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Ah! I get it now! Open legs...I was trying to figure out why mama would want open legs...duuuuh...

Heather, you use measuring equipment when you bake? Whatta concept! Could revolutionize everything!

Emmalola I wish you meditation-retreat-like peace. I feel that way soooo often, what with the two children thing and the littlest being in separation anxiety-teething phase, and the bigger one jealous of the clinger babe...
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annika! wecome back! ~~~open leg vibes~~~

els: kuh-ray-zee... yay on the car score & its companion bella... : gotta love the woo-woo!

elola & everyone having 3 year old struggles:

You MUST all go out and borrow/buy/beg for this Mary Sheedy Kurcinka book i'm reading: Rasising Your Spirited Child. and then you MUST actuially read it instead of relegating it to that growing pile by the bedside table that you mean to read but never seem to make time for.

rough morning here. stefan decided to wake every 20 minutes from 4am to 630am when i finally stormed in to marek's room where bill was sleeping and informed him that i needed to sleep. then i accidentally slammed the door to that room which woke marek up so off for some tv entertainment bill went with marek AND stefan, thereby buying me just over an hour of actual sleep stretched out on my bed... ahhhh...

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its a nacho libre kind of morning. i am i am i'm proud i am

we gloriously slept til 9 after staying up til 11 :

emmalola - that sounds rough. i had to read what you wrote a couple of times because i thought it was saying never choose your mother as your therapist sorry it was rough with mom. and that the lentil is clingy. i hope it is just a funk and not real depression. if your mom is gone maybe you'll get back to your normal family routines

sending open leg vibes to annika for her BABY and not herself

so i talked to the nurse yesterday for my followup call and i guess i have cartilage and ligament damage i am still *so* sore inside. if i walk or cough or sneeze i just ache. she said something about cartilage on (in/around?) the pubis symphis and strained ligaments. i'm wondering (oh resident vaginal expert mcsarahbeee) if this is permanent or will it get better????? i'm supposed to go buy some support underwear from target. zoiks. and i still have a suture down there which hasn't dissolved and it makes me kind of ill to think about it (because i am queasy queen). ewwy.

i know you all needed a vaginal update this morning saweee!

the good news is that i went and bought a couple of pairs of shorts yesterday one size bigger than my normal size. YAY REAL CLOTHES! i put all the maternity clothes in a pile because i can't face them anymore i still have mega tummy pooch....i can't remember how long that took to shrink last time. i'm guessing it won't shrink as much this time since it was streeeeeeettttched to the maximus
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post

sending open leg vibes to annika for her BABY and not herself

Naa, I really don't need THOSE anymore... As for the baby, it's a


Another one. Yesssss, I kinda have to digest that and am very glad we found out so I can prepare myself. This was my last shot at a girl. O well, I love him so much already, he was sucking his thumb and then spread his legs to show off his package, hahaha.

Heather, congrats, good spacing there, eh?
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Originally Posted by mittendrin View Post
Naa, I really don't need THOSE anymore...
well, hem hem, I've used mine more since the big V than ever before : though our surprise #3 is now 10 months.

Congrats on your boy!!! I was sooooo freaked with the surprise, and it's been more wonderful than I ever would have thought. Moving overseas... it sounds like you have your plate full!

Survived a week that was just really rough all around. Had all three kids home with me, and went to work with them : I can work, it's all good, I can stay home, that's good too.... but having them all with me at work, and in the pre- and post- work times... OMG I am half dead right now. But I hafta say I did more this week, and did it well, than I ever thought I could have managed. I am tired but I am also proud. Go me!

ETA a photo from this evening... after a long week. I took this photo myself with my free hand, because I am wonderwoman.
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OH, juice, that photo is really amazing. Did you also have a glass of wine? I had several...and am feelin' groovy. No word on my friend's husband. *sigh*

"hem hem..." had me rolllin'!!!

Annika, CONGRATS on the baby boy! I hear ya on needing to be prepared for that. I'm glad you did.

Jstar Nacho Libre is right up there with Lebowski for me. I bought my niece a lucha libre mask because she is nacho libre's biggest fan.
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Just hi, busy busy tired tired here. Major work on the Fathers Day stuff, and I'm giving up on the surprise, so he's getting it tonight (plants in terra cotta pots which the kids painted).

Hi Annika! I thought I was going to have a 3rd (surprise) boy, but I didn't. I think your user name was different before, no?

EL, if sitting in the tub and crying will help, do it! At least your mom is gone though, right? :

(Will our kids talk about us this way someday? : )
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
(Will our kids talk about us this way someday? : )
Yes. Yes, they will.

OMG Fathers day is this weekend? Like two days from now? I am screwed. Though, I've told him repeatedly that he should set the tone for fathers day by delivering on mother's day... but I never follow through.

Els, pouring that wine now. This week... yeah.
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miss juice, that photo is completely precious. It should win a prize or something.

