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Today was the last day of school.
It was amazing.
The kids did their yearbook signings and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events.
The last block of the day was lunch.
The period before lunch was my conference period.
I was done early.
*sigh of relief*
Urgent e-mail from prinicpal.
Mandatory staff meeting at 1 pm.
Contract time ends 12:45.
I want to go home.
Cancel lunch plans with DH.

Go to meeting.
Principal reads a horrible thing she wrote.
No feeling in her words.
No emotions.
Mr. D passed away last night.
Ms B was concerned he didn't call in sick yesterday and didn't come to work.
She went to his apartment last night.
She found his body.
We don't know anything else.

Okay, go be full of grief.
Have a good summer.

Emotions are flooding me right now.
I want to be happy school is out.
I want to feel the joy of summer.
I want to hold my son and know that I get to play and love on him for the next 2 and a half months.
But I'm empty.
No joy, no happy.
Death is such a numbing thing for the living.

Pray for the staff at my school.
Today was not a good day.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Oh, I forgot to share my bad day. [...]
Helen, forgive me, but on the heels of your comment about chasing down Fern and something about crawfish, I imagined this bad day of yours as something of a Britcom episode with you, my pregnant, nauseas, funny, funny friend, as its lovable star!

P.S. Fern, I was just checking out your blog, and over my shoulder Woody saw the picture of Ngaio and said, "Ooohhh! A BAby!" I'm jealous of you mamas who get to have your babies meet IRL.
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Oh, Alicia, what a horrible thing to happen on the last day of school. I hope you can talk with some of the other teachers about it and find some peace so you can enjoy your summer.

Helen, that sounds like a horrible day but it also sounds like you handled it with your usual aplomb. I suggest surgical glue every morning applied to Isaac's glasses and his face might solve some of your problems

I was just reading through Amy's post about poor Brynnie teething and thinking "I'm so glad we're through with that for now"... this thought obviously triggered some karma thing in the universe because this morning DH IM'd me and said there was something "off" with Rowan and he thought she was teething again. And I said nah, its probably some cognitive leap of development and the world is weirding her out for some reason. Then 5 minutes ago I had a good poke round in her mouth and discovered... the top of another molar. Of all the areas my kid HAS to be precocious in, why why why the teeth?!?!? She's not supposed to get 2 year molars until she's, well, two!

And she's figured out how to turn the tv on and off and open the tray on the dvd player. :
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Oh, I forgot to share my bad day.
it sounds like you handled it very well
and i'll PM you for your address for the preggie pops!

Originally Posted by kaspirant View Post
Today was the last day of school.
OMG, it sounds like the principal really had no idea how to deal with this teacher's death. i would second the suggestion to talk with other teachers there.
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Alicia, I'm so sorry. I've never lost a colleague, but one of Isaac's school friends passed last year and my mum's generation are now moving on slowly- it is so, so hard. Although death is such a big part of life, I know that teacher training doesn't discuss how to talk to pupils or each other about it at all, and that there's still a big taboo around it- cf. not telling the kids. Sending many hugs your way, and positive thoughts to you and your colleagues.
Theresa, I didn't know if you'd get that. Crayfish and grey squirrels were both imported to this country from North America, and they are both causing an untold amount of destruction to our ecosystem- the first sighting of a crayfish over here was only 8 years ago, but they seem to be getting everywhere. It's putting a lot of pressure on the rarer british breeds, like red squirrels and otters.
Spughy, We're still doing canines here, and it's taking a while. The glue is seriously tempting, though...
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kaspirant: I'm sorry your last day was so hard. : Sounds like you are handling it well and I know you will enjoy your summer off.

*amy*: I put Isa's crib together last night and she was SO excited. I can't imagine that we have just put a crib together for our 18 month old it's so weird! But she asked to get right into it when it was done. About 15 minutes later, when it was time for bed, she asked to be taken out, so we let her sleep on the twin mattress last night. We'll see what nap time brings today.
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HUGS for everybody. Especially Helen and kaspirant.

