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Tell us more, Pie!
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Still waiting, Pie... That's quite a teaser!

Dh and I have (we think - but we change our minds a lot) settled on the first name. I'm not sharing at this point - it seems sort of nice to keep something just between the two of us. I think we're down to which variation of the same name. It's funny, because it wasn't my favorite, but in my head that's what I keep calling her! So, maybe she's telling me her name. I have been asking her... Now for middle names!!! I want something that has something to do with my heritage.

I tried to find new casual pants/capris this weekend and failed miserably. I am just not shaped how they want me to be shaped!!! Granted, I have a larger behind, but I'm a perfectly healthy weight and yet the larges are all skin tight and x-larges are just too big on my lower back to where the pants fall down! I wish Old Navy actually had more sizes in stock - I think their stuff might fit but so far all I find are x-small and xxxL. Guess I might have to suck it up and go to the internet... I'm just so hard to fit that I hate spending the shipping knowing I won't get it back. I'm so cheap in some ways!

Grace - sorry about your shoulder. I sympathize, I have hyper-flexible joints that yoga turned into my shoulder falling out of joint for a couple of weeks about two years ago... I kept getting misdiagnosed with tendonitis - turns out it was subluxating! Ouch! It's okay if I keep up on my physical therapy excercises. I can't imagine how much pressure your job puts on it!!! Healing thoughts on the way!

I'm still finding myself unable to commit to any birthing method because it's impossible to know what will work for me!!! Ugh - that has turned into inaction with the weeks just ticking by. I know I need to pick soon. Did anyone do the short hospital one just to see what to expect? I am thinking of taking the weekend one just so that I know what their policies are and am ready to combat them if I need to!
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As far as names, my husband and I pretty much agree on the name, but continue to delight in coming up with bad names to annoy each other with.

I bought some clothes at JC Penney yesterday--they were having a 40% off sale, so I came away with some jeans and a couple of tops. I need a swimsuit, and am having a tough time finding one that fits. All the ones I've seen have NO boob support.

I'm really leaning to hypnobabies as a birth method. I don't have a lot of pre-existing anxiety or fear about labor, so I think it might work pretty well for me. I know that it suggests not doing other forms of childbirth prep, so I would think the hospital one would be out for me.

We had our big U/S this morning, and the baby is BIG. 10 ounces at 18w 2d (avg=6.7oz)--but his C-R length puts him at 18w 4d, so my dates aren't off. He's just gaining weight at an alarming rate. I wish I could assure myself this doesn't mean he'll be 11 pounds when he arrives in November...
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Rebecca - I'm trying to work up the courage to start giving out a joke name with a straight face to people who ask. At least people I don't know very well, since they immediately make suggestions that are variations of their names! Dh continues to come up with names to irritate me...

I need to go back to JC Penny - the one pair of jeans I have that are comfy are from there. As for bathing suits - that was the problem I had. I ended up forking out $70 for a really great one from Mimi Maternity. I love it and it was worth every penny! It has a very comfortable and very supportive shelf bra.
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Pie - can't wait for the story onthe birth blessing!

Welcome Jen! So glad you could join us!

dcgrl - I wouldn't worry about the u/s weight - they can be off by quite a bit. They induced my aunt two years ago for 'big baby' - they induced her at 37 weeks because the baby already weight 9lbs according to the u/s. When their little girl was born, she was only 6lbs 3oz. Hope you enjoyed your u/s, and congrats on finding clothing on sale!

elizabeth - I signed up for the childbirth class given right at my birthcenter. It concentrates on natural birthing techniques, including waterbirth. It's also taught by one of the midwife apprentices, so it'll give me a chance to get to know her better before October!

DH and I had a great weekend. We went strawberry picking with my friend and her DH. We had a great time. She's 34 weeks pregnant and the two of us must have looked pretty goofy crawling around picking berries. Yesterday, I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie and then spent most of the day making jam (I now have 15 jars of freezer jam - yum!). We also finally made a list of names we like - we have 5 boy names and 5 girl names. We'll see where that leads, whether to a longer list or final name choices.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I love this thread--it's so full of long, newsy posts.

