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CJ, Gabriella was on our short list for girl names.
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Originally Posted by PiePie View Post
has anyone seen the gingham bikini at motherhood?? i think it looks so cute, but i can't justify $35 for something short term...
Oh wow, you make me feel the opposite of frugal. I think of $35 as kind of cheap for something that will help me feel awesome during pregnancy... which after all I may only be doing once!

Okay this is why I have debt. Oh well, someone has to.

Nico, thanks for the link. Hi to everyone!
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What's scary is that it is June and we're not only looking for this baby in September, but we're moving in August. Yikes.
I hear you!! Also due in September and possibly moving in August. Still waiting on a closing date, then we have to do some updates to the place. I *hope* we can move before this little ninja baby gets here.

Jenn, that's such a sweet idea about the cherry tree... No, Pie, we won't have a private yard, so that idea is out. But I'm sure I can think of a way to mark the day. It definitely helps to have this little one growing, but I'll always honor that first spirit baby. Glad your husband is coming home tonight!
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Congratulations CJ and baby Gabriella!!! What a beautiful name!!! I can't wait to hear about the birth and see pictures! But, of course, when you're up to it. Enjoy bonding with your little one - I still can't believe that I'll be experiencing that in a few months!

Thanks for the breast pump ideas - especially about getting it through insurance. I have a medical reimbursement account for some stuff through work, so maybe I can do that to cover the cost... The Madela one sounds good, I just want to figure out what's comfy!

You might have noticed on the main forum that I pulled a muscle in my abdomen, so I'm stuck at home not doing much but laying on the couch with a ton of pillows. Last night I couldn't get comfortable until about 4:30 when I got all of the spare pillows in the house to make a mountain to lay on. I am now finding laying on my back uncomfortable - I sort of feel like I am not getting enough air unless I'm propped up. And hunching over for my stomach pain is making my shoulders ache, so sleeping on my side hurts too. Bah - I wish I were one of those pregnant women who could still do everything I did pre-pregnancy, but I'm definitely not! I'm also gaining weight a bit fast (2 lbs a week for the last 7 weeks - eek!) - so much for not getting enough as a vegan! The doctor very gently suggested that I shoot for slightly slower gain - I don't feel like I'm eating excessively though.
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Hello! I am new here!

I finally broke down and changed my signature. I think it took me about a week to let it all sink in.

Right now, my only symptoms are very sore breasts and some pulling in my uterus. I keep peeing on a stick to make sure I am still pregnant and I am not sure if I can stop.

Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing stories!
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Aimee - Yay for the siggie change! I think we've all BTDT hesitant to really truly admit that we are pregnant. It took me at least a week to start posting anywhere other than the TTC threads. The POAS behavior stopped when I ran out of sticks!!! I was pretty good about dropping temp taking though - it wasn't exactly my most favorite part of TTC anyway.
I had no real symptoms other than more frequent peeing until I was about 7 weeks along (although I kept getting crampy uterus pulling feelings so I felt like AF was constantly on her way). When is your first appointment? My midwife wouldn't see me until I was 9/10 weeks along and the wait seemed to last FOREVER. However it was sort of awesome that we waited that long because I was able to have the midwife help me find my uterus (which was just barely peeking over the edge of my public bone at that point) AND DH and I got to hear the heartbeat (I didn't have any early ultrasounds so hearing that HB was like finding gold).
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Originally Posted by dctexan View Post
Breast pump hint that may help someone -
Some insurance companies WILL cover the cost (or at least part of the cost) of a breast pump (including PIS) if your child's pediatrician writes a prescription for it. ... Apparently it was covered under durable medical equipment or something.
Emily does the coverage only apply to health/flex savings accounts or reimbursement accounts? I'd love to have a breast pump covered by insurance but I don't have one of those accounts.

Jenn and Becky
for your anniversaries.

Aimee yay for sig change! It took me a while too.

I'm so excited for my big u/s tomorrow! A little worry is starting to seep in, but I'm still mostly excited. Please send healthy cooperative baby vibes my way!
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Aimee, glad you changed your sig! I took a long time to change mine too, and even longer to post in my ddc.

