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Cycle questions...anyone else?

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Warning...lots of too much info here!

I chart my cycles, and we're wanting to be pregnant.
Here's the info on my cycles.
My normal cycle length is approx. 28 days.
I usually seem to ovulate around day 14 (detected by temp rise and cervical mucus)
My luteal phase is approx. 14 days.
Used to be I ovulated around day 19 and had a bit longer luteal phase too.
And like right now, as I sit here typing this, I'm feeling the normal "ovulatory" feelings I get. But I'm only on day 3 past the last day of my period. Plus that "gotta have it now" feeling....

I really ( and I mean REALLY) thought that I was pregnant last month. That type of feeling where you have no doubts...
But I wasn't, or if I was, I had a very early miscarriage.
But I've also noticed a change the past couple of months or so. Used to, I'd kind of go into "heat" when I was about to ovulate. *Ahem*
But the past couple of months, I've had this "gotta have it now" feeling within a couple of days of my period ending.
No temp spikes to speak of, but just.... !!!!!!! Ykwim?
Is it possible to be ovulating very early, and my uterus is just not ready to have a baby attach?

Anyone have any sage advice or, well, anything? Please?
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I know exactly what you mean. I've noticed this pattern on other womens' charts as well... I tend to get a pseudo-ovulatory couple of days around day 8/9/10 where my CM gets EW and I get very horny, but there is no temp shift to confirm O. Then I O at regular time around day 15/16. I think it might have to do with the reentry of hormones after the big drop at the beginning of O. Not sure though!
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