasn't decided to wiggle her way out then not only am I asking for a check and a sweep, I'll be demanding it!
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Jilian I had a massage last Thursday and immediately felt like the baby had moved down further. Then had contractions on Friday for several hours. I definately think even just relaxing those muscles can work for some women... and of course getting all the feel-good hormones going can't be bad either! Good luck!

I have my weekly massage tomorrow night... I'm soooo looking forward to it. My midwife is out of town (about 2-3 hrs away) these next two days. Just hoping to get through and not have to think about it.

I had an appt with her yesterday and got the results from my GBS screen... negative! I worked pretty hard on that, so I'm thrilled. Everything looked great and the babe is still anterior. He's still floating, though.
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Ooh... DH got me a massage (gift cert.) for Mother's Day (or was it our Anniversary? Same week...) and I haven't used it yet!

Actually, the massage therapist we use doesn't have an office, she comes to you. Mostly, that's great, because you don't have to get tense driving home from somewhere, but, because my kitchen has been topsy-turvy, and my house has been full of workmen at all kinds of days and times, I HAVEN'T YET FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET MY MASSAGE AT MY HOUSE!!! (I just could NOT relax being naked with a house full of electricians, plumbers, or... well, almost anyone else except immediate family.)

I think I can schedule it tomorrow, after I see that the kitchen floor is DONE. There is nothing else that will need subcontractors, so I expect I could nudge the general contractor to a different day for all his last minute stuff to do. I will need to get some of the kitchen objects back into the kitchen in order to make a space big enough for the massage table in the library, where we usually have her work. (It's the only room on the main floor with doors/curtains for privacy, and, sadly, the messy main floor is still better than the chaotic upstairs right now! )

My cervix seems more calm today, so that's a relief. This morning, I watched one of DS's 3 year old friends while his mom was working, and I'm not sure I could've managed if I'd been all crotch-spasm-y like last night.

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Oh my, I am with a PP that said it is hard to keep up with everyone here.
Let's see, I am part of the running to the bathroom every 5 mins to pee club, and count me in on eating way too much ice-cream at once, and then really regretting it later. I am also getting a massage toinght, I get one every other week, I trade with a woman who has a ds the same age as mine, it is a really great deal for me because ds gets a really great buddy 3 hrs a week and I get a massage I had no idea that there was certain massage points to bring on labor, I am totally going to have her focus on those areas tonight!!
Well I had my 38 week prenatal yeserday, and i have grown 2cm since dropping last week to 37cm, now I am at 39cm, ds was born when I was at 38cm and he was big babe, 8lbs2oz, and I KNOW this one will be a bit bigger, UUUGGGHHHHH!, I think one of the hardest parts of going a long time, (past due dates, or supposed dates) is knowing the baby is getting bigger every day and then realizing that I am going to have to push out a big baby. I have faith that I can do it, I did it great last time, but don't want to have to do it again, :sigh:. Anyway I am thrilled because baby is in a great position (according to MW, i am a bit uneducated on what is really the best), and the head is VERY engaged and low, my cervix is only dialated about a fingertip :sigh: but is very soft and efaced. I think it is only a matter of time, really praying for the full moon on Friday to ease this baby out! I would be happy to have a June 1st babe, as all along I really wanted a June baby and not a May babe, don't ask me why, I just like the month better for some reason.
I am starting to get a bit of a nesting bug, like I want everything to be clean and organized now. I made sure all bills were paid and check book was ballanced, now I am cleaning and doing all the laundry, stuff like rugs and big blankets and such that don't get washed often. I am even writing lists, (which I hardly ever do), I just want to know that if I do go into labor soon, DH and MIL will know what to do or what to buy, so that I can sleep in and snuggle with baby as much as possible. This really better happen in the next week, it's all I think about, I am completely obscessed!:
Sending Dday vibes to those who want it.
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I had a MW appointment today. I am dialated to a 3. Everything is in position and ready to go, just waiting for the power. I am going to try castor oil tonight to see if that gets things going for tomorrow. I am nervous about the next few days, but so excited to hold my new little baby.
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My kitchen has a floor!

