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May '04 babes are growing up to be CHILDREN.

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Go, go, go!
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Interesting that you posted this....just the other day I was looking at dd thinking how much she was looking like a little girl and not baby-ish at all. Even the quality of her conversation and questions isn't toddler-like anymore.......My baby is growing up :
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Hi Laura! :

They really are growing so fast, except that Sol still has her own fabulous language--every day she acquires another "real" word or two and I am kind of sad to see her baby language go...


"Mami, tu do-do cae mi esta!"

The first one was when I was driving and she was drinking a yogurt and my driving techniques were causing her to have technical yogurt drinking difficulties, so she said tu (you) do-do (did, or make) cae (fall) mi (my) esta (this thing).

It's wild, I understand every word and most of it is some twist on Spanish, and some English.

Somehow she is also able to make herself understood to people outside her family, too...

She has been so sweet with her baby sister sometimes, I just love it and it makes my heart just melt to see her be sweet. Many times it's "BEBE, NO!". so much so that Amara believes her name is "BEBE". She will turn when you say it. She also turns when you say, Amara, thankfully.
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Subbin'. Whassup ladies.

Sooooo I was on call yesterday and didn't even get called in for a single birth. Poop. So I didn't see jstar, obviously, even if she was there last night.

I'm taking Lily in for a haircut this morning. A real haircut. Shorty-short-short, for the summer at camp with a lake and bugspray and sunblock and very few showers. I'm hoping for a Shirley-Temple-slash-pixie look. I'll post pics soon!

I finished one of my big projects, so now all I have to do is write my 10-page paper on premature rupture of membranes and study for my 3 finals. In a week. Aw yeah.

Thinking of all y'alls...

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Hugs to the Meg-meister....
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hola mamas!

breakfast calls, followed by zoo fun

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no labor last night but i'm having regular contractions this morning. nothing painful but definitely SQUEEEEEZING. fingers crossed this turns into something. babe is WAY lower today and my ankles are still swollen from last night. so i feel closer to something happening even if this goes on for days

i had to get out of the house though so i'm at work. MIL!!!!!!! last night at dinner isaac asked if we were taking grandma back to the airport. she hadn't even been there 24 hrs yet and then he told me he wanted to go to school this morning (which lately has been more like 'i want to stay home today') but i left without incident and he said bye mom! i'm sure they'll be fine. she talks to him in this high pitched voice though which is :

and yay i made it to his performance last night...which was awesome. he was clinging to his 'girlfriend'. i guess she was the security blanket for the big crowd they were standing in front of. and then they had a clown come who was GREAT and isaac was completely enamored. he hadn't seen anything like that before. the guy was pretty dang funny

can't wait to see lily's haircut. sounds cute AND definitely a good idea for camp. good luck finishing up all that school stuff and yay for cruising into summer!!!

hi laura

sol's language sounds so cute. one of my favorite things isaac says is 'it doos!' instead of 'it does!' and 'i have two ones' instead of 'i have two'
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Jstar-I'm hoping this turns into something for ya! I was about ready to hop in the shower, but something told me to check here first, so I did.

G is taking an early nap today because I'm getting my haircut during his regularly-scheduled naptime and then we see the midwife (I'm almost 31 weeks!).

Forget to tell y'all that at the last visit (2 weeks ago) she checked my glucose and it was fine. This was a big relief to me as I had to cut out all the sweets and white flours with G for the whole 3rd tri, even though I wasn't technically "GD." My last mw just seemed a little hypervigilant about it. Anyway, this mw sees no need for concern since my weight gain is normal, baby's size is okay, etc. Wooheeee! Not that this gives me permission to go nuts with the sugar, of course, but last time I even cut out fruit. Man, that was hard and would be even harder now that we've got sweet strawberries in our backyard.

I'm feeling better on the abx. I took the cough syrup last night and slept so much better. I'm hoping I don't need it tonight, but my condition tends to worsen at night, so we'll see. I felt a little dopey, but not too bad.

elsanne-Sol's language is so interesting! It's amazing how their minds put together stuff.

G's most interesting sentence lately is about our outdoor cat, Oliver. He'll see him on the deck and say "Mom, Oliver's basking in the sun." Whoa. This from a kid who barely put two words together a year ago. He gets confused on possessives and verb forms, however. He says "hers toys" instead of "her toys" and "tooked" instead of taken, etc. but that's all normal, I figure. He will repeat some words just because they sound funny and then try to make rhymes out of them by making up silly words. He definitely gets this from dh...he's a big-time word lover/poet/writer type of guy.

Okay, now I really need to get in the shower.
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Oh, and a question about car seats.

Last I measured, G was almost 40 inches. I noticed on the side of our Britax Roundabout that he's outgrown it at 40 inches and/or 40 pounds! So, I need to get another one. I really like the Britaxes even though they're pricey. They just seem so much more comfortable than the other brands. They have two larger-size models, the Marathon and Boulevard? I'm kind of confused about what the differences are. Anyone know or have any other suggestions?

We are staying with a convertible as I don't think he's ready for the booster yet.
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jacquie: there are four larger britax models: the marathon, the decathlon (comes with infant insert pillow for use with small, small babes), the boulevard (has true side impact protection) and the regent (a monster, forward facing only, goes up to 80 lbs, five-point harness seat). the first 3 are the same seat shell with the differences being the marathon is the "bare bones" model with a lift bar release mechanism (my preference but some toddlers figure out how to release it themselves), the decathlon comes with the insert pillow & has a push button release mechanism (which incidentally has given britax problems if the plastic piece falls off, thereby disenabling the user to loosen the straps) and the boulevard has the side impact "wings" by the headrest & a lift-bar release mechanism. the regent is a great seat for five point harness for a long time, but it's a beast so make sure it fits in your car before you commit to it.

note: jess may actually really be in early labor. she posted on the portland thread about contractions getting her attention. i am going out for lunch and errands, but i will check back later...

