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Originally posted by Kylix
Mamapie!!!! You still around???!!!

I'm intrigued by that conspiracy theory book you wrote about earlier. Do you happen to remember/know the author or title? I'd love to pick that up and flip through it!!!


Me too! I've been doing searches everywhere I can think of to no avail!
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She is in the middle of a big move so she might be offline for a little while.
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I re-read ana rticle about how they were already starting on the 4th movie. Yowza..How much of that book will have to be whittled down to fit a 2-3 hour movie? I wonder who wil play the giantress Hagrid gets all mushy over? LOL Maybe that Australian actress (Magda something?) who was the wife in the Babe the Pig story.
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I'm so excited that they're continuing the series of movies. I was under the impression that they were stopping at Azkaban, and this is when it just starts to get good in my opinion. Maybe they'll use the woman who played Danny DeVito's mother in Throw Momma from the Train? Or did she just seem really large next to him?
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help with Goblet of Fire

All right, I'm re-reading Goblet now..to refresh my memory.....I think I'm thinking too much and I'm getting myself all confused.

Was/Is Tom Riddle Lord Voldemort?

If he is killed in #4 at the beginning (in a flashback)how is he still alive?

Who was the dark haired teenager they decscribed as being at the scene of the crime? (Sirius? James? The "real Tom Riddle?")
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Nankay, Tom Riddle was Lord Voldemort as a boy. This is what I think: Tom Riddle's memory, as contained in that diary, was "killed" or destroyed at the end of Chamber of Secrets.

I admit to being fuzzy about Tom Riddle's status. The whole time I was reading about Riddle I had to remind myself that this is Voldemort before he transformed himself into Voldemort. He just seemed like another bad guy, separate from Voldemort.

So did Voldemort-in-hiding become aware that his magical diary had been distroyed? Is this like one of those time machine things, where you go back in time, change something and suddenly the event appears in your memory where it wasn't before?

At the end of Order of Phoenix when Voldemort and Dumbledor are battling it out, Dumbledor calls him "Tom" at least once. Which must make Voldemort furious, because with that Dumbledor is refusing to acknowledge Tom Riddle's power, and puts him in his place as an inferior.
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What I'm referring to was the death of Mr and Mrs. Riddle and their son in the first couple of pages of Goblet of Fire.

The 3 were found dead by their maid but no cause of death was found. They were described as having terrified looks on their faces.
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The time frame is crucial to getting it. The murders happened about 50 years ago. The unidentified young man with dark hair was Tom Riddle aka Voldemort in his mid teens. The victims of the murder were his father and his grandparents (the elderly couple) and his father, Tom Riddle Sr., then in early middle age.

He killed his father and grandparents for denying him and abandoning him.

Also, in terms of the ages of various characters:
Tom Riddle/ Voldie is probably about 65 years old
Hagrid was at school the same time as him, so roughly the same age.

Prof Snape is probably about 35-40 ish, same as
James Potter (if he were alive)
Lily Evans Potter "
Sirius Black "
Pettigrew, etc
possibly Lucious Malfoy as well, though he has not yet been mentioned in anyones Hogwarts flashbacks, so it is hard to be certain.
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THANK YOU! I just got that figured out late last night..duh on me!I knew I was thinking too hard....LOL
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Reigniting this post because last night I was channel surfing and saw that HBO was showing HP and the Sorceror's Stone. So I'm kind of lazily watching and as Percy leads the first years up to the Fat Lady for the first time I suddenly sit up, because the password is "Caput Draconis". I ran and looked it up, and sure enough, that's the password! So I say that Draco will surely die if we're sticking to the idea that all the clues are in the books.

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Wow! You are very perceptive!
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Obnoxious learned reply-Caput draconis means" head of the dragon". Not sure how that relates to dying. and JKR is a classics minor, so she would know.
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I think LiamnEmma was looking at the pun; "kaput" is in done, finished, dead... Draco. If they were spelled out they wouldn't be clues. Sounds like this could go either way.
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Yeah, I did mean the pun, but I'm now properly chastised latinmom, thank you.

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Kama, Lucius is older than the Marauders and Snape. In OotP he is mentioned as being 41 while Snape and the Marauders are about 37 or so in that book.
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Yeah, I got the pun, but JKR gets so much press on the Classics lists I'm on, they'd die if I didn't point that out! There are some great articles on her use of Latin-often mangled, though. Letting the thread get back to OotP............
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Just some things that have recently popped into my head about li'l ol' Harry Potter and his Universe.

Do you think Tom Riddle was in Slytherin? After all he was a half-blood even if he was Salazar's heir.

I think Hermione is going to kill Draco -- Hermes (Hermione) slays the dragon (draco) in Greek Mythology and they both become constellations. JKR is crazy for that kind of thing (and of course Leah's post kind of brought that to mind again).

The Weasley's -- they can't all survive!

Do you think Ron will go over to the dark side ala Peter Pettigrew? This speculation haunts DH.

Most disturbing of all -- I think Harry will not live past book seven. I don't think JKR will want to write anymore books, nor will she want anyone to tamper with Harry. Besides, his death would seem to balance out the sacrifice his Mom made -- his death to save the wizarding world.

Susan, I like your meditation on Hogwarts as character. I agree that as the kids are aging so is the tone of the books!

Does anyone else, though, suffer from too much HP fanfic? I find myself forgetting that somethings aren't actually cannon! Like my co-worker who starts arguing with her dh about Lucious & Snape's past relationship and then he says -- what book was that in? :LOL

P.S. won't it be hilarious if I'm wrong about everyone of my predictions?!
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oh I am so there with you in my HP fanaticism. I remind myself of the hyper nerdy Trekkies than can quote line and verse of each Star Trek episode.

The prevailing attitude on Mugglenet is that Mrs. Weasley will die in Book 6 or 7. You're right..not ALL the Weasleys can survive. My personal feeling is Percy will redeem himself but die trying to protect one of the family.

I'm not so sure about Harry dying though. It is still juvenile fiction and I think that might be stepping over the bounds killing off the main very beloved hero. Maybe in a post script, the 4 of them--Harry Hermione, Ron, and Neville, re-establish the 4 houses at Hogwarts..but as a more united school. Just a thought.
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