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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Children sometimes refuse food???? Are you sure? None of mine have ever done that...
Yeah mine's not big on that either, but she does sometimes. Never fruit, meat or cheese, but sometimes she'll refuse bread or muffins or crackers. FWIW, we went through a confusion phase where she'd get mixed up with "yeah" and "na" and "no" and it was hard to tell what she meant. That ended a couple weeks ago, I guess... I didn't really notice. But now she says "yes" or "yeah" and "no" appropriately. If she's not sure, she says "ummmm....." which is awfully cute.

I had a nice evening last night. I cooked a nearly 100% local dinner (roast pastured chicken, organic fingerling potatoes and organic russian kale) and it was deeeelicious. After the bug went to sleep, I bottled my homemade mead, which is AWESOME! and took it next door to share with the neighbours. We enjoyed it, had a nice chat, and then I came home and lit my beautiful beeswax bowl-candle and just stared at it for a while. Then I went to sleep. This is a stark contrast to solstices in years past which involved staying up all night and partying, but I enjoyed it.
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Does anyone else's toddler say no when they mean yes and no? I'm going crazy trying to figure out when he means yes and when he actually means no. Argh.
keagan just figured out how to say "yes" a couple of days ago but when he says it, it becomes very drawn out and sounds like a question: "yeeeeesssss?"

oh, and he will also refuse food at times. i don't worry about it. somedays i swear he eats as much as i do
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Lovely solstice, spughy I didn't make it down to Avebury in the end, but I did take the dog down to the clearing in the scruffy wee woods off the scruffy wee field down the road: there's a big beautiful old chestnut tree with a lot of energy that the children climb on and play in, with tyre swings over a stream that always feels good to visit. A powerful place. I took a few moments to sit and think, and enjoy.
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Here's a cute story for you guys

DH just IM'd me... you know how I was telling you about Rowan's "relationship" with her bouncy ball? She was rolling around on it, enjoying it this morning... and fell asleep. MIL freaked out when she heard her head hit the ground (she must have been on the lino in the kitchen). Rowan just kept sleeping.

So cute!!!
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post

And I'm excited now because tomorrow's Friday, which means just two more sleeps til we get to meet up with Spiritmomma, Isa, SoulJourney and Noah Sage on Saturday! Woo woo! Hey Kavita, are you going to be back by then? Maybe you could come too, or drive through Indy on your way back down?
Hey, no fair making plans without me!!! What time is this meet-up happenning? Strangely enough I have been very strongly considering driving through Indy on Saturday and maybe even staying the night--one of DH's old friends/wife who live in Indy are having a birthday party for their kid on Sunday, and they invited us to come Sat. and stay over. DH can't stay over because we don't have anyone to dog-sit but I considered just veering a little west and stopping there and meeting up with DH on Sunday for the party, rather than just driving straight back to L'ville on Sat and then driving up to Indy again Sunday. But I think I'll be there too late--I have to accompany my sister to an appointment tomorrow at 11 am, pack up all our crap, at this point I'll probably need to nap first too before leaving because it's getting late and I'm still up. I may just go straight home and then go to Indy with DH for the party on Sunday, or skip the party and he'll go without me. Anyway, I'll try to check back tomorrow to see what's shaking, just in case.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. It has been a really difficult and long and tiring day, but I also feel like I've broken through in some way with some family situations. But it was still really grueling practically and emotionally difficult, and it taking me a bit to process the whole thing, so I've been staying up foolishly to talk to DH on the phone, think, and then get online a bit for relaxation. Thinking about everyone and wondering about Jim's job, Xeowyn's teeth, Spughy's active mind, bouncy girl and pink dilemnas, :-), Amy's water main break (shoot, you coulda stayed at our house!), solstice celebrations near and far, relief that alicia is fine (and off on vacation now?). Virtual hugs to one and all!
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Hi guys, just waded through the last few pages

Helen, I'm so happy for you

Alicia- good news!! I'm relieved for you. I'm sorry Jacob has been so sick- breathing problems are so scary.

Kristina- What a good friend you are to help this woman even though it's been tough for you.

DiD- any more news on the job???????????????

Aubrey- thinking of all of you. I truly hope Xeowyn's procedure went well and is recovering with no problems.

Spughy- your local meal sounds delish And I'm not sure if I congratulated you on your soon to be SAHM status!! I know how exciting that is to look forward to!

Whoever was asking about NFP- I third or fourth the rec. for TCOYF- amazing book- I read it initially to get pg after being on the pill for 8+ yrs and after actually learning how my body works, never turned back to artificial BC again. Very enlightening, and my only regret is that I didn't read it sooner!

Amy- enjoy your hotel night!

All right, gotta go-
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Well Mamas, we had an awesome MamaCon up in Indy yesterday. You can read all about it if you like!

I am so happy that we got to spend time with Spiritmomma, Isa (and Isa's Papa), SoulJourney, and Noah Sage. I just thoroughly enjoyed the entire day with them! I did have to restrain myself from asking Spiritmomma if she was wearing sexy undies though.