I never got my bath with wine, being that I'm not supposed to 1) drink wine or 2) take hot baths. But I did just get up from a nap, hopefully curing the burning rage that has consumed me for most of the day. Except for that brief moment when the guy at Starbucks recognized me and asked how I was doing, then wished me well. That's when I almost started crying. sigh. Oh, the pregnancy hormones, how they torture me. (and sweets, and the lentil, and anyone else who crosses my path.)

kkmama- I'm hoping to avoid the mother/daughter thing by only having sons.

Speaking of my mom, she called me to tell me that my brother finally came out to her last night. Well, he didn't come out, but he did reveal that he's having "homosexual relations". Then she told me that he's really tormented and he's going through a difficult time right now. Gee, you think? Poor guy can't come out to his homophobe parents until age 37 and he's started showing symptoms of liver failure from his alcoholism, and he's going through a difficult time right now? Sometimes I wish my mom would step out of the happy little bubble she lives in and examine her own life, you know? geez. what a wingnut.

Okay- father's day? I got sweets some tools because we need them and he's too thrifty to buy them himself. In fact, I think he's never bought a single tool- everything in our toolkit came from me, from before we met. Anyway, i need to wrap those things NOW, but how do you wrap a 10-pack of screwdrivers? I didn't do anything for my dad, and I'm starting to feel a little guilty about that, but since he gave me 6 cans of soup for my birthday I should just get over it. Or I could give him back his cans of soup as a blatant regift...:

I guess my inner rage wasn't quite dispelled by my nap. time to go grouch somewhere else. have a great weekend, all!
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double posting to inform everyone that sweets has redeemed himself. He offered to do both bed and bathtime tonight, sparing me the bath ritual. And then he just sent the lentil in to the office to give me a goodnight kiss and all of a sudden I feel tons better. whew. Glory, hallelujah.
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no posting today?? you all must be out thoroughly spoiling your baby's daddy's

just saying 'hola' and happy sunday

our big plan for the day is the baseball game. hopefully it won't rain on us
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OMG, I just realized that in my efforts to make Father's Day nice for dh, I totally forgot my own father. D'oh. :
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
OMG, I just realized that in my efforts to make Father's Day nice for dh, I totally forgot my own father. D'oh. :

Father's day here was pretty good. I want to give a big shout out to heatherfeather. DH loooooved he onetruemedia montage. I ordered it to have on dvd and he got all choked up while we were watching it. So thank you thank you thank you. I was so : at FIL, though. I gave him a copy as well, and we sat down to watch it, and he would watch a little, get distracted by other people, dogs, kids, etc. So in all, he probably watched half of it. I was rather hurt. :

Welcome back mittendrin! And congrats on boy #3!! Glad to see you back with us. Can't wait to hear of your upcoming move to Germany! I remember how homesick you were back a few years ago.

Lisa, thinking of you daily.

jstar, how's the new one doing?

emmalola, big hugs to you. I love reading your blog, btw. :

Speaking of blogs, I am seriously addicted to all your blogs. Thank you for sharing them!

sarahbee, how's ME treating you? Can you remind me again what you're doing?

alrighty, just checkin in on my main mamas. much love to all.
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i'm around, just in busy summer mode. in oregon, everything happens all summer. like the strawberry festival was this weekend at 2 dufferent farms, the balloon festival (hot air balloons) was, too, and pride was downtown. crazy oregonians coming out of hibernation in a big way.

we had a nice beginning to father's day, but then bill freaked out on me when he found that a bill for $30 fir my pap had gone to collections because the insurance company didn't follow through on their end with reprocessing. it's a covered test, dudes! just pay the frickin' $30 already. so i got grumpy at him because he made it seem like the roof was falling in on top of him or he was being crushed by a bookshelf or his finger got sliced off by a computer part, when really it was just a piece of mail. and then he does his usual defensive reactionary thing and tells me to stop saying f*** and i'm like, huh? and i just got frustrated and went for a walk around the block and marek was having a meltdown and going out to eat just seemed like a bad idea. then stefan took for-EVAH to fall asleep and i missed the second phone call from my sis (it was her birthday yesterday) and then i went to wake up bill from laying diwn with marek cause for sure, marek would already be asleep, but no he wasn;t and then he "needed" me to lay down with him so i didn't get any time to talk to bill because he was asleep on the couch by the time i emerged from marek's room. so blech.

sleeping, occasionally sucking cute baby on my lap. :

happy monday, mamas!

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Sherri---now I wanna see it!! So glad it was a hit with the father that counts!

