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This made me cry

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It's such a sad article, and really, only someone who believes in CLW-ing would understand why I am still . I kept waiting for the happy ending.
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Oh man...
I kept waiting to read that she let her nurse again. How sad. :
It just strengthens my resolve to be 100% commited to letting Avery self-wean.
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OT, but I see by your sig that you are as big a Wonder Pets fan as I am

DD loves that show. I try to escape, but I get detailed reports.
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Originally Posted by Calidris View Post
OT, but I see by your sig that you are as big a Wonder Pets fan as I am

DD loves that show. I try to escape, but I get detailed reports.
"What's gunn'a work?..."

Come on, I KNOW you know! :
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OMG! I read that about a month ago and it made me too sad to even want to come post or talk about it. So sad.
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Cold turkey. Not even a warning. So harsh. That poor baby. :

And I just love how she lets her husband make the rules about her breastfeeding relationship.
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yeah, it seems like the author would have not stopped nursing, if not for the husband's insistence. i don't like that the man was telling her what to do, and she was obeying him, against what both she and the daughter wanted. quoting from the article, post-weaning:
<i>I had nothing to offer her that was mine and mine alone to give. </i>
the breastmilk/the nursing is between the mother and the child. why on earth is the man's opinion prevailing?
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That is so incredibly wrong. : That poor little girl. What I don't understand is WHY she chose to stop nursing her DD? Maybe I missed something in the story? Because the mom really sounded like she WANTED to keep nursing, but she chose not to. Every fiber in her being was telling her to, but she ignored that, and her DD had to suffer for it.
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very sad. I can't imagine weaning like that.
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Originally Posted by Natural Mommy*J View Post
That is so incredibly wrong. : That poor little girl. What I don't understand is WHY she chose to stop nursing her DD?
maybe because at 2 she was way past the time for it anyway :

That was why I had to post it here, most places people would be amazed that she had nursed for 2 years.
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"We held back from each other, doing a kind of dance to avoid physical closeness that might remind us of what we once shared."

That didn't make me cry, that made me sob! How incredibly sad...
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I don't even know what to say about that article. I'm admittedly not a big proponent of longer extended nursing, like past age 3 or more, but to deliberately wean a child who is obviously not ready, when mom isn't either, well, what the hell is the point or logic in that?
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OMG that is the saddest d**n thing. I am crying too! Just makes me hope the day my last one weans himself is far, far away. I will miss those beautiful, close, precious, fleeting moments all too much. I miss them with his sissy. She is much too old to remember alot about nursing but I remember... They are only little for such a small piece of their huge lives. Why do some feel they have to shove them into the real world?!?! UGGHH...........:
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That actually did really bother me, and I wasn't sure if it would. I couldn't read it all.

It seems like the only time I ever read an article from that magazine is when it is something I take issue with.
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That is heartbreaking! : My dd is just past two, the same age as the girl in the story and the whole story just hit so close to home. I just can't really imagine not nursing her. I didn't nurse my first one (I tried and failed, ep'd for six months, but she had bad oral motor problems). So I guess I can imagine not nursing a two yr old, but not nursing my chil who has been nursing and who WANTS to nurse. The whole, "I want Something, " is just heart rending and hauntingly sad. I really wish I knew why she felt she had to stop.
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That is so terribly sad! I wonder if the mom realizes it didn't have to be that way - that she didn't have to do that?? :

I've three friends who've bf'd beyond a year now, after weaning before/at a year with their first bf'd babes - because of my example/gentle encouragement (they hadn't realized it was "ok" to go past a year the first time around). I know there are plenty of people who think that weaning has to look much like this, whether babe is 6 months, nine months, or 3 years of age .... and have no clue about CLW.

I wasn't able to make CLW work with Ina (pregnant with SJ, we intended CLW and tandem but I just became irrationally angry when Ina latched on, it was awful, we ended up doing gentle MLW instead) - and I felt the same emotions as the author of the article. The difference was, I really feel/felt that what we were doing would be best for Ina and me in the end - it was affecting our relationship all day long, not just while nursing, it was awful and I didn't want Ina to remember nursing the way I was feeling/acting during that time.

I do know Ina remembers nursing, and has positive memories (which really worried me given how I felt the last three months or so) - but I really hope that with SJ, we're able to just CLW; I guess it will depend on how pregnancy goes if we get pregnant while she is nursing.
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Poor baby, and Mommy...she really didn't sound like she wanted it to end that way! :
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: oh my lord that may be the saddest thing i have read in a while....thanks again to mdc for letting me know it is ok to CLW thanks for everyone being so supportive to all others
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