I've had a fricken migraine for over a week now. I've been getting them a lot and for long periods of time. Should I be worried?
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: :

DH took the job. As of July 13, I'm a SAHM!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

(Oh, and DiD - chances are good your migraines are due to stress... but it couldn't hurt to get checked out. Also, when's the last time you had your eyesight checked?)
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Well, not given the amount of stress that you're under at the moment. Continual worry can do this to you- I know that during the year my marriage broke up and shortly after, I was constantly popping immigram.
I don't need the extra hugs, btw. Isaac may drive me nuts on a regular basis, but right now I know how blessed I am. We have a tough month or so coming up financially, but we're going to get through and it's all going to be good.
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Spughy, we x-posted. WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
: :

DH took the job. As of July 13, I'm a SAHM!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
OMG Spughy....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*does a happy dance!*
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
: :

DH took the job. As of July 13, I'm a SAHM!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
HOOOOOOOOOOOORAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! OMG, I am so happy for you Spughy!!!! I know you have been hanging in there with your job for so long. Isn't it interesting how right when we "give in" and try our best to get on board with something, the Universe seems to just click?

One month to go! You should add a new ticker to your signature.
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...and, further proof that somebody somewhere loves me today... I just won chocolate-making lessons! (hopefully fair-trade chocolate )
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
I've had a fricken migraine for over a week now. I've been getting them a lot and for long periods of time. Should I be worried?
before i got pregnant i had typical migraines really frequently for awhile - like once a week for a few months. then when i got pregnant i heard that any headache that lasts overnight is technically a migraine. :
i used magnesium for a couple of years to treat my migraines. fairly cheap - you can get it at TJs, new seasons, probably even fred meyer's. now i use hyland's migraine formula (which reminds me, i need to get more now). i also would not be too worried with the amount of stress you've got right now, but if you can manage to get some magnesium i'd try that.

Originally Posted by spughy View Post
: :

DH took the job. As of July 13, I'm a SAHM!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
i'm so happy for you!
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Spughy that is SO awesome!!!!!!!!
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sarah, thats so wonderful!

did: migranes are hard. i use dto get them. i agree.. its probably from stress and anxiety and pent up emotions.. do some yoga or realse somehow.. it will make you feel better.

alicia, how horrible. im so sorry for your loss. what a crappy way to end the school year. i hope that your days following are much better.

just because

so im totally dead on my feet. we have been packing and loading the moving truck for hours. its still not quite done. its crazy how much *Stuff* a family of 4 can have..and we dont even have that much (*i dont think..compared to most families). yikes. :
my amazing sister has been here for 2 days watching the kids and playing with them and doing fun stuff that momma doesnt usually do because shes too tired so thats been good i know that shes going to miss them and they her. :

i used to love moving but that was when i had like 4 boxes of stuff and a backpack
but i am excited and i know that once we get there and get settled it will be worth the work. im not sure, but i probably wont check in for a few days, so dont worry about us.

love and squishes to you all.
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Just popping in to say hi!

Spughy--that's great! Welcome back to SAHM-ism!

kaspirant--sorry for that horrible end to the school year.

Fern--I'm right with you there! We don't have *that* much stuff either (an opinion which was basically ratified by the moving company, who said that we're on the low side for a family our size) but it still is crazy when you have to move it! Most of our boxes are unpacked--the rest of our furniture and stuff is in the garage still!

Helen--I think Australia is probably laughing right now at your crayfish and squirrels! Seriously, you just have to jazz up British cuisine with a crawfish etoufee and you'll be fine!

*Amy*--I have nothing to say to you. (Because I saw you twelve hours ago, lol!) :

spiritmomma--how's Isa liking the crib so far?

Here, I cooked my first dinner in our new house tonight. I made three Indian dishes--of course, it ended up taking forever and we didn't eat until about 10 pm!

It's really great to have Amy here! Brynn is so cute--she is also very gentle and sweet. Of course, Ella looks even more mischevious next to her!