They both surprised me a little bit though; SoulJourney is one *hard-core* outdoorsy Mama (and has the muscles to prove it!), and Spiritmomma is just adorably bubbly and animated. Things you can't really get in typed messages, ya know?

It was really kind of amazing to get to spend time with them, and especially with the babes. The blog that SoulJourney keeps of Noah Sage is so true to who he is in person (he is beautiful, and intense) that what was actually most surprising was seeing him break into a big smile, or have a big old smooch-fest with his Mama while we were eating lunch! He's amazing.

Isa was even more beautiful in person that in photos I've seen of her, and has a silly side that kept us entertained at lunch. She is cuddly and gentle, and has a little twinkle in her eye when she smiles. : It was beautiful to see Isa and her family interact - there is so much love there. I just wish that Isa had held out on her nap so that she could have come on the hike with us, but I know that you can't say no to sleep sometimes!

I posted a few pics on the blog, and took many more of Noah Sage that I will send to SoulJourney, so that she can decide which ones to post.

Big hugs to everyone else this morning. Today is cycle day 1 for me, so I am feeling really horrible. I'm going to go lay back down.
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That sounds wonderful, Amy (and Michelle and Jaymi.) Go rest up though, Amy, you've had a busy week
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Our solstice was quietly observed, too. Woody and I baked biscuits with pictures of suns stamped in the top (and a few wee thumbprints, too) and then we had a big salad of local and our-garden produce and went for a family walk in the evening.

Amy, what great pictures. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun, and the babies, too!!

I've been visiting my mom and sisters in Orlando this past weekend, and Woody has been loving swimming every day. He's a pretty cautious guy, so he's not jumping in or anything, but he'll sit on the steps with the water up to his neck, stick his face in and blow bubbles, ask for balls and toys to splash with and throw around, and even ask to be "motor boated" around the shallow end. (Is there another word for that, when you hold a kid under the arms and kind of carry/push them through the water making blub-blub sounds?) Swimming was such a huge part of my childhood; I'm so glad he likes it as much as he does. Let me add, though, that he has adamently REFUSED a bath the whole time we've been here!

And my friend who lives down here, to whom I introduced TCOYF a few months ago, brought her charts for me to see! It was so funny. It's so wonderful to be able to talk openly about sex and fertility in a way that's natural and not encumbered by weird taboos. And though my mom and sister couldn't contribute, they were sitting by as we were talking about what fertile-quality cervical fluid feels like coming out, the "hot flash" that sometimes accompanies hormonal shifts, how a cervix feels to the touch, etc. I kept thinking, THIS is the power of information. THIS is the conversation that every teenage girl should be able to have with some woman she knows and trusts!
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Awww... Thanks for all the gushy Love, Amy! We did have a grand time didn't we? A little rain, a little pizza, and a lotta LOVE! : Your blog helped me relive the day and made me smile... Thanks!

and just so you know, my panties are always sexy these days... I threw all my non-sexy undies away!
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Oh that's right! I remember you said that.

I think today is Awaken's birthday....so:

: Happy Birthday Mary!!!!:
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Happy birthday, Mary!
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Quick post...gotta go take care of two babes instead of one. : We had the BEST day on Saturday!!! Thanks so much to Amy's family for coming up to play with us! I don't know what kind of fairy dust you brought with you but Noah has NEVER been that smoochy!!! He was definitely putting on a show for y'all because I received more smooches from him at lunch that day than I have collectively in the past six months, at least! And thanks for the kind words, Amy! : I have been feeling like my muscles have all vanished these days so that was an ego boost!

Ok...I swear I'll write more later but I have to run! I'm also dog/house sitting this week and I honestly don't think I ever, EVER want another dog in my life!!! At least not a puppy...UGH.
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Awaken, Happy Birthday!

Good morning everybody. Happy Monday... or something like that.

Have I mentioned that I am on a juice fast type of diet? Just in case I haven't, I thought I should mention it. Because it's making me feel FANTASTIC! I am drinking fresh juice (usually some combination of carrot/ apple/ pear/ strawberry/ citrus and pineapple) for breakfast and lunch everyday and then eating a huge delicious meal for dinner (usually some kind of vegetable curry/ stir fry/ rice or noodley kind of thing.) I can't tell you how much more energy I have and how awesome my skin is looking too. I feel like I'm glowing most of the time. That's pretty cool. So if you have a juicer or have ever thought about getting one, DO IT! You'll be so glad you did. (And Isa LOVES the fresh juice too!)
BTW, if you do have a juicer that you absolutely love, what kind is it? My mom bought us the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and it's great, but it doesn't seem to be extremely durably built... Most of the parts are plastic which worries me. We've only had it since Christmas and have only started using it regularly about a month ago so right now it's still "brand new". But how long will the plastic parts last? And are they leaching polymers and stuff into my juice???? Eeew. I'd LOVE to have one of these, but they are so expensive!
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You know, I've been really wanting to do a juice fast/cleanse, but I was worried about changing my diet so drastically while still bfing. But the way you are doing it seems like kind of a "hybrid" that might work for me. Do you mind if I ask if your supply/quality of milk has changed at all? And a bunch of people I know swear by the Champion juicer. I've never seen one, but they always refer to it by name.
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Happy Birthday Awaken!!!

