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a natural estrogen booster?

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I need help.

I am in premenopausal state due to all the chemo and radiation I endured to give me the cure.

I am not producing any hormones and am wondering if there is anything out there I can use to help my body produce estrogen.
My OB/GYN wants to put my on a BC pill, but I am leary of that.
She had me a FMHRT and I went off that b/c of fear too. Trouble with the the whole factor issue after you go through nasty cancer.

Anyone able to help me?
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Soy products tend to be similar to estrogen in some ways. It has never worked for me but other women say it helps.
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Have you considered the herb Vitex. According to this website,
it works by stimulating and normalizing the pituitary gland, which regulates the balance of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

I have heard many great things about this herb. I like the fact that it aids the body in doing what it is naturally supposed to do.

I hope you find something that works for you.
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miriam-I know abou tthe soy I consume quite a bit of it-Don't know how else I am to take it though. Nothelping by just eating soy foods.

messy mama-Thanks for that link...I am going to consider this.

Has anyone heard of this:
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Hi, I think that you should see a practitioner rather than self-medicate. Your body has been through a lot and the type of cancer you had (?) may well have a bearing on herbs and supplements that are (not) appropriate.

For instance, any type of hormonally linked cancer such as breast or uterine will need careful consideration as to whether it is safe to try to increase oestrogen levels right now.

I´m not a herbalist or naturpath, I´m a clinical aromatherapist, I have worked with post breastcancer patients. If you would like to chat about EOs, please PM with more details. But in truth I think you would be best to see a practitioner face to face.

Good luck and well done you for looking outside the medical bubble, it can be hard when you´ve had to have such strong treatment.

Sadystar x.
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Sadystar x
I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
I had high doses of chemo and radiation.
I am at risk slightly more now for BC due to the RAD I received in my chest area. The docs said not much more of an increase but it is there.

I am familiar with EO's a bit so I wil PM you.

What type of practioner should I go see are you thinking of?

I currently see a homeopath, an applied kinesologist/nutrionalist as far as natural things go.
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Well if you find that your practitioners are helping, then ask them to help.

Personally, I think a nutritionist is a good idea and I would see a herbalist rather than a homeopath. But that´s because I don´t "believe" in homeopathy - there I´ve outed myself

Look forward to getting your PM.
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