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i'm hoping! i'm going to eat indian food for lunch to see if that helps. i've had a couple of pretty painful ones now but then in between those i think i'm just hallucinating that anything is happening. only time will tell

we got a marathon after isaac outgrew the roundabout on height.
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Oooh, excited! I think this is it.

Jacqueline, how in the world did you get to 31 weeks already???????????? Where have I been? That is awesome.
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jess--yippee!! I'll be thinking 'blue' thoughts! : So excited for you guys!

Will someone tell my kids to stop puking?? C did yesterday from a medication reaction, E did today---I think from being overfull.

Both are still napping, but I need to wake them or they'll be up all night. Hot, hot, hot here, but I think we'll go out back to pick some lettuce for dinner and see if there are more strawberries.

Love Sol's language! C had some really funny syntax when she started getting more talkative. Now it's just her perseverative questions that drive me : ...
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Kids, stop puking.

Go, Jess, go! But when *does* your mil leave? Maybe I'm a party pooper, but I think you should get more free dilation, and then when she's gone, have the baby.

Z is in a Wizard (which I believe is the Boulevard). (He's closing in on 40", too, but he's only ~30 lbs.) I like how the straps adjust (with a dial), I like the wings. And actually, I think the 40" is just a guideline. I think for forward facing, it's when the tops of his ears are within an inch of the top of the (hard plastic shell of the) carseat. I don't think a Marathon is substantially bigger than a Roundabout; ie, I think you'd be better off with a Boulevard. We had planned to keep T in the Wizard till he was 6 at least, but then L happened. My advice on boosters: keep the kids in a 5 pt harness as long as possible. Delay, delay, delay as much as you can with the booster. They really don't keep them as snug *at all* as the 5 pt harness, and it's much better from a user pt of view to have a larger/more mature kid in there. Just my opinion. YMMV.

I want to see Lily's hair, too. I'm curious about any grand conclusions about PROM

My fave, Els, is "BEBE NO". :
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Here stalking Jess... I hope this is it.

I have been around, but I find it hard to post from home. The SAHM thing is keeping me pretty busy and I am not sure how you all read and post at MDC without regularly schedule breaks like I used to get at work! I am thinking that SAHMs need a union.

I can't wait to hear more from Jstar. BTW, Henry was our boy name through both pregnancies - love it! I am also fond of Hollis and Kai, actually, but I really love names from the 1920s for some reason.

Must go do something constructive while the double nap is actually working out today.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Kids, stop puking.

els, I love the language! Cracked me up, reading it. I think it's so amazing that they can just learn two languages at the same time. Wow.

Jess, thinking good thoughts for you! Shifting into high-stalk gear.

My insight for the day is that it's truly amusing to take a three-year old for a passport photo. See, they're not allowed to smile for the photo. Which, of course, left me and all the staff of the photo shop in hysterics on the floor, as Allison screwed her face up into a million different contortions, while standing on a box... OMG I might just pee myself now remembering it. I mean, really, put your kid in front of a camera and ask him or her NOT to smile for the picture. See what happens.
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E was not listening, KK. Turns out the puke was no fluke. Eww. I'm so not cut out for cleaning up bodily fluids. I'm guessing she has whatever 24 hour puke thing C had.

Bring on the weekend!
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i'm heading home from work. they're getting a little more intense although the intense ones are only every other ctx or so. but i think it is heading in the right direction.

speaking of cleaning up body 'stuff'. isaac has been in underwear now for i think 2 weeks except at night. and sunday and monday he had poopy underwear incidents. so i think he is not totally 'poop underwear trained' yet and i've been expecting every day this week to get poopy underwear in his cubby at school. but nothing. so i've asked if he's pooped at school and he's said no. i don't think he has ever pooped in the potty at school so this would be a big step. SO last night i gave him some root beer laxative thinking it must have been DAYS. i called MIL after lunch and i guess while she was in the shower he had to poop and couldn't get the gate to his room open (he can close it but not open it). and his potty was in there. (and we only have 1 bathroom). so she found him in OUR room holding handfuls of poop. she says 'i'm washing your bedspread' ugh. i said 'at least it didn't get on the carpet becaue the bedspread is easier to clean' and i guess it did get on the green rug. i'm SCARED to go home!!!!! poor kiddo. he gets on the phone to tell me gleefully 'i did BIIIIIIIG POOP!!!!'

ok. i'll letcha know if anything exciting happens
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Go, baby, go!
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Go, baby go! No more Poop on the floor! GooooOo!

no more puking, please.

oh, damn. do we need to check the height on the carseat now? I feel like we keep buying them and not using them to their full potential. gah.

lily's haircut sound soooooo cute.

I cut sweets' hair this morning. The lentil watched, completely delighted. After it was done, he told his dad that now his hair will grow long, just like the lentil's. He's really into having long hair. It's very cute.

Sol's language is amazing. A tri-lingual baby.

yay for low glucose! I have my one-hour glucose test this week. trying to eat well in prep. any advice, mommas?

me: hips hurting more and more these days, especially when I'm sitting for a long time. I never had that with the lentil. It's interesting how different this pregnancy is.

Time for a little braindead television. netflix. whatever. good night! (good thoughts to jstar!)
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