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well, all i can say is i'm glad i popped in here and thanks for posting that.
my ds1 is 2 and i have been forcing weaning on him (slowly, but still...). that article just reminded me that he still needs me and i don't want it to end that way.
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how sad. I also can't understand why she weaned if neither she nor her dd wanted to. My dd is just about 2.5 and I can't imagine weaning her and the older she gets the more I appreciate nursing and try to drink in every moment of it because I know the day will come when she will be done, but I am determined it will be on her terms.
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yea..i remember crying and being really angry when i read it too. i just got my new one (brain, child), i'll have to look and see if anyone wrote a response letter about it.
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Sadly there was no response letter published.I too felt REALLY upset -angry-sad & outraged as I felt method of weaning was harsh and cruel & prob quite confusing & distressing for Ella...: I felt as though Ella at two in the circumstances described deserved some say or at least a "heads up" @ such a change in their two person relationship...
I'm being summoned -perhaps I should have submitted a response -or reaction.I'd definately be interested in a follow-up..altho not likely to happen
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That is soooo sad. What the hell was that father trying to prove: , I feel bad for the little girl and the mama
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That so sad. I kept wondering why if mom didn't want to and the child didn't want, why were they weaning?
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Originally Posted by rmzbm View Post
"What's gunn'a work?..."

Come on, I KNOW you know! :
Team work. Cause we're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder pets!

I thought that show was cute the first couple of times, not so much anymore.
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Wow. That affected me a lot more than I thought it would. My DS is 2.75 and is definitely not ready to wean yet, I can only imagine how confused he would be if I did that. That's definitely not the right choice for us.
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That was just horrible. Even though I'm committed to CLW for me and my children, I generally have a live and let live attitude towards what other people choose to do in terms of weaning so I didn't expect that article to affect me. But it did.: I'm glad dd just woke up and wanted to nurse, I needed that kind of cuddle.
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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
Team work. Cause we're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff. Go Wonder pets!
I really wish they would make some new episodes, because while I LIKE the show (I think the concept of musical theatre for children is genius), I'm getting very tired of the same episodes over and over and over....
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I'm not going to read it, your responses tell me enough. I, too, try to live a life accepting that I don't know what's best for anyone but me (and only with a strong spiritual life do I have a CLUE for me!) but hearing about harsh forced weaning situations is really tough to bear.

I'm glad for this forum.

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OMG! : No warning even? How up!

Originally Posted by havsulen View Post
"We held back from each other, doing a kind of dance to avoid physical closeness that might remind us of what we once shared."
I went three days without nursing my daughter a few weeks ago (drug affecting milk), and we did just that! It was so weird and surreal. Things didn't get back to normal til we went back to nursing.

This poor child.
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i posted about this earlier, and to reiterate, it's very sad the mother didn't allow herself to make her own decisions about not weaning.
in thinking about it some more though, i do give the author credit for her honesty in describing her experience, hard though it is to read. she obviously felt/still feels pained by it. how many many other mothers have weaned this way and not given it a second thought, perhaps.
did i read correctly that the father (the one pushing for the harsh weaning) is a *poet*? i thought that poets are "sensitive" people. where was his empathy?
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Meh. Doesn't matter what they do or who they are supposed to be, I have found out re: this issue.

I think nursing, especially extended nursing, triggers a lot of crap for ppl and they would rather try to control mama/baby than figure out what is going on for them.
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I feel like throwing up.:
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Originally Posted by paquerette View Post
Cold turkey. Not even a warning. So harsh. That poor baby. :

And I just love how she lets her husband make the rules about her breastfeeding relationship.
yup...i am a long way away from CLW, my ds is 5 mo., but i am glad i stopped in and read that...no way! you can have it as long as you want...thanks for sharing.
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After reading all your comments I don't think I'll even look at the article.

I guess I'm in a similar situation (except not so dramatic). I was imagining tandem nursing, but DS (2.75) slowly weaned (I thought) during my pregnancy but then wanted to try it again several weeks after baby arrived. I was warned by DH that it would create problems if I let him, but I went ahead anyway b/c I was losing patience with DS all the time and I though it would help our relationship.

I made him stop about 1 1/2 months ago because:
(1) His latch had never been good and was causing me pain by trying to suck like with a straw ---- AND he couldn't seem to nurse w/out using his teeth! I tried to teach him to nurse properly, but couldn't. My local LLL seems to be in favor of weaning a child over 2.

(2) DH would glare at me anytime I nursed him or he asked to nurse.

Now I don't know why, but I'm feeling guilty. He never cried or seemed overly distressed at the loss, but sometimes I feel like his health and our bond has suffered. He's gotten even skinnier b/c he was never a big eater.

I am torn between letting it go at this point b/c he doesn't ask anymore, or encourging his to have a "nursie" once in a while if he wants one (but I would have to ask him). My relationship with DH is pretty frightful right now, and I don't want more tension in the household either. Tough decision!
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Originally Posted by JennyClaire View Post

(2) DH would glare at me anytime I nursed him or he asked to nurse.
That is really rude and unsupportive of him. My advice would be to do what your heart tells you is best for your DC and yourself. If you do decide to keep nursing, maybe explain your reasons to DH, and if he still can't be supportive, ask him to not show his feelings about it in front of your DC. Good luck.
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I thought maybe I should start my own thread with my dilemna instead of embedding it into this one.

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Michelle, If I thought I could figure out the latch issue, I am definitely leaning in that direction. Thanks.
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