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DD started doing this about 4.5 mos... she was using it like some sort of greeting... someone would say hi, and DD would smile and then stick out her tongue, which, of course, elicited laughs from the adult, so she kept doing it.


Now at 5 mos, she just sticks out her tongue when she is trying to get ahold of an elusive toy (or cat)
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My mom taught my DD how to do it when she was 7wks old! It was hilarious Here are a few pics.
Tongue 7wks
Tongue 7wks
Tongue 2mths

It became such a crazy thing that was special between my mom and her that she began greeting my mom by sticking her tongue out. Soo cute
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Oh my...DS is now 10.5 months and he has had his tongue out since he was two weeks old thanks to DH. Both he and DH communicate that way. The first thing he does when DH gets home is stick his tongue out at him.

2 weeks old

9 months old
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In many babies it's a sign of wanting to engage. I would take it as a cue that your baby is curious and interested in the world around her!
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