Basically, my kitchen is DONE. We just have to put the stuff in it, including some big items like my appliances. Hurrah!

Now I've got a question in to Armstrong about whether I can put in my appliances tomorrow or not, because I need to polish the floor 2 -3 days after installation, but I don't know if it matters if there is polish UNDER the appliances or not. Hmm...

Some cervical twinges are back again now. I guess it is my "afternoon" thing for now. : It seems like, if I do *anything* physical, on come these really quite painful stabs. I guess I should just let the house go the rest of the way to heck and wallow in the mess.

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yay for floors! Good question about the appliances though...

I too am hoping that the full moon will do the trick. I've been having non-progressing BH off and on for a day or two (almost always starting at 10pm-ish and going till around 3am for some reason)...in fact, I'm having pretty regular BH right now. So I really hope my cervix is melting away and that birth is coming soon...I told Roro last night that she's missing out on all sorts of great stuff and we'd love to see her in person. And DH brought the car home from the shop today so maybe?

I'd really like to "miss" my next pre-natal appointment!

Good luck brookibabe! Did you discuss the castor oil with your midwife? It can be a bit strong (it works by inducing contractions in the intestines...basically by giving you cramps and really loose stools) and some studies have show it can stress the babe too. If you haven't tried some of the other self-induction methods you may want to give those a chance first. (for example, orgasm with nipple stim is a lot more enjoyable than running to the bathroom for some explosive poo, and it does the same basic thing in terms of getting the muscles contracting...plus with the sex/stim combo you have happy hormones to help as well). Of course, a lot of midwives (and some OBs) really like the castor oil smoothie approach and some mamas find that it works like a charm to convince their little one that the time is right so obviously go with whatever works for you!

Happy birthing vibes!
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happy due date to me!!!!

at yesterday's appointment i was dilated to almost 4 and still about 75% effaced. he didn't stretch and sweep or anything and i didn't ask for it. (i think he figures i'm as 'there' as i'm going to get.) i told him i'd like to make it to isaac's end of school performance tomorrow at 5pm but i would LOVE to go into labor right after that because my doc is only on call through friday morning. we shall see blue moon help me!

i thought last night was going to be it though. i had the most serious strongest cervical contractions yet. but nada. i cleaned like a madwoman this morning before work because my MIL flies in tonight. i thought that might be enough to induce labor but now i just have achy back and hips : and we are having a heat wave. tonight is going to be stinkin hot at our house. ick. woe is this big pregnant lady. we need AC.

yay on the kitchen getting done willo!

good luck with the castor oil brookibabe. i'm too scared to try that one i will have dh do some acupressure points my doula emailed me tomorrow night i think.
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Happy due date Jstar. I hope the accupressure points work for you. I'm scared to try castor oil too, it does pass a little to the baby and I've heard of it encouraging babies to pass meconium in some cases. Not sure if it's true or not but it scares me enough not to try it. I haven't tried much yet to encourage labor. I did the EPO twice about two weeks ago and then decided to stop and let my body's hormones work on their own. I'm pretty sure that once my due date shows up I'll start some natural induction methods.

I wish I could get in for that massage tomorrow night in time for the full moon! But I think she's booked
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About the castor oil - I did this with DD1 on the advice of my MW (looong story) and it definitely did the trick for me. BUT! There's always a but! I ate almost nothing after everything cleaned out because I felt so exhausted - and went into labor at 3PM with only having had two pieces of toast at 7AM. And no one offered food/drink/smoothies to me while I was laboring so I was not in very good shape during the end of the birth. I went immediately into active labor and had her about 6 hours later - so at least it wasn't a marathon labor.

So, having BTDT, my recommendation (aside from really NOT recommending it at all! ) is to be sure to eat after everything cleans out even if you're tired, rest rest rest and be sure to eat or at least have smoothies or something like Recharge during labor to give you the strength you need to get through it. Also, castor oil is naaaaassty! Only afterward did I read that hiding it in ice cream makes it much more palatable! Make a nice yummy, thick milkshake instead of a puny little OJ or milk smoothie.