I got new maternity clothes today. I wasn't expecting them yet either (it was an online order from old navy) so that's even better. Plus I broke down and bought baby socks (which are sooooo cute!).
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Dee - As I understand it the breastpump is COVERED (as in insurance pays) by some plans. Unfortunately NOT mine (which is Aetna - stupid Aetna will ONLY pay for a pump for babes who are hospitalized OR who have congenital anomalies that interfere with breastfeeding but some other insurance companies WILL cover them (some with a deductible, some with a maximum $ amount, some that cover the whole thing). This is completely separate from the Flex Spending account. I think almost every single insurance company will let you use flex spending $ on the breastpump, but that isn't the same thing as "covering" the costs - afterall the Flex Spending is YOUR money, the only good thing about it is that it isn't taxed.

Oh! And one more thing, DH and I are allowed to contribute more money to our flex spending accounts after the babe is born. So even if your insurance company doesn't end up covering the breastpump, you will probably be able to put money in a flex spending account so at least you save a little by useing pretax $.

Have fun at your u/s tomorrow! I am really hoping that your babe isn't shy and that you get a good look at the boy or girl parts

Christy - yay for new mat. clothes. Always awesome.

Becky - Thinking about you today.
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so i got back from the mw. i was worried about my weight -- at the last visit i had gained 10 lbs. in 4-5 weeks and my mw was freaked. this mw (her partner) thought it was great that i have gained only 2 more lbs. in the past 2 wks. so phew. the baby is head down, so that's great too.
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Elizabeth ouch! Ouch for the pulled muscle and double ouch for the mw telling you to slow down on weight gain. Hope you find a way to get comfy.

Christy hooray for mat clothes! I actually love them, mostly b/c I love being comfortable. Glad you got some socks too - make it a little more real.

thanks for explaining the insurance/spending account thing. I'll definitely check w/ my company to see if they cover it. That would be so awesome!

PiePie glad to hear that you're gaining weight after your awful m/s. I'm surprised that your other mw was concerned about it. I'm more convinced than ever that we gain at our own rates and the weight gain guidelines end up being a cause for concern when we should be trusting our bodies.
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Veganone, I had to laugh when you said, "So much for not getting as much as a vegan!" Last week I gained four pounds. Sure I probably ate a bit more on vacation. Okay. I know I did some days. Yet, when I started to feel my baby higher and to the left (prior I had only felt her on my low right), I figured she went through a growth spurt. Yay. I was worried, too, since I wasn't always getting the nutrients I would have gotten at home, like a steady supply of whole grains, fruits and veggies. Eh. She survived. My doctor didn't comment about me being too small anymore, either and said I was doing good for 25 weeks. (She says I'm 25, Andy still says 23. Eh.) The non-maternity shorts I wore last Sunday and Monday are now too tight. They were kinda snug then, but I could at least breathe in them and I would unbutton them in the car 'cause I thought it would be less binding for the baby.

I want a breast pump, too, but have decided that I might just pick a cheaper one (possibly electric) and ask my mom and sister to get it for me for my shower gift. However, knowing my mom, she'll still get me something else. She joked that she could just wrap up the stuff she's been getting at yard sales.

Phillybama, I think it took me about a month for it to fully sink in. Even now, when I feel her kick I can't belive that God would entrust me with such an awesome responsibility and blessing. Especially after I've screwed up my life.

Oh, yeah. I'm not really here. I'm just taking a purging the clutter break. Well, that's what I'm telling myself.
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Welcome Aimee! Congrats on your BFP! It's always a little scary to "make it official" by changing your signature, or posting over here... but yay! You're going to be fine!

Dee! I'm so excited for your big u/s today! Let us know how it goes!!!

Christy, yay for new clothes for you and baby! I ordered three dresses from motherhood the other day -- they're so cheap!!! Plus I figure I can now most likely get away without having to get any other clothes the rest of my pregnancy, except maybe a couple tank tops for when it's 90 degrees every day.

Hm, I have a type of flex spending account, but my agency puts the money it in for us, it's not my money at all. It's great! I should check and see if a pump would fall under that. I don't even know if my insurance would cover it. I'll have to check on that. Thanks for the heads up, ladies!

Thanks for all the hugs and nice thoughts for my original due date. I'm doing ok -- having another one cooking makes it easier.

Pie, glad your weight stabilized a bit! And yay for babe being head down!
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Originally Posted by beckyphry View Post
Hm, I have a type of flex spending account, but my agency puts the money it in for us, it's not my money at all. It's great!
REALLY? Wow. My flex spending money is deducted from each paycheck. I am so jealous that you are just GIVEN money by your agency. How awesome. Very nice perk.