I think m/s hit today, at 5 weeks and 1 day. I just felt generally gross--headachy with light nausea, like I'd been reading without my glasses on. I guess I thought m/s would be kind of cool or romantic. It was not. What was I thinking?
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Jen - M/S hit me at the end of the 5th week. It was not at all pleasant on any level... Hopefully yours isn't too bad. Try the stuff people suggest; you never know what will work. For me, nothing really made it go away, but eating at least every two hours (anything) and when it was really bad, sipping small bits of cola syrup over crushed ice helped. The thing to remember is that it WILL pass!
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Wow I've missed a lot!

Natalia I hope unemployment is growing on you and you're adjusting. It must be really hard to have such an abrupt change in your life.

Julia I'm still growing out of my clothes and think it will continue. For bottoms, I down to 2 pairs of maternity jeans and a few pre-preg drawstring skirts that are increasingly uncomfy. It's weird to watch my body change so much, and I imagine it's especially difficult if you've had prior body image issues. One of my co-workers (an infamous jackass) was laughing at my size and said "you know you're gonna be HUGE by the end - some women don't even show until they're 6 months pregnant." Grr. I just said "yeah well I'm not one of them." I mean, what do you say to that? I wasn't really hurt and think I handled it well but I do worry a little about how big I'm going to get. Stupid seed of doubt. :

Jenn good point about prefolds being cheap & fitting all sizes of babies. I'm itching to buy small CD even though it's more economical to use sposies than pockets for the small size. I'm trying to sell myself the idea of fitteds & covers until she's big enough for mediums but I hate the idea of putting TWO things on every time. Can't get past it. :

CM how are you adjusting to being a family of 4.5? Hope everything's going well!

Rebecca your baby's not that big - the margin of error is pretty wide so I wouldn't worry yet. They said my baby was 10 ounces at 18w6d, but she was also measuring 9 days ahead. DH was a little worried but I assured him that babies develop at different rates (just like their mommies) and we'll end up with an average size baby. You will too! I'm leaning toward Hypnobabies as a birthing technique too. It's so hard to decide! I dislike the idea of excluding other forms of childbirth education so I'm trying to learn a little here and there. I don't expect it to be painless - nor do I want it to be - but I do think I can do it.

Congrats to everyone who's narrowing down the name lists! DH and I still can't decide but at least he's willing to compromise, which didn't seem likely when we were discussing boy names. We want something that reflects both of our family heritages, which is pretty darn hard.

Emily you were so right about the growth spurt beginning around 21 weeks. I put a new belly pic in the link in my sig - holy cow! Between the growth, anemia and allergies I've been like the walking dead. I had to rest after showering so I could gather the energy to put sheets on the bed!

DH felt the baby move for the first time Saturday! It was a wonderful experience & he's so excited now. I think he's realizing that she's real and starting to bond with her.
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Originally Posted by hazieluna View Post
Becky - the only negative pregnancy symptom I'm having right now is this hellish heartburn! And now I seem to be developing some indigestion too. If I have lemonade that seems to help, made with real lemons. It is especially ferocious in the evenings. I was told that heartburn means our baby will be hairy... now I'm afraid the baby may turn out to be a hairy monkey! I hadn't heard of papaya enzyme but I'm going to look into it too because 3 more months of this is just torture!
Count me in on Team Heartburn. Ugh. I've never ever had heartburn before and now, all of a sudden, even very benign things (um yogurt? fruit? WATER for petes sake) all give me heartburn. Mint Tums soothies (or whatever they are called) are my only salvation. Fortunately they work fairly quickly. I think I am too chicken to try the lemonade thing.

Congrats on your new niece Zaia!!!! Yay!

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SarahJen - sorry you have m/s. I know what you mean about getting nervous/worried when you feel good though - I went through the same thing. It was particularly tough between weeks 14-17 when I was feeling okay, but couldn't yet feel the baby move.
I agree with this. Fortunately it was also the time I felt the best during this pregnancy (well really weeks 15-19) and looked my cutest so I was feeling pretty happy about being preggo.

Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
Ok I'm getting irritated...I'm 18 weeks, and to me it looks like my belly's totally sticking out, and lord knows none of my clothes fit (I just outgrew my men's boxers I sleep in!) and people keep saying, "Oh, are you pregnant?" with surprise! No, I'm normally the size of a freakin elephant with cellulite all over my body. Jeez. I'm starting to panic that I'm going to be this big forever. Man I HATE gaining weight. And it just hit me last night that I'm going to have to push this thing OUT of me! Don't get me started! So today I'm feeling a little freaked. It'll pass.
Julia. Gaining weight has brought up all sorts of issues that I never even knew I had. I realize it is normal and I realize it is necessary, but I just thought I'd be able to be one of those really cute preggos who gains only about 20lbs (all boob and belly, of course). HA! At 30 weeks I have gained 25lbs and am much rounder all over. My current freak out it how my tummy will never ever be totally flat again (and I really loved my flat tummy). Oddly, I am in complete denial that I will be pushing this child out at some point (even though in my birthing class the instructor showed us a PVC pipe that was 10cm, put it in a model of a pelvis and shoved a baby doll through it. DH is pretty much freakin' now. Can't wait for him to see the birth video ).

Originally Posted by veganone View Post
girl names:
Elise (still on our list, but it's not looking like we're using it)
I like your list Elizabeth!
Hannah was DHs #1 choice and both of us were very partial to Lily. We were doing so well with girl names. Now that we know we are having a boy, we are stuck. The ONLY name DH has suggested or seems to like is Conor (Connor?). He is also "okay" with Logan. Neither one of those names is screaming out to me (but I also don't hate them, so I guess that is something, right?). Poor nameless baby is probably going to remain such until after I met him.

Originally Posted by jentina View Post
Can I join in? I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow due in late February and I'm 33. I've been lurking here while the fact of being pregnant started to feel real. Yesterday I outgrew my bra, so I guess it's real! I've also been crampy and craving water and orange juice. I'm not a big plain water drinker--or I wasn't--but now I can't get enough. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg!
Jen!!! Woohoo. I love it when you TTC ladies get brave enough to move over. I added you to the list on page 1

Originally Posted by cmu204 View Post
I've got to take the two newest citizens of PDX to get library cards!
Cher - How are the kids settling in?

Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
For the record, the Tatiana plus-size bra I bought is totally itchy and I hate it. Ugh.

Sorry. I'll confess that I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a Bravado nursing bra that barely fits AND that I hate because the stupid straps on the inside oof the cup (the part that makes it a nursing bra) are itchy. Now I am worried that I am going to hate ALL nursing bras because of itchy strappy things.

Originally Posted by veganone View Post
I'm still finding myself unable to commit to any birthing method because it's impossible to know what will work for me!!! Ugh - that has turned into inaction with the weeks just ticking by. I know I need to pick soon. Did anyone do the short hospital one just to see what to expect? I am thinking of taking the weekend one just so that I know what their policies are and am ready to combat them if I need to!
I decided against the hospital birthing class because 1). I wanted to pretty much brainwash DH into a more progressive mindset and I absolutely did NOT want him thinking routine IVs, constant fetal monitoring, or pitocin were OK. 2). Because everyone I know who has taken a hospital class has ended up with some sort of intervention. Not that one leads to the other (because all of those women also were seeing OBs, not a midwife), but I think it makes it more "okay" you know? in the end I went with a class that was based on Birthing From Within (but it isn't an official BFW class) taught by a doula. So far, I have enjoyed it (and DH is learning a ton - and it is ALL stuff I want him to learn).

Originally Posted by dcgrl View Post
We had our big U/S this morning, and the baby is BIG. 10 ounces at 18w 2d (avg=6.7oz)--but his C-R length puts him at 18w 4d, so my dates aren't off. He's just gaining weight at an alarming rate. I wish I could assure myself this doesn't mean he'll be 11 pounds when he arrives in November...
Did you know it was a boy before? If not congrats on your baby boy!!!! Bigger than average doesn't necessarily mean he is "too big". He might just be going through a growth spurt or something. I think my guy was just under a pound at my u/s (which was slightly bigger than "normal").

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Wow I've missed a lot!
This is exactly how I feel - thus the LOOONG post. I think I have now, finally, caught up!!!
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i just had this urge to buy these matching t-shirts http://www.parenting.com/parenting/s...36359,00.html# for my daughter and me, if i have a daughter. i don't believe in matching? will someone please snap me out of my hormones?
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One of these days I'm going to actually post a post! Last week I started one and decided it was too long and too venty. Saturday I was reading and I may have started, but got up for lunch and when I waiting for my bread to toast, my husband came home and asked me if I wanted to go with him to a rummage sale at a school for "hanidcapped" (for lack of better word) children. It wasn't as big as what the church secretary implied and we walked out with nothing. We did wind up going to our new favorite Mexican restaurant for our anniversary meal, so it was cool. Plus, it had been awhile since we had been out just doing nothing.

