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to all the mmf!

kk: i like your new senior title, too. i almost typed t*tt*e (insert i's for the stars) our boys are crazy on afternoon errands, too. either crazy or falling asleep in the car, neither of which bodes well for getting things done.

els: was talking to friends of ours last night and they mentioned they used to live in phoenix, so i asked them if they still knew anyone down there who might be able to help you with the car. they are thinking of some maybes...

renae: bad friend! *slaps your hand* totally kidding! as i mentioned before, everyone in portland comes out of hibernation in the summer so there are like 7 things to do each day and we have to choose and i haven't even called back my friend who left me two voicemails last week because we have been sooooooooo busy just doing regular stuff and i feel like a horrible friend.

i went down to the car dealer which i usually don't go to because we (really just me, actually) had a bad experience there when we almost leased a car for bill from them 10 years ago. creepy sales guy, weird "no commission" sales gimmick (ummm, they probably call them "bonuses" instead of something like that), anyway, bill bought the new car from them and it was a semi pleasant experience except for they forgot one of the things he wanted on the car and that they quoted him. it's more confusing to write about than what actually happened. but they have a service department that apparently has only an oil changer department and you are supposed to be able to get in and out in about 45 minutes. ummm, not today. call for appointment when you have children. totally ticked off about that because my car is about 8k overdue for an oil change.

"mommy, i need some snack, mommy, i need some snack, mommy, i need some snack..."

gotta go.

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Oh, Claudia, that would be awesome. I am really goin' nuts trying to figure out how to do it.

I always wondered what your senior title meant! SNS?
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sns == supplemental nursing system == nursing with a little tube down at the end of the nip so baby breastfeeds and gets mama's milk but also supplement (formula or breastmilk)
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so my mom just called me. my former co-worker (and still my mom's co-worker -- we worked for the same company) found his 28 year old (same age as my sis) daughter's body when he arrived back home after work today. they are not sure of all the details, but they believe she had a heart attack. she was very heavy and led a mostly sedentary lifestyle, and her dad (the co-worker) has high blood pressure and a heart issue, so this is very plausible. it's so sad, though. please send him and his whole family good thoughts.
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Thinking of the family, Claudia. What a shock it must have been to them.
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Claudia, that is terribly sad. for the family.

I tried to SNS with Z. If I had had success, I wouldn't have had to do the NG tube.

Ooh, Renae is the bad friend, the one who never calls you back, the one you always ask to go somewhere with but she never invites you. (Notice how she didn't invite *us* to Newport?) Summer is *busy*, dude.

Speaking of t*tt*es: Z lifted up his shirt this morning and pointed to his own little boy n*pples and said: "Mommy, these are *my* pink things like your pink things."
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Claudia, how awful for the family of your former co-worker. Very sad.

I'm up at this hour because I was just lying in bed trying to find a comfortable position and not sleeping at all. Yet I'm tired. Body just won't let me sleep. I just took some chamomile homeopathic pellets, so maybe that will calm the body down. I was not this achy while pg with G. I just have so much trouble getting comfortable in bed.

I've been mucho absent again. I just don't know how doing the little activities of the day keep me so busy. The heat here has not helped. I feel really wiped out each afternoon and must nap when G naps, so I'm not getting anything done while he's asleep.

34 weeks now. Got some more birth supplies together off the checklist; picked out an outfit for the little one! Been going through all your clothes, KK! That's been fun. So, I guess I am accomplishing some things. Our "office"/baby changing room is still in shambles, though. I really want to get it more together.

Oh, my mind feels so jumbled, I'm having trouble forming sentences. Maybe that means I'm ready for sleep. We'll see.

night all. I wish this was more productive email, but to everyone. I really do think of you often.
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It's kinda the middle of the night, but we got back super-late from a spur-of-the-moment trip to Olympia. I just had to escape my reality for a while. Dh and I had a very relaxing trip to my pop's house. Basically, we hung out in his large house and took turns napping and watching the kids. Grandpa came home in the evenings and played with the kids while we had couple time. Woo hoo. We even went _out_ on a _date_ for about an hour. (Sorry Jstar- I know I was supposed to cook for you this week!!!)

Nuggets- very interested to hear your update when it comes.

Heatherfeather- hope you are able to get the rest you need, and sorry about C's pukies.