Oh, and my current MW was surprised that I took it at night. She suggested taking it in the morning after getting a good night's sleep. Usually you have between 3 and 6 hours before you start having diarrhea (or vomiting), and then anywhere from 6 to 12 hours before you'd go into labor, so that timing might work out better.

Just my two cents! Good luck!
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Yay, I was able to change the massage to tomorrow afternoon and my sis is gonna hang with DS for the 1/2 hour. Now I'm really putting a lot of faith in this full moon, I hope I don't end up too dissapointed if nothing happens.
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brookibabe~ keep us posted on how the oil works~ UGH! I REFUSE to do that again!

willo~ woohoo! youve got a kitchen, well, almost! time to go buy~ or get the ingrediants for the cookie dough!

jstar~ happy due date! wow, sounds like youre well on your way! hope you make it until at least 5 tomorrow!!

yep, i had a massage on monday and it was sooo wonderful. :
and yep, im peeing every 5 minutes, too : the getting up every 2 hours at night is what simply kills me!! of course Abby, my sweet doggie, is up hacking like a 90 year old whos smoked 3 packs a day her entire life ALL night, so im up constantly anyhow

i had a big fight with my DH tonight...and we DONT fight. it was about popsicles...or at least that was made me hit my breaking point. what sucks is that i know hes being like this because of the baby...when the final stretch hits he tends to withdrawl and not be as helpful, and, as you can relate, this is when i need him doing everything and being superman the most! its just killing me that HE DOESNT LISTEN! Normally he even hears what i dont say, but now he honestly doesnt hear a freaking word i say~ LITERALLY.
BUT, it did get me to the grocery store and I bought 4 boxes of popsicles Zach and I LIKE, as well as a huge box of pop-ice yeah, im REALLY into popsicles right now

Ive got an appt tomorrow..its either my 36th or 37th, depending on who ya ask : I cant imagine shell make me be checked..i really dont want to be.

I got my birth kit today! woohoo!!! now im just waiting on my birthing pool and, well, for this little bugger to realize he'd be much more comfy head down instead on doing gymnastics!

on an UMPH note~ tonight before our spat, i threw up and got a bloody nose and threw up some more (youre sooo jealous! ) now, this isnt anything new or exciting, happens all the time, BUT I dont normally throw up, get in a fight causing me to cry hysterically and then proceed to walk around a 7-11 and 2 grocery stores (especially since Im supposed to be on bedrest...). Yeah, im pretty crampy and having som epretty serious BH Im not supposed to have him till monday at the earliest, but, hey, ya never know!
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Mmmmm....popsicles! I'm sorry they were the source of psycho-drama, but mmmmm...

I've been living on popsicles recently. I mix up some plain yogurt, some fruit juice concentrate, and some water and freeze it in popsicle molds overnight and eat about 12 a day.

DD is calling, gotta run, but how is everyone this last day of May?
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well ladies, it's official. i am further along in a pg than i have ever been without at least being in labor. dd2 was a week old by now, and i was in labor with dd1 by this point. in 3 hours i'm going to go to my first 38 week appt ever. it's so funny, but i'm feeling quite overdue even though i could still have four more weeks to go. i really hope i don't have that long though as i am really uncomfortable already especially since it's sooooo hot and we don't have AC. today would be a good day for a baby. wish me luck at my appt...i'm startig to feel like i might cave and get checked when i know nothing good can come from it...
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Oh momtokay, that really must be tough, I had convinced myself that I would have a baby by now too, everyday I think, "well maybe tonight": . It is getting more and more uncomfortable everyday, here is hoping "soon" for all of us.
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Had a massage last night, it was glorious, she worked on a few accupressure points to help induce, but nothing more than a few braxton hicks came of it . I have a chiro appt. this mornign, it will be nice to get re-aligned, I am feeling a bit crooked Big, fat, pregnant, crooked lady just wants to have a baby
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