I still need to start packing, but have not progressed very far. Today's plans were to clean off my desk and the living room, but I've not gotten very far. Okay. I've gotten nowhere. I ought to bring a grocery bag in here and play what doesn't belong?.

We have some names picked out, but we're waiting until after she's born. Andy also likes to tease me with annoying names. When they get really bad, I tell him that he can name a baby that when he gives birth. He responds with another smart-alek remark and we just laugh.

I haven't even really begun to research different birthing methods, or even know what's out there. I'm not freaked out about giving birth... Yet. I know enough to know that it can be painless without an epidural. I'm not worried about what the epidural could do to me, but to my baby. I did read some articles on this on the Mothering site. I'll be in a hospital, but I don't know which one or how accomodating they are. I like the idea of a water birth, since warm water really relaxes me. It's likely that I'll be in Mount Carmel East in Columbus, OH, the same hospital my sister had her baby. Even though it's been four years, I should e-mail my sister and "interview" her about it. That hospital not only takes our insurance, but it's the closest to our townhouse we'll be renting. Children's is closer, but they probably don't have a birthing center anyway, which is kinda ironic.

When I told my husband that I wanted a water birth, he thought I was weird. I tell him this when we're on vacation and we're playing in the hotel pool (save for the security cam, we were alone) nice and relaxed, even though the pool was cold. I told him it would be comfortable for me, as I get nice and relaxed in warm water. He asked if the baby would drown, I think he was being half fecetious. I said no, she would still be attached to the umbilical cord and is already pretty much living in water. I think he still wasn't totally for it, but since I'm the one giving birth, it was a do whatever you want moment.

Packing scares me. I told myself that I woudln't do things like just stuff boxes just to get it packed, but it's going to happen, I'm sure of it. Just with some things, though, like my clothes. I decided to not cull clothing until after I'm sure I've reached my post-baby weight. That and I don't want to get rid of anything.

Elizabeth, I don't blame you about buying on-line. I'm just down right cheap to begin with, and being six feet tall I like to try things on before buying. I found a pair of pants at a rummage sale last week that are acutally long enough, but too big. They were only a dollar, and I'm betting I'll grow into them. It woudl be nice if they fit now, because the stretchy material is on the sides, so I could wear all of my regular shirts with them, too. Well, I could with my jeans and shorts with the paneling, but I'm not sure how I feel about them showing, even though I'm not bothered by wearing maternity clothing. It's funny, though, if I wear regular shirts with my maternity bottoms, I just look pudgy; The same if I wear stretchy skirts with my regular shirts. Eh. Last night I went to Bible study wearing my maternity shorts and a large golf shirt. A sweet old woman commented that I was beginning to show like it was the sweetest thing. I'm six months pregnant. My taller friends (one of whom is taller than me by a couple of inches) said that they didn't start showing until the end of their pregnancies as well. Ive also heard that becuase it's my first baby, my muscles aren't stretched. I look at the pregnant bellies in the magazines and on-line and I want to be that round. Yeah, maybe I'm a little weird.

While playing on Yahoo! Answers yesterday, I found this site: www.givingbirthnaturally.com which looks good. I must have found this site another time, because it came up when I did a history search for the other site: www.birthingnaturally.net

I also did a Yahoo! Search for "pain free labor" and "natural childbirth" but I've not looked at the results. It just seems overwhelming. :

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. It's time to get up and clean the kitchen and everything else.

Happy day,
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Originally Posted by Down_to_Earth View Post

While playing on Yahoo! Answers yesterday, I found this site: www.givingbirthnaturally.com which looks good. I must have found this site another time, because it came up when I did a history search for the other site: www.birthingnaturally.net

I also did a Yahoo! Search for "pain free labor" and "natural childbirth" but I've not looked at the results. It just seems overwhelming. :

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. It's time to get up and clean the kitchen and everything else.

