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is there any drink he will take? We've 'talked' before about how similar Jake and Owen are and if I mix his med w/my diet coke I can usually get it in him, as long as he doesn't see me mix it.

The benadryl strips are still tough to give, but they melt fast enough I can get them in Jake's mouth and hold it shut until it dissolves. I feel like the worst mom in the world, but if it's needed- it's needed.
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Not really. He only drinks water and occasionally OJ. But the zyrtec is actually clear. *A* (my 4 year old sister I watch during the day) was there when I was giving Owen his first dose. She knows he hates medicine so told him it was water (gotta love her thinking ). He actually believed her and now calls it water : He still struggles a little to take it but not nearly as bad as with other medicines. Saved by the 4 year old Aunt
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Absolutely they can RX it. It's just a matter of if they WILL or not. Mainly the docs I know want to know that you understand it is for a not-being-able to breath reaction, not a cutaneous reaction.
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Owen had his allergist appointment this afternoon. He had the skin prick test done, testing each of the individual tree nuts, plus peanuts. There's good news and bad news. The good news is he's not allergic to any of them! But that means the bad news is he had a severe allergic reaction to something and we don't know what. Which makes it impossible to avoid it. The doctor and I talked about it for a bit but I have no clue what it could have been. Almonds was my best guess. So the plan right now is if it happens again I need to gather food labels from everything he'd eaten within 6 hours of the reaction starting and bring him (and the labels) back to the allergist and he'll try to figure something out. However, given the severity of the reaction (swelling of the face is never a good thing and he still, 3 weeks later, has scars from the hives- that's how bad it was), plus we don't know what caused it, along with all the traveling we do (not knowing where the nearest hospital is) the doctor thought it best to give Owen a prescription for an EpiPen JR. I am glad he's not allergic to nuts (I really wanted him to be able to eat them since he needs the protein because he doesn't eat any meat). But now we have no idea what he IS allergic to.
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I'm glad you got th epi-pen. Hmmm I wonder what it was that caused such a terrible reaction...
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My little lady had hives about a dozen times within a two month period - not as severe as Owen's, but pretty darn bad with the swelling and everything, her's were lasting for several days. She hasn't had them since shortly after Christmas. I have no idea what brought them on or what made them leave, but they seem to be completely gone. Here's hoping that Owen's were also just a one time thing and not a true allergy!
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