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daikon radishes?

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Our CSA loves the daikon. Throw your best recipe at me, please.
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Hmmm... Not a recipe, per se, but as a side we like to shred it really fine and then serve it next to sticky rice with a little soy sauce. One part shredded daikon, one part sticky rice. Tasty!
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I LOVE daikon but I only know a few ways. I eat it shredded in salads, add it to kimchi, and stir-fry it.
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put it in miso soup!

i usually boil it in a separate pan with a tiny bit of water until it's a little cooked, then put in the soup. dd looooves cooked daikon, it becomes quite sweet when it's cooked.

a very traditional way of eating it is to grate it very fine and put it on grilled fish, it works particularly well on oilier fish like salmon.

i also love eating it plain and raw.
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My BIL makes a salad with coarsely shredded daikon radish, splashed with seasoned rice wine vinegar, and topped with drained canned tuna. I'm veg now, but I tried it once many years ago and it was pretty good.
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Make kimchi out of it.
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You could make sunomono- my daughter loves it!

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This daikon recipe is a hit around here:
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