Happy day,
If you are into the pain-free labor spiel with a Christian bent, check out Hypnobirthing, by M. Monaghan.
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Laura - I hear tall women show later as well. I'm average height, and I showed EARLY. First baby - I'm wondering if it's partly because I have a pretty small waist and ribcage (don't worry - it's balanced by my giant butt) and that the baby just had no where to go but out. I'm 6 1/2 months now and I'm downright big. I don't have any idea how there's room for 3 1/2 more months of her growing in there!

Still leaning towards hypnobirthing, but I also probably won't fully buy into the painless thing. I believe it's possible, but not that everyone who does it "right" has a painless birth. I want to use the hypno stuff to manage the pain, not deny it's existance.

How do you guys learn with the hospital's procedures are without taking the class? I don't want to take it, but I want to know what to expect so that I can get myself geared up to demand what I want/need for me and the baby. I guess I can just grill my doctor, but since he's not going to be there the whole time I'lll be dealing with nurses... In all honesty, my biggest fear about the epidural is the spinal headache possibility. I can't imagine having to deal with that AND give birth. No way!
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Elizabeth - I found out about "typical" hospital policy from my midwife (who has privileges there) plus DH and I are also going on the hospital tour. Apparently you can learn quite a bit just from the tour.
I also wanted to add that I was fairly skeptical about hypnobirthing - however we did a really cool exercise in my birthing class where we had to hold an ice cube in our fist for 60sec (hurts way more than you think it should) while the instructor did various things - the least painful minute for me was when she lead us through a visual relaxation exercise. The difference between that minute and the other minutes of holding the ice was amazing. I am now totally considering and researching how I might incorportate some sort of self hypnosis or visual relaxation into my labor plan.
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Elizabeth, we're doing the one-day hospital birthing class.. the lactation consultant who taught our breastfeeding class teaches it, and she's wonderful. Plus my hospital is very progressive and mommy-friendly -- jacuzzi tubs in every room and water births allowed! I read the Hypnobirthing; Monghan Method book and like it and I'm *trying* to practice the relaxation exercises but must admit I'm not very good at them (I have a hard time with controlled breathing and a hard time not getting distracted). It's bad to just wing it when you give birth, isn't it? I figured that's why I hired a doula.

Re: Names. We're also not telling anyone the names we're thinking of (and right now we're 99% set on one), so I'm starting to tell people that we're opening up the naming process to corporate sponsorship.. she could end up being named Google or Pepsi for all we know!!

Jen, sorry for the m/s. Yuck!

Dee, your belly is looking so cute!!! How awesome your husband got to feel the baby. My husband first felt her kick on Mother's Day, it was awesome! He's still totally in love with feeling her.
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That ice cube contraction trick is in _Birthing from Within_, the book, too. Emily, do you also do birth art in your class? (Also from the book.) I like that book, and the Monghan Hypnotbirthing book, pretty well, in terms of learning potential relaxation or pain-coping techniques. My friend also sent me some Hypnobirthing relaxation cds, which I put on my iPod and totally use for insomnia. I've been listening to those tapes sporadically for months, and I really do think I notice a difference -- I sort of automatically relax when I start listening to one.

So I'm doing a sort of hodgepodge of techniques. The common denominator in a lot of them seems to be learning ways to relax and to un-tense your muscles. The other part (here's where I like Birthing from Within) is imagining ways to cope with pain that's still there after you're as relaxed as much as you can be.

I also highly recommend Ina May's Guide to Childbirth for everyone! But it's another place where labor pain and the potential for some people (not all!) to have pain free or even orgasmic labors is discussed. I'm trying to mentally confront the possibilty of lots of pain... but also to remain open to the possibility that it won't hurt, or won't feel like pain rather than discomfort or work. It seems important to be open to both possibilities.

Is anyone else in this thread planning a home birth? I can't remember if anyone else is, though I know a lot of you are planning birth center births. Anyone have any thoughts about this? In no way am I critiquing anybody's choice here... I know some of you have medical and personal concerns that make the hospital the right choice, and if there was a birth center in this town I'd have seriously considered it. But I still find it interesting that home birth seems sort of rare in this demographic, as it is rare among other professors/grad student mothers I know. And yet at the same time, we educated and professional women seem to be very knowledgeable and empowered about birth. I just wondered if anyone had thoughts about why home birth might be kind of rare in this group (as among professors of my acquaintance, even feminist radical progressive ones).
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Just about to leave work, but I wanted to comment on why we aren't having a HB (even though I completely believe in them and fully support the right/decision to have one).

