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Hey all- not able to fully read and catch up right now, just popping in.

QoC- so sorry to hear about your loss. I will be thinking of you.

Barcelona- ugh, you poor thing. I truly hope this illness passes very soon- stomach bugs are the worst.

SoulJourney- happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! :

And a HUGE thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes for me, I appreciate it more than you can imagine. It wasn't the greatest day ever, so the good wishes from friends were really the best part of the whole thing.

Mel- welcome back from vacation! I look forward to hearing/reading more about it.

Carolyn- congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best to you, and I look forward to hearing how things go with the new pregnancy!

And it looks like I have a lot of pics of gorgeous children to go back and look at!

Ok- I wanted to tell you guys, I found out today that Utne magazine published my letter! If any of you read it, a couple issues ago the main topic was midwifery care and the 'business' of birth, so I wrote in, and they never even told me it would be published, my friend wrote and told me today! It isn't online, so if you happen to go to Whole Foods or somewhere that carries it, check it out! I had to go to the library to see it!
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Mary, how exciting! I read that magazine cover to cover every month! YOU are "Demand Better Care"!!!! That letter was so direct and concise and empassioned; way to go!!!
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I'm actively avoiding doing anything I should as I'm too stressed out to think straight. What better way to destress then catch up on our thread? My stress of the moment. This morning dh called to tell me he probably won't be working for the entire month of July. With no money in the bank and bills due that won't be covered by what he made this month things are crazy here. So I spent a couple hours trying to find any programs that could help with money for the month and looking at the local job link site. I am so beyond sick of this every couple months not having month to cover basics like rent and electric! I've been talking about picking up a part time job for months now, but with his picking up evening and weekend work when he can and no child care I have not been able to even go put in applications : I think I am going to be putting in some applications at call center places in hopes I can work out some over night hours. I just wish it would pay right away.

I did just finish up a ring sling and I'm working on a mei tai for a friend. All the mei tais I've ever done have padded shoulders. I tried making one without padding in the shoulders and wore Annette in it when she was 2.5 for maybe 10 minutes. Then I took the thing apart and added padding in the shoulder straps. I've also done a back carry with Annette in the ring sling, but she was such a wiggler that I never felt really safe with her that way. After I discovered mei tais I never used the ring sling for a back carry. I've also never tried that with Joseph although he might cooperate better for it. My experience with 2 shoulder carriers is limited to those I have made and the Maya Tie. I've only seen the maya tie once and it made me worried about plugged ducts as the person wearing it had the straps spread out over her breasts.

Oh yes and for those of you visiting the sunshine state. If you are heading east from Orlando to the beach I'm over that way.
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Kristina. Worrying about money stinks, doesn't it? We're not entirely sure what we're going to be living off for the next 2 months until Steve's grant payments come in- CSA and tax credits mostly, I think.
On mei tai type things, go look at this one- like a mei tai but with slimmer and more padded straps. I love mine.
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Woohoo I think I love our landlord! Not only is he working with us on July's rent. My dh is going to do some work on our shower in exchange for the month's rent. He also gave dh several names and numbers including his brother's in hopes that one of them might be in need of some help. Just having rent cared for takes care of the by far largest chunk of our money worries for the month. Aside from the lawn only having been cut once in 5 months I'm starting to think we have the best landlord ever.
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Kristina, I'm so sorry about the $ situation. I'm glad the rent is ok for this month, and I hope one of you can fiind work soon and that they are flexible with the bill-paying for this month.

Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Well Mamas, we had an awesome MamaCon up in Indy yesterday. You can read all about it if you like!
What a wonderful day! I read the blog entry and looked at the pics; it is so great to see you all 'in person'!

Originally Posted by HoneyTree View Post
THIS is the power of information. THIS is the conversation that every teenage girl should be able to have with some woman she knows and trusts!

Originally Posted by spughy View Post
I'm probably going to book my ticket today, Helen! It looks like we'll be in the UK for the first 3 weeks of September -
Woo hoo! That sounds awesome. I'm so glad someone gets to go over and see Helen and Skye!

Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
we are leaving the USA on wed. to fly to perth, australia. i am doing a birth attendant school that starts there then heading to thailand for four months. we may be in indonesia for another six months but are not sure exactly which country yet.
That all sounds so exciting! Best wishes on the flight. I'm sure you'll have the experience of a lifetime. Did you sell your house or is someone renting it out? Ethan was the same way; he was less than 18# at 18 months, and never ate or nursed. He is still tiny but I've long since learned to trust his body and his appetite and not worry about it. It is so freeing to be able to let go of that.

Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
:Happy Birthday SoulJourney!!! :

The big 3-3 today!!!
Looks like our b-days are close to each others, and mine was also 33!

Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Have y'all seen this new website?

Good Reads
Thanks for the link, Amy! I joined as your "friend". Looks interesting, although like you, the last thing I need is to do more online!

Originally Posted by Kavita View Post
Oy! : I hope I survive till DH gets back Sunday night!!!
I will be thinking of you- that sounds so stressful. I hope you and Ella have a peaceful night, and the time flies until your DH is home again!

Originally Posted by HoneyTree View Post
Mary, how exciting! I read that magazine cover to cover every month! YOU are "Demand Better Care"!!!! That letter was so direct and concise and empassioned; way to go!!!
Thanks! I didn't even remember what I had written- I was really worried it was an incoherent militant sounding rant! So I'm glad it was not too over the top. I really need to subscribe, I that magazine but can barely get to the reading materials I have right now!

Barcelona- hope you guys are all on the mend by now.

QoC- thinking of you all.

Aubrey- same for you. I hope Xeowyn's dental surgery went ok.
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I started a new thread for July: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=703938

Okay so I have no idea how to link that properly and overwrite it, but there ya go!
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