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JEN! Congrats!!


I'm still in shock. I can't wait to tell DH tonight, though he might expect it because earlier this week with an internet cheapie, I went to him and said, "Do you see two lines?" "If there's two it means were pregnant" his response was well, I think I see two, and that would be nice! LOL.

I have this St. Christopher medallian (Saint that protects children) that my mom gave to me about 6 months or so before she passed away (1999). I always wear it when I travel and keep in hanging from the review mirror in my car. I decided to put it on this morning, I have a child that needs protecting!

Jen, FF puts my EDD at 2/21/08.
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: :
: Congrats Judy!!!! :
: :

Threadkeepers luck strikes again!! That line is TOTALLY obvious. You are so knocked up

Congrats Jentina!!!

I hope you have a wonderful happy healthy nine months ahead of you!!! So happy for you both. While looking at charts yesterday I had a (completely neutral) feeling that Circle J would fair well in the month of June.
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OMG! So many BFPs! How exciting!

: Congratulations
AmericancatinJapan, Judy, and Jen!

I am still lurking. So far morning sickness hasn't hit me yet, but I expect it in the next few weeks.

Hello to everyone!
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Oh WOW!!! Judy AND Jetina!!! : :

That SO rocks Ya'll!! Good luck in the month of JUNE!!! WHoohoooo!!!
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Originally Posted by dctexan View Post
I think we have a Circle J going on in addition to our Circle C&K. Lots of dust to all of you
Ok, I missed the joke, explain the Circle J / C / K to me! LOL.
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Originally Posted by cking View Post

It’s interesting that you brought that up, because I’ve been thinking about this lately, and wondering just why we haven’t told anybody. (well, I’ve told a few people, but it’s not common knowledge). We saw a bunch of friends on Saturday, and when we were driving one of them home, he told us that the couple who hosted the party are ready to start ttc. I couldn’t figure out how he knew that, and then I was wondering if I should say something about us. (Apparently he asked DH earlier and Dh just said “if it happens it happens” which is a good response, I think). So I’m just wondering why I’m keeping this such a secret, and if it would help to have my family’s support and prayers. But, I’m generally a private person, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy all the unsolicited advice. Ya know?

dh told one friend, i told only a few. no family members. i think if it had been common knowledge and if it had taken any time i would have gotten too much of the "you waited too long" crap, which would have driven me up the wall!!

otoh, i have a childhood friend with whom i am only semi-close now who i suspect is ttc'ing. i was pushing the midwife thing on her and she said she goes to one for well woman care and that that practice works with various fertility clinics and the ranking of said fertility clinics. who would know the ranking of a fertility clinic if they weren't in the market for it? i am neurotic and even i don't know that. also, she is avoiding both my showers and called to apologize for it and to emphasize that she would get baby a "really nice" (by which she means $) present to make up for it, but gave inconsistent answers on where she would be for the 2nd one. i feel hurt, but i remember years of waiting to ttc, when baby showers always made me cry. and i thought of you -- if i were in your shoes, i think i would have ducked out of the cousin's shower. so i get it. i wish she would tell me directly that she is ttc'ing or whatever so i can support her, but i don't want to open my big mouth if it would only make her feel worse.
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We're also on our 9th month of trying. (We started last July, but there were a few months in there when we couldn't try, so I'm not counting those ) QUOTE]

only 9 months?! that's not long at all... good luck this month.
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Originally Posted by Jujubie View Post
Ok, I missed the joke, explain the Circle J / C / K to me! LOL.
Last month, I think it was (or was it the month before?), it seemed like all the graduates names started with a C or a K - there were a bunch of us in the TWW, and Kharen and Christina and......crap, somebody else got BFP's!

So, this go around, it's a Circle J thing - Jen and Judy!
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Originally Posted by Jujubie View Post
Ok, I missed the joke, explain the Circle J / C / K to me! LOL.
Like Kiya said, I think two months ago all of our K names (plus Christina, maybe someone else) were in the TWW together. Somebody started calling them the Circle K. I just kinda latched on to it because it made me think of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ("strange things are afoot at the Circle K"). Plus, it also seemed kinda lucky since at least two of those ladies got BFPs.
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Thanks so much everyone for the smiley parties!

I'm still kind of in shock, which is suppose is what I get for testing so early, fully expecting a BFN. When the BFP came up, I really thought it must be wrong. Which is crazy because I've spent the last year either trying or planning to try to get that BFP. And when people post here with a really faint BFP, I'm always thinking, a line is a line! Don't question it!! Still, DP and I didn't really believe it until this morning and I'm still holding my breath until AF is late.

Judy, I'm so happy we both got our BFPs at the same time. Yours was the first chart I stalked! FF has my EDD at February 24, 2008.
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yipee!! congratulations to the J girls! i'm so excited for you! i'm at work in the middle of a workshop, but couldn't resist the "need" to say YAY!


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I'm so excited for you guys!


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This is a good month in TTC #1 in out 30's!

I'm in the waiting to O phase, not much else to say really. Temping, charting, being neutral and happy.

Gardening, working around the house, working, spinning.

I've been busy at work, hence the less posts, but I lurk every day!

Hugs to all, and this is a great month here, lets let the vibes pass on to the next batch of 2ww'ers!
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i just realized that you got a bfp only 9dop! wow!

that is the earliest i've heard of in "real" life.

hi michelle!

ok - working hard....
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BFP this morning. I'm still in shock, can't believe it's real. :

Heading to the One Thread now, but I wanted to tell the 30+/#1 club first.
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Originally Posted by PiePie View Post
and i thought of you -- if i were in your shoes, i think i would have ducked out of the cousin's shower. so i get it.
I thought about doing that, but I also realized my cousin was trying for two years and had two miscarriages. So I didn't want to project my grief. But it was the aunts I was avoiding, with all their questions. It ended up being just one aunt (always the same one) - as soon as I walked in the door: 'You're next, right?' - It's always the same question. (I just feel bad for my sister, to whom they've been saying the same things about weddings for years)

Anyway, recently I started to wonder "Why is there no Chicken Soup for the Infertile woman's soul?" (I know there are plenty of books on the subject, but I happened to be in the bookstore near the chicken soup display). I'm not officially infertile yet, but I don't think it takes an official diagnosis to validate one's feelings on the matter.

I just came across this site - Resolve - The National Infertility Association. It has a lot of information, for both infertile couples and friends/family of the same. I saw this article - Don't Tell Them to Relax - which reminded me of the conversation we were just having. Just thought I'd share!
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: Congratulations Writerbird! :
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Congrats Writerbird!!! 3 BFP in one day!

Writerbird, your real name wouldn't happen to start with J would it?

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Writerbird! Congratulations!

Seriously, 3 BFP's in one day is a new record here!

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Rainy, yep work, boo! But, it puts the food on the table and the money in the bank!

9DPO is early! When I got the BFP, I tested on 10, BFN, then BFP on 12. I'm thinking that is a strong bean!

Christina, I agree, it doesn't take an official diagnosis to make you affected by TTC for a long time without results. Hugs. I like that article , thanks for the link.

I don't have any "official" issues, but after one miscarriage, of course I'm deeply affected by issues surrounding pregnancy loss, especially since I waited til now to try, and really, really was excited about the baby. I worry it will happen again, and, it might. I worry about things I shouldn't, but can't help it. I searched high and low on the internets and found so many good things to read. It really helps me sometimes just to know I'm not alone. And no matter what happens, won't be.
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