#1). DH is NOT comfortable with the idea of a HB. He is already kinda freaking out about the fact that I am going natural, trying for a water birth, that I am refusing all sorts of interventions. He is willing to play along with my wants/desires as long as it is all done under medical supervision. In a hospital setting DH feels secure in the knowledge that there are medical people all around who can swoop down and intervene if necessary (i.e thereby preventing my "crazy ideas" from jepordizing my life or the life of the babe).

#2). Midwives are not legally allowed to attend HBs in the state of GA. You either need to go UC or go underground.

#3). Insurance will not cover the cost of HB

#4). I don't want to clean up after myself while birthing!

#5). If something goes wrong at a HB, the mom (or parents) are usually the ones blamed. If something goes wrong at the hospital it is assumed that mom did "all she could" (even if it was the exact same thing that went wrong!). I am not ready to deal with society's judgement should something go wrong (I'm gonna need support!)

There may be other things, but those were the biggies.
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Minnow, I don't want to speak for the board, but for me, I guess I self-selected into a high-risk category based on age and weight. I chose a midwifery practice based in a hospital. I wasn't even sure they were going to allow me to do that, what with everything I'd read about what constitutes high risk (esp. "elderly primagravida" coupled with being overweight). Having made it to 18 weeks, and having done a bit more leg work, it looks like the birth center probably would have accepted me.
I know intellectually that a home birth is probably the preferred way to do it, but I feel emotionally that I've waited a good long time for this baby, it will probably be my only one, and I would be devastated if "something happened" while giving birth at home. (and yes, I know all the stats that show equal or better morbidity/mortality rates with homebirth) I guess I've somewhat bought into the medicalization of childbirth, as much as I struggle against it. That said, I'm going to try to labor at home for as long as possible, and if I end up delivering this baby on my tiny bathroom floor, so be it.

I'm a very conflicted feminist radical progressive, and I kick myself for wanting the backup services of paternalized obstetric care.

Re: Birthing from Within--I picked it up at the bookstore yesterday. I think it looks great, but I know my husband, and if we find ourselves in a childbirth class where we're asked to draw what we envision our labor/birth to be like, he'll either walk out or draw a sausage-shaped wife giving birth to a sausage-shaped son. He refuses to play pictionary because he can only render sausage-shaped shapes.
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Wow I feel really behind on birth prep now! I'm reading a book called "Easy Labor" that's supposed to describe all the pain relief options, including IV and hypnosis, but so far it just seems to be extolling the virtues of epidurals. The things that concern me most about epidurals are the needle (that thing is huge!) and how you're treated like a captive animal when you've had one (constant monitoring / no food or drink / can't walk).

Lane I want to put the hypnobirthing CDs on my ipod too - I just don't have them. I'm hoping I can get them through inter-library loan since my local library doesn't have them. They don't even have Ina May's book! My big reason for not choosing homebirth is b/c my insurance wouldn't cover it. I'm actually kinda relieved to know that I'll be in a hospital and I don't have to worry about an emergency transfer while in labor. I've heard that there's only one birthing suite with a tub, so I'm already debating whether I want to labor at home as long as possible or try to go early to get dibs on the tub.

Laura I've also heard that tall women show later. You'll get round, it'll just take a little longer! Good luck with the packing - I know how the thought of all that work is overwhelming and demotivating, but you'll get through it one box at a time.

Becky how did you find your doula? I really want one and was surprised at how inexpensive they are, considering how much I think they can help. I have some resources but it seems like such a headache to interview a bunch and choose one.

Emily and anyone else with RLS - I just found this article today that correlates RLS with low iron. Never heard of that before. Maybe we all need more iron!

Has anyone had thyroid monitoring during pregnancy? I've always wondered about hypothroidism - I've been tested but don't quite qualify for official diagnosis. Heard that pregnancy makes it worse. Do docs do regular screening for that?
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I had to go observe Phantom of the Opera this evening as I'm taking over for one of the violinists for the rest of the summer. Baby either likes it or thinks it's waaayyy too loud cuz I got my first real kick tonight! I could feel it from the outside with my hand! So cool! And sorry in advance, baby, but there's nothing I can do about the volume...earmuffs on my belly won't help!
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