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Hearing blood pounding in ears?

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Is anyone else experiencing this? The last couple of days I have been hearing my pulse pounding, and feeling it throb, in my left ear. Usually it starts when I am active, like working in the garden. This morning walking around the house started it. I'm 24 weeks along... Wondering if maybe it's a blood pressure thing?
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I know we have more blood while pregnant, cant remember how much, but i think it is somewhat considerable.

perhaps you over exerted yourself?

you should be doing the glucose testing soon anyhow, but i do get this toward the end of my preg, im 25 weeks and my babe is still growing strait up into my rib cage, im waiting for it to pop out, its hard to breathe
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this happens to me all the time...pregnant or not and my BP has always been around 120/65ish....

i chalk it up to blood volume when pregnant and doing too much at once when not pregnant..i've brought it up with my MW and my family doc before and they aren't concerned about it bc it doesn't happen ALL the time...

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Drink more water. You should be able to read through your urine.
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This was a huge symptom for me my first pregnancy in the first trimester. It totally freaked me out and I thought I was going crazy. The MW said it is because of increased blood volume.
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I get that... It started early too, like 18 weeks. My doctor said it's the blood volume thing... Your heart generally beats faster when pregnant, but I guess it can also just beat harder which makes it really noticeable. I notice it a lot more when I'm excercising. My blood pressure has been consistently around 100/50 since early pregnancy (normally like 110/60). He did say that if I feel faint at all to let him know, but I haven't...

It's very disconcerting!
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This usually happens when my blood pressure is up. I would get a cuff from the pharmacy or a friend and do some self-monitoring.
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