Els: yup, we also could have avoided the tube had the sns worked.

L has been _crazy whiney_ the past few days, I think because he's tube weaning again and having a hard time with the fewer cals. But he's up to 28 lbs, 3 oz and holding, which is awesome.

I think I'll dash off to the yg and then go to bed.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Jess, my getaway hobby is gardening... Hmm. That sounds good right about now.
that is one of my favorite hobbies but i need a getaway from the house hobby. actually i told doug last night i want to go the fabric store and dawdle very slowly without 2 kids. washing bottles and tubes and trying that is on my list of things to do ASAP. and judging how he does not love the paci i'm not optimistic.

yesterday isaac was at school and ebin was napping so i weeded *one* of the front flower beds. hopefully i'll be able to get to the other one today or tomorrow. we have *so* much yard debris to take to mcfarlands. like a giant pile of tree branches and bamboo. i want to do it saturday....or more like i want doug to do it saturday : we can't all fit in the truck. and i bought some cosmos and dahias and zinnias to plant. my egg carton seedlings became victims of life with the newborn

Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
my car is about 8k overdue for an oil change.
yikes so is mine!! like sooooooo overdue. i have a mental block against oil changes right now.

sorry about your coworker's daughter. that is awful! and so unexpected at that age.

ff- don't worry. and my mom is coming sunday until the 14th so we'll have plenty of food help. i didn't even get a meal to you until W was about 2 or 3 months old your trip to oly sounds great

jacquie - getting so close!

bedtimes have been *terrible* around here. last night was the first night he fell asleep in his own bed without a tantrum. and it was only 10pm : (the tantrum was before the bath : ) ok must throw clothes on to drive him to school. i've adopted the tactic of having him sleep in his tshirt and underwear so i only have to wrestle shoes and shorts on him in the morning. :
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I am totally remiss for not posting…yikes, it’s been weeks. Sorry.

My dad died on the 15th and I have been in Michigan since before that. It was a death we were grateful for but still not easy to accept. I will miss him so much.

I am at work today after getting home late last night so I can’t really write coherently right now. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well. I have been thinking about you all.
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lisa: i was thinking of you earlier today. thanks for the update. wishing you and your family peace and love.

update on my former co-worker's daughter's passing:
preliminary results indicate that it was not a heart attack, but rather an acute asthma attack. the heat and humidity (like 95+% humidity) has set in in the Northeast and New England, and no one was home to help her when she couldn't help herself. the family is quite obviously heartbroken and reeling with things they need to do, and my mom's boss is out of the country because his own mother passed a few weeks ago in taiwan. he is close friends with this man, and both of them have high blood pressure and heart issues so it will likely hit him hard, as well. my mom is feeling kind of numb.

thank you all for your thoughts. i just can't even begin to imagine what this family must be feeling right now.

hug your little ones extra close today, mamas.

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lisa, i'm so sorry about your dad s i've been feeling like a boob for not posting 'thinking of lisa' because i've been thinking about you. is your sahm time over or did you just have to go into work briefly?
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Thanks for the update, LIsa, I've been thinking alot about you and wondering how everything was for you. I hope you can feel love and support coming at you from upstate NY. :
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Lisa, . Been thinking of you, too.
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lisa- : and thanks for the update. I'm so sorry for your loss.

renae- I try not to post when I'm going to be online, just because I wouldn't want stalkers to know when I'm not home. It's silly, I suppose, but you know. And by the way? I was gone for the past week too! We were in RI, suffered through the heat and were so glad to be back in NM last night when our plane landed in the middle of a huge lightning storm.

TC, sad thoughts your way too. That sort of thing is just so surprising and sad.

Too crazy busy to update, but we survived a hellish plane trip, a visit to granny and a week without rules. Even so, the lentil has been pleasantly cooperative today- maybe he's as relieved to be back in the routine as we are.
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Lisa. Been thinking of you a lot, thanks for the update. Sending you and your family peace and love.
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Oh Lisa, I'm sorry. I'm glad your father is no longer ill, but how you must be grieving.
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
i've been feeling like a boob for not posting 'thinking of lisa' because i've been thinking about you.
Me too. And thinking of you still.

TC that's intense and very sad.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Oh Lisa, I'm sorry. I'm glad your father is no longer ill, but how you must be grieving.

Lisa, sending much love your way.
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