OOOH, I'm so jealous of the indy trip! I realized thought that it just wasn't going to work with the doctor's appointment being at 11 and Indianapolis being a 5 hour drive. I would have loved to see Rachel Coleman too! Sigh.

I ended up deciding to leave MI Sunday, because after the bad night's sleep and the doctor's appointment and lunch I felt like I needed a nap before I could drive 6 hours plus stops . . . so I decided to just try for a good night's sleep Saturday and then leave Sunday morning. I skipped the Indianapolis trip too, decided that I just wanted to get the heck home and avoid the whole kid's birthday party thing in the middle of a road trip thing. So, now we're home. I ended up leaving in the afternoon and got home at about 10:30 last night.

Oy, I have to get this house together, cleaned up, etc. Don't know when/how it's going to happen though, as DH is leaving Wednesday to go back to Tucson--he has to be there for work, and he'll also attend a colleague's wedding, and he'll get back here late Sunday night (hence missing the anniversary of our civil ceremony, which is July 1. Four years in a week!) So I'll be here by myself with the teething toddler and two slobbering beasts for several days. I was feeling a little bit of trepidation about this but feel even worse now that I found out from DH that our next door neighbors who we've gotten to know a bit and really like will also be out of town. Oh well, maybe it will give me a little bit of a nudge to get out and meet some people!
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Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

So jealous of your meet-up, Amy, SoulJourney and Spiritmomma! That sounds like tons of fun.

We had a VERY busy weekend - market day, 2 parties and chocolate making lessons! It was a good time, mostly, although in the middle of the party yesterday afternoon I had to take Rowan home for a quick diaper change (the party was in the neighbour's back yard, just through our back fence) and obviously something she ate had upset her tummy because I laid her down on the bed, took off her poopy diaper, and then she threw up. Fortunately the plastic frisbee she got at the market on Saturday was on the bed, and I managed to catch most of the barf in it, but a little still got onto the sheets and I only barely managed to get her turned over so some dribbled down into her ear... bleh. I cleaned her up as best I could, stripped the sheets off the bed and threw them in the wash, and went back to the party, which was by this time nearly over.

But aside from the barfing, it was a good weekend!
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Oh, spughy, that stinks. I hope Rowan's feeling better soon.
Of course, you could always do that trip to the UK you were talking about- rain, mud and sludge at every opportunity, plus the chance for Rowan and Skye to puddle-jump together
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I'm probably going to book my ticket today, Helen! It looks like we'll be in the UK for the first 3 weeks of September - with one of those weeks being a side-trip to Portugal. You'll be around then, I hope? You'll have to send me recommendations for a good small hotel or B&B in Swindon (that's where you are right?) and we'll come down for a couple of days. My family is in Cambridgeshire and I'll be obligated to spend quite a bit of time with them, but there's only so much family dysfunction I can take. Rowan would LOVE to play in puddles with Skye. But isn't September usually nice?

And she's fine. She recovered instantly from her barfing, hopping around saying "barf! barf!". And then 2 hours later she was wolfing down pasta with cream sauce for dinner. Honestly, I think the culprit was the apple juice I let her have at the party - she's just not used to that kind of sugar high (no it wasn't sweetened juice, but still). I was prone to sugar-induced barfing as a child too, IIRC. So no more juice for my bunny. (We never have juice in the house so it's not a huge deal. Neither DH nor I ever drink it.)
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Hey ladies,

I am the worst at keeping up with you all so i am still reading through. my ezra totally refuses food all the time. she is a very "picky eater" if i can say that. she's small, too...only about 19 pounds. anyone else have a small one. she was early and only 5 lbs at birth so she's right on for her own growth. it can just be so frustrating to hear all the time about how small she is and people ask if we feed her. and, she sometimes will eat a bunch but then go a while and eat very little. thankfully, she is full of energy and sentences to i am not worried about her brain!

we are leaving the USA on wed. to fly to perth, australia. i am doing a birth attendant school that starts there then heading to thailand for four months. we may be in indonesia for another six months but are not sure exactly which country yet. i am so thankful to have my ergo and that ez is still nursing a bunch. any tips for travel would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a 21 hour flight. we are bringing books and the signing times videos for the laptop. we leave NY at 9:30pm so maybe she'll sleep for a big part of the flight. we have a layover in singapore before heading on to perth.

i will try to be better about reading up on your posts. i will need some like minded mommy-ness for sure. who knows if i will have a good crunchy community over the next year at we travel?
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