It's totally monday. gah...just got the girls down for a nap after a looooong flippin' morning and somehow managed to step in an errant marble of poop. yup, that kind of day!
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Ug- woke up with a horrendous headache this morning. Went to my prenatal visit and the midwife asked if I could spend the rest of the day in bed. Of course not, my husband has to work and the lentil is on summer break. I wish sweets had just stepped up and offered to take the boy for the day. Instead he offered to let me drive him to work an hour later, so I could sleep. I just started crying, because an hour isn't even a drop in the bucket for this tiredness. So I took him to work, went to the drugstore and bought some stool softeners and sudafed, and took the lentil to the library. The kid has already watched too many vidoes, I could do it again. We got some books and made it home for naptime. But the good news is that the baby is healthy. The lentil got to hear the heartbeat- said it sounded "like a dog." wouldn't that be a surprise!

TC- I'm so sorry your father's day was poopy.

Oh- the lentil's latest irritating thing? Always asking me "mom?" and then not following through. Or asking half of a question and never finishing it, so I'm left hanging. Driving me totally crazy. "Mom? Mom? Mom?" Gah!

Sarah's Mama- thanks for the nice comment about the blog. I've been writing a lot lately so I don't strangle my husband.

KK- I didn't do anything for my dad either. whoops. but not really, I just couldn't be bothered, you know?
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had to share this funny celebrity father's day video from the future with y'all. suri cruise -- contract was up :

that is all.

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i gave my dad a new grandson

squeaking babe next to me so this will probably be quick. the doulas (the one we hired and then the one that was at the birth) visited this morning and brought a cd of pictures. awwww! he looks *so* different already. he really looked like isaac at first and now, not really. there are 2 videos and the first is the actual birth. i haven't watched them yet...will save them for when doug gets home. but as he says he's already seen it. and he and the doula both said i might not want to the queasz factor might get to me

my bosses neice took isaac to the zoo today with her 2 cousins who are close to him in age. he was soooo excited. she said 'i'll bring him back around 5' and i said : i can actually fathom grocery shopping with just one child. i can't fathom it yet with 2. and we need milk. and bread. and dinner. because i wasn't organized enough to realize that yesterday when doug went

we had our first day on our own yesterday and it was a good one. park playdate in the morning, lunch and a 3 hour nap. the house was a *disaster* and i had hoped to tidy up before doug got home. but i had barely made a dent in the upstairs. but then he took isaac to the grocery store and we did a family vacuuming venture and doug cooked dinner. he's being mr good husband right now.....i hope he keeps it up! we were both happy to have our house back to ourselves

errant poop marble made me laugh. we are having the poop rollercoaster here with isaac. after another 6 day stretch we gave him laxative and when that didn't work i gave him a glycerin enema. 10 minutes later he was dancing around running from room to room and i'm saying 'SIT ON THE POTTY' then he went 2 more times within the next hour (thank god). the third time he got a little poop on the bath mat and when i went in to help him he told me 'some kid pooped on the rug!!!!'

ebin is doing well. he's feeding every 2 hours at night which is a little exhausting. but he does have a 'nighttime' concept from about 10pm to 8am which i can't complain about. he eats and goes back to sleep. the poor thing has the constant-poop thing going and has a really red bum. i am trying to change his dipe frequently and yesterday i had him in dipes with no covers for a while. he's a little risky to have totally naked because he is a firehose and he can shoot poop out about 3 feet! as i have discovered the hard way

ok i should be cramming food down my throat while he is sleeping instead of posting.
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ELola I have NOT forgotten the chiro. Last week was extra-crazy and it seems we're all still reeling a little.

My dad is TOTALLY the type to give you a can of soup for your birthday. He gave my mom an ice pick for Christmas once. Brave, or crazy, or both, right?

Currently fretting about the UTI again. Allison had her 3 year well visit today, and there were trace ketones and trace blood in her urine. I hadn't mentioned the worry of two weeks ago, since it seemed to resolve itself immediately, but when the doc told me about the blood, I was a little concerned. No bacteria in the urine, but the doc was a little concerned about a hidden strep infection which can apparently cause bleeding in the kidneys... so I'm waiting tensely by the phone for his call with the strep results. I hate it because this is so not like me.

I seem to be exceptionally anxious right now, just feeling like everything is about to come crashing down around me. I notice I'm clenching my teeth all the time. And yet nothing is any different than it was before (last week, last month, last year etc) so I have NO idea what that's all about. I've never experienced anything like this, and to be quite frank, it is really irritating and very non-fun.
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Ack, Juice! Sorry about the bladder/kidney worries. I hope you get results soon. :hag

Our little positive reinforcement discipline experiment with T is working better than I thought it would. He's accumulated enough stars to earn his first reward. He wants to make chocolate chip cookies, so tomorrow, we'll get some chips at the store... One of my friend's kids (who is 4 and a half) actually commented to her mom about T's behavior and how helpful and nice he is (that got him the star that pushed him over the brink).
Z is in the middle of an egg challenge, and so far, so good. I'm really hopeful--I want him to be beyond his allergies in time for preschool in the fall.

Dude, summer *is* busy. Just a little break here before we go off to our next thing. Tues and Thurs are our very busy days. Fri is our busy day. Mon and Wed? Not busy.
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