BTW Becky - Did you take/pass your 3 hr?

PiePie - I think my weight might still be a little out of control. I've hidden the scale (because, you know, it has become EVIL) so I'm not 100% sure, but I FEEL like I am getting so much bigger each week. My next midwife appointment on Thursday and I am truly dreading it. I am so scared I am going to get the weight gain lecture I am also pretty sure baby boy is NOT head down. I don't think he has any interest in being head down. His favorite positions seem to be (based on where I feel lumpy body parts and movement) breech or side-lying.
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Emily, I did take the 3-hour test last Friday and passed with no problems. Phew! My office's cutoff for the 1-hour was 130! I think I was around 160 for that, which is why I didn't pass. I've heard of other offices having cutoffs of 160, so it just goes to show how ridiculous this test is.

And yes, I work for an incredible agency that just GIVES us like, $270 a year in a medical reimbursement account. It's awesome. I haven't used any of the money yet, but it rolls over year to year. I had no idea I could've used it for pregnancy tests!! D'oh!
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It's a girl!

I feel like a horrible person b/c DH and I are shocked and disappointed that it's not a boy, since the 13 week u/s was really convincing. I'm slowly adjusting to it but I feel like I lost my little boy.

The u/s tech asked us if we wanted to know the gender & we said yes, you can tell us that first. As soon as she put the wand on my stomach we saw the baby legs spread eagle and I saw the three lines. I gasped "it's a girl!" and DH has pretty much been quiet ever since. I don't know if he's dealing with it or avoiding it. I'm kinda relieved that we found out now instead of at delivery, but then I wonder if I would fall in love with her at birth and it wouldn't be an issue.

Did anyone else go through this? I feel so guilty for having these feelings but I can't help it.
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Oh Dee!

Congratulations on your girl! But I'm sorry about your "lost" boy. I think your mixed feelings are very understandable and normal. Hugs to you.

Becky, I'm happy you passed your test, and wow, that's so great that your agency gives you flex money! I'm glad you're doing okay.

Hello, everyone else!
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Dee - Psst. I'll trade ya my boy for your girl!
Kidding of course, but it was no secret I was feeling girl vibes (and wanted a girl). DH was nervous that I was disappointed once I found out it was a boy (because I was quiet about it). Truthfully I wasn't disappointed at all, but I was shocked and it has definitely taken me time to adjust my visions for the future to include life with a SON (and not the daughter I pictured). In the end, I feel that we end up with the babes we are meant to have. I also know that I am going to love my son just as much as I would have loved my daughter. Once that child is in your life, I suspect it becomes impossible to imagine it being any other way - you know?

So give yourself (and DH) some time to mourn guilt free for your baby boy, then start shopping around for girlie things (this helped me A LOT - buying boy specific clothing and more boyish nursery bedding), start looking at your girl names, and I know you will start to celebrate this little girl's arrival.

Congrats on your baby girl Dee - SHE is going to be so awesome (just like her mama)
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Congrats on passing the 3 hr Becky - what a relief!
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My pulled muscle is STILL hurting. Ugh! I'm also now horribly bored and have cabin fever because I can't do much without overworking it... It's much better, but still sore. I can't believe I did that to myself! I'm happy that the baby's healthy and happily kicking away, but I still feel sort of cheated that now that I'm finally feeling good I get kicked in the a** again by something this stupid. I just want it to get better so I can go swimming and walk my dogs! Doc says just to keep resting since it's improving. Oh, and I'm not caring about the weight issue until this gets better - I have nothing better to do than sit and eat! I am getting chubby though, even my arms and legs are getting chunky.

I have to confess to having the best medical reimbursement account on earth - my work puts $1200/year into it for us and we don't pay in anything. It's amazing! I keep forgetting to keep receipts though! I suppose it's their way of trying to make up for insane work hours and being otherwise generally underpaid! I did just find out that we don't get much of anything in the way of maternity benefits, though, so that's going to suck. Looks like it'll be state disability and my own sick leave and vacation...

My glucose screening is coming up, too... I have to look into how to prepare - I really don't want to have to do the three hour one - Becky, I'm glad you passed it! I only have one vein that ever works for taking blood - I hope it holds up!

Dee - I totally understand feeling a loss about not having the boy you expected. I've totally fallen for this little girl and I would have a hard time if they were wrong... That would be a real shock. I look at the picture with the three lines all the time to reassure myself that she really is a she!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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