I'm off to Michigan to visit my family--my sister is having some problems and is sort of on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So I'm making a quick drive there at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

Oops, baby crying . . . gotta go! Love to all!
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Kaspirant~ I'm so sorry about your colleague. What a terrible end to the school year

Amy & Spiritmomma~ Your kids in cribs are totally amazing me at this age- Neela's tries to climb out of everything. If she stops co-sleeping any time soon I think we're destined for a mattress on the floor. Both DH and I slept were early crib escapees, apparently, and slept on the floor at this age

Spughy~ : : : : Congrats to you and your DH!

Fern~ Good luck with your move and enjoy your new home! I think you win the prize for most nomadic in our DDC- isn't this your third (or more?) move in the time we've been together?

DID~ I hope you can de-stress and get rid of your migraines soon

We're still on vacation at my MIL's. After having a terrific day travelling here, Neela spent a day and a half in toddler meltdown exhaustion mode. EVERYTHING was a total freak out and she wanted non-stop nursing. I was glad to have DH and MIL here to make meals, clean up, etc., since Neela would scream if I tried to do anything but look after her (and even sometimes when I did). I was reading along about Zen parenting and feeling very un-Zen at times

Yesterday and today I have my lovely child back again. She's still a ball of energy, but at least has good moments to compensate for the screaming ones. This morning she even told me "Neela has a poopy diaper", instead of screeching at the mention of either a diaper change or using the toilet.

And I think that we'll move ahead a bit with potty learning when we get home. She gets it, or at least peeing. She used the toilet all day when we were driving here- every time we stopped she and I would both use the toilet, and she didn't wet a diaper until late afternoon. My silly girl loooves strange washrooms- she will pee on any public toilet but just needs more encouragement or reminding to do it at home Since diaper changes have become such a frustration for her, we'll see if offering to be out of diapers helps any...

Yesterday was a beautiful day and Neela has been swimming in the ocean and played at the waterpark. My MIL bought a used trike for her, and she's been working hard to figure out how to pedal it. I'm enjoying having a back yard to play in- our apartment has a big commons area/playground, but a fence back yard is a true luxury for me. I can sit and sew a little and let Neela wander around without having her run off into a parking lot! Her favourite word for a couple of weeks has been campagne, which is French for countryside. It's my favourite, too
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Hi all.

I had this massive huge long post written and MDC logged me off before I could post it (I'm on DH's computer). Bah. It was highly entertaining, but I don't really feel like recreating it and I expect Rowan will wake up from her nap pretty soon anyway.

Quick recap: we had a night of poo that culminated in a sobbing, unhappy baby, much laundry, a mysteriously cleaned up mess on the carpet, and a dog who looked like she knew she'd done something disgusting. Net result: Rowan has upset insides, and Daisy isn't allowed to lick her face for a while. :Puke

After all of that, we managed to get our excess crap together for a neighbourhood yard sale and made about $25 and got rid of lots of stuff. Yay! And one of my neighbours has some contract work he wants me to do when I become a SAHM with his distributed content management system so yay! money on the side. Doesn't sound like a lot of work, but it's exactly the kind of stuff I'm trained to do.

Mel, are you vacationing on the island? I remember you said something about a ferry... if so, is there any chance you'd swing by Victoria?

Fern, good luck with the move. I guess that's today. I'll be thinking of you.
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Spughy~ I've been feeling vaguely guilty about never contacting you when I come to the Island, but I usually have come to Comox via Nanaimo. Until this time, when we did the Port Angeles-Victoria route. Unfortunately it was a quick pass through Victoria (and will be on our way back, too). But I really want to try to meet up with you guys later this summer (in late Aug/early Sept), when I'll be coming back to Comox again for my sister's wedding.

And EEEEWWWW about your dog I'm not used to the toddler-dog dynamic, but my MIL's dog and Neela have been up to interesting antics. The dog doesn't really like kids (or actually any people), but she knows to hang out under the high chair. And today after some rain, the dog licked water off of the lawn furniture, and Neela copied her trick :

For those of you who have no idea what or where Comox is, this is the kind of scenery that I grew up around.
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