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dingoes running in the sun

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It is June 1st everyone!!

Let's keep cheering each other in all of our forward motion activities - whether that be marathon runs or walking, wogging, whatever.

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Figuring out what my forward motion will be today...
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From Plady - "Okay, I'm going to make way for someone who is actually running to start the June thread!"

I barely qualify but I'm getting there

Taking yesterday off felt good. I didn't sleep much last night but even so I am not tired the way I was yesterday. I have another 20 km bike ride planned for today. I will probably run again on Saturday nigt when dh is home.
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Hmm, forward motion. I guess I'll get myself into a pool and do some laps while dd is at school today. I love taking her swimming but I don't get much real swimming in.

Okay. Will. not. forget. to. sub.
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Sub-a-dub-dub-bing. I'm about to take a load of stuff to donate, then we are still working hard to get the place cleaned up before the ILs visit next week for R's birthday. However I've been very good about running and exercising this week, and although I am still bloating waiting on AF, I feel more like myself...
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Someone asked on the last thread if they had missed my 1000th post. Nope, it wasn't missed... and of course I posted my 1000th with all of you.

Today I am off to work on our internet business. Hopefully do all of the paperwork to become an LLC, and then maybe we'll go camping. I'd really like to get a few miles in somewhere.
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Ahh Jenlove, I miss the days of "maybe we'll go camping". Enjoy it...but hurry up with starting to TTC already.:

Just back from 4.3. It was hot and hard and my entire body is hurting. Ugh-how do you get this out of shape in less than 2 weeks? :

We are having a garage sale tomorrow. I don't even care about making money (although it would be nice), but I'm so excited to clear out some junk!!!! My mom is coming to help us and she is going to come today so dh and I can go out tonight! It's been nearly four months since our last night out and we need it badly. I think we're going to see Pirates and I'm looking forward to drooling for Johnny.
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Happy June, ladies.
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happy June!

loads of ab work finished this am. long run planned for 7 am tomorrow, knee better behave!
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Originally Posted by schatz View Post
Geo - I hope you can find some answers for your breathing troubles - at least the docs didn't write you a bunch of useless scripts and pat you on the head.
: That's exactly why I go to that practice. They respect the fact that I take care of myself, prefer to approach my health issues proactively (healthy diet, exercise, all that good stuff).

I have an appointment for June 27. : This is a case where I HATE my insurance. I'm so limited on who I can see that I end up at places with long waits. I'm on their cancellation list, and I have orders to go to the ER if things get worse. Otherwise, I'm supposed to keep going with my life as I am.

Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Eks - I would be really annoyed if dd came home from school singing that song. It's one thing to learn it at camp where you go to learn obnoxious stuff but school? I'd totally be fussing. Using music to teach things (like the names of states, presidents, countries etc, is great. Using it to embed into kids brains names of places that they don't need but will mysteriously be attracted to ever after is sick. :

Geo - I hope you can figure out the breathing thing. I vote for anxiety too. The door business could have been the final straw.
I was also starting to wonder if it was a "straw that broke the camel's back" kinda thing. The thing is, I've had some odd neurological problems my whole adult life. When I've seen a doc for it in the past, I've gotten things like pamplets for domestic violence or orders to "relax" or to stop exercise or to do more exercise or to stop eating solid foods.

On the song, as evidence of using songs to teach to the long-term memory, how many of you sing the ABCs when you're trying to put something in alphabetical order? I'm betting 90% of us do.

ETA: 57.25 miles ran in May. I'm hoping June will be 60.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
Ahh Jenlove, I miss the days of "maybe we'll go camping". Enjoy it...
that is EXACTLY what i was thinking when i read her post! i was a little wistful for those pre-baby days...

did anyone see this blue planet run thing? good cause, with the whole clean water message. i don't know enough about dow to know if they have ulterior motives etc.

happy june! mine would be happier if these allergies would subside already! :
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Subbing .

Forward motion plan for today includes biking and possibly running afterwards. My Friday brick workouts never seem to go as planned though.

Happy June!
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Shanti, weird because I just got logged out! I had to think about how to re-log in because it's been so long. Thanks for the new thread!

Plady, when I was in college we had a professor who always said "White Rabbit" on the first day of the month. It became a contest because you had to be the first person to say it. People would call him just after midnight but he was too smart for them! He answered the phone, "White Rabbit". There were intricately planned out schemes for being the first. He officiated our wedding and we gave him a white rabbit (and Alice one) as a gift. I have a picture of him hugging that thing. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Geo, Fletcher had breathing issues when he was under a lot of stress 4 years ago. But, it was pretty obvious considering what was happening in our lives that it was stress related. I've had my heart speed up and skip around which affected my breathing and I didn't think it was stress because it never happened at stressful times. It would happen on a nice, calm Sunday morning, or in the shower where I thought I was relaxed. But, looking back on what was going on in my life, I'm pretty sure it was anxiety. I hope you get some answers!!

I did a hill run this morning. 3 miles in 32:10. I'm still impressed with my speed because last time I did that hill my overall time was closer to 12 min miles. I'm not sure if I'm doing an actual "hill" workout. The hill closest to me goes on for several miles, so I can increase my distance each week, but should I be doing shorter stretches up hill but repeatedly? Here's how it goes...1/2 mile of flat, 1 mile uphill, 1 mile downhill, 1/2 mile of flat back to home. So, when I do four miles that will only be 1.5 miles uphill. It seems like so little uphill for the distance. Is that wrong? Should I find a different kind of hill?
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Subbing as the newly single running mama. It's going to be a long road. Be back with more details later. Some on the blog already.
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
did anyone see this blue planet run thing? good cause, with the whole clean water message. i don't know enough about dow to know if they have ulterior motives etc.
That looks cool! Never heard of them, and Dow might just be in it for the greenwashing, but some of their group members are pretty well known/respected - Karl Henrik Robert created "the Natural Step" and Paul Hawken is a pretty famous "futurist" and environmentalist...

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five miles-ish this morning, now off to a conference.
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2BB, Somehow a little cartoon hug doesn't seem enough sometimes, but it comes with a lot of concern and support behind it. I'll be praying for you and your two baby bees. You are such a strong woman and a great role model for your kids.
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