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Are Crocs worth the money?

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I've been eyeing up some Crocs for my kiddo's for this summer. I figure they can even wear them into the fall w/socks. I found a website where they're about $25 including shipping. Is that a good deal, or are the ones at Payless just as good for 1/2 the price?! TIA!
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My kids both have the Crocs clogs. The LOVE them. My little boy will go get them from the front door and wants to wear them all the time. He also has some See Kai Run sandals and Ecco boots, but he seems to really prefer the Crocs. They're also easy to clean and get on and off, and they seem to be holding up very well. I've not noticed any stink coming from them, either.

I have a pair of the Crocs "Athens" flip flops, and I'm a total barefoot gal. But the first day I got those babies, after wearing them while out and about, I came home and took them off . . . and realized that I was less comfortable barefoot than I was in my Crocs!

I hate to be all trendy like that, but I was won over.
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: Sound dreamy!!
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My kids have both Crocs and Airwalks. I cannot tell a difference between the two except one time my DD was playing outside with the hose. She had one Croc on and one Airwalk. The Croc seemed to dry faster.

My son wears through his Crocs and Airwalks equally fast. One of his Crocs currently has a huge hole in the front so they don't seem any more durable.

So I'd say Crocs and Airwalks are basically the same except for price and I think Crocs are made in the USA versus probably China for Airwalks.
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DD loves her crocs. She does stumble on pavement a little more than with regular shoes because of the material, but she loves wearing them. She (and I) also love that she can get them on and off by herself, too. She's almost 2.5.
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there are so many knock-offs now. we just bought a pair of Carter's knock-offs for dd2, but dd1 decided she wanted the real thing. i think she may have just been overwhelmed by the number of different styles in the knock-offs so we went to a store that just had crocs and all she had to do was pick the color. there were knock-offs by skechers and esprit and some more brands i didn't recognize. i couldn't tell much difference by feeling them. we'll see which ones hold up better. if you have a girl the knock-offs had more patterns and add-ons (a row of rhinestones, flowers, etc).
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My DDs love them and wear them all the time ... with and without socks ... they think they are great! Very durable too.
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I've got a pair of the Airwalks from last summer and I love them, but I didn't know if the Crocs would be less clumsy for smaller children, kwim?

I've been looking online for pink Crocs and I can't find her size anyway. So maybe we'll end up at Payless anyway!!
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My DD has had a pair of Airwalks from Payless for the past year, and while they're a bit tight now, they're still her favorite shoes and still wears them every time possible. They cost $7 when we bought them, and they're getting worn on the soles, but oh my goodness, for how much she's used them, and how long they've lasted, I'd pay $25 for them. Although of all the knock-offs, I find the Airwalks to be the absolute best version, the material is much softer and not hard/uncomfortable like all the other ones seem to be. I can't tell a difference in feel between my real crocs and DD's airwalks. So if you can get some from Payless, do that, otherwise the real thing are worth the money, IMO.
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I'll be buying the real ones next time. My 5yo DD had her Sketchers crocks-look-alikes for a week and a half before the back strap broke.
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I lub my crocs .. the knock offs I tried on didn't feel anywhere near as comfy.

My son has two pairs that have already lasted about 9 months. Before that he had another pair he outgrew. They really do last!!
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My dd had about 5 pairs of sandals at the beginning of last summer. She wouldn't wear any of them. I broke down & bought her some Crocs & I don't think she's taken them off since. Really. She wore them all last summer and fall (EVERY day) and then all winter at preschool 2 mornings a week (they need soft shoes/slippers inside) and a couple months ago we brought them back home & she's been wearing them daily since. I can't believe they still fit her. I tried a pair on & they do seem comfy. I also tried on some knock-offs and they were not comfy. But there are a lot of brands now, so I'm sure some are better than others.
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My DD has 5 pairs, all Crocs (pink, brown, red, bright green, blue).

I will only buy Crocs not the no-names (crocs are softer, nothing like them). They are very comfy, easy to get on/off and she loves them. We also have the jibbetz and she love them! And yes, you can wear them year round with the exception of the coldest part of the winter.
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Originally Posted by beanma View Post
if you have a girl the knock-offs had more patterns and add-ons (a row of rhinestones, flowers, etc).
Crocs sold the jibbetz before the no-names had add-ons. LOL! You can find them at most stores that carry the shoes. They're expensive but so worth it.
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they're the only thing ds will wear. he has two pairs and mis-matches them on purpose. i think i need to get some for dd too, since all day long she's clomping around in ds'.
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dd loves her crocs. She has multiple pairs and they are pretty much all she likes to wear. She wears them in the fall with socks and all summer long
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crocs also has really excellent customer service. i broke one of the rivets on my black pair and they sent me a whole baggie of rivets for free. and they're from colorado! support mah homestate, mmkay?
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This same thread was *just* started in "Frugality and Finances" and one mama posted that the ones from Payless were recalled b/c the side button piece kept popping off the toddler shoes. Apparently they were going to fix that issue and re-stock with new ones...but still, it makes you wonder.

Seems like overall the mamas on that thread like the real deal! Less stink, they hold up better, softer foam etc...
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DD has a pair of pink Aqua Ducks from Shoe Carnival. They are great! Super soft and they float!

Grandma bought them for her. At first I was worried that she would trip or lose them as she walks (she likes the strap up) but nope.

It's nice she can quickly slip them on and off. She can where them to the zoo, where they have fountain play areas, and no worries about them getting wet. they are dry in a snap.

I am thinking about getting a pair for myself.
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totally worth it. They're all we wear (I have the maryJanes). Both my kids have had knock-offs (one from Target, and the Airwalks from Payless) and the real ones are a ton better. The material stays more flexible and soft and the straps are much more durable.
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