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Oh, much love to you, Lisa. Thinking of you and your family.
And oh, Claudia, how awful. Much healing thoughts to them too.
There is WAY too much sadness right now. *sigh* An online friend of mine (a girl who is a fellow AFI fan) found out her cancer is possibly back. I found out yesterday and it really hit me hard for some reason. Damn. I can't believe how close I am to so many people I have never actually met *in person*...like I feel like a terrible person for barely being online here, you know? I know I have to get over myself but well, as Elsanne says, it IS all about ME, after all.
And EL, you were in RI?!?!? OMG! Someday, oh, someday, we will meet.

We are home from Newport, it was Good Times. Luckily, we were able to avoid much of the horrible heat & humidity this past week because we were so near the ocean, and we spent many days last week on the beach. I thought all the sad and messiness would freak me (and Rowan, for that matter) right the heck out, but he LOVED digging in the sand and he had DH and I carry him into the ocean several times, once, we totally weren't prepared for it, and he just leapt right in, regular diaper and clothes on and all! Then we were driving downtown with a naked baby wrappe din a balnket strapped into the carseat, to a local Gap to get him some cheap pajamas because going back to our room at the time wasn't an option.
Like I said, Newport was an adventure this year. Rowan had an excellent time, and I can see each year getting better as he gets older.

Some of his terror of things seems to have abated, or maybe I am finding a way to handle it? I'm not sure. I only know that he didn't want to go into the little Exploratory center/teeny aquarium (that one of my friends used to work for before hse had her DS, incidentally) Wednesday and I talked him into it somehow. I told him that *I* was going in and he was too little to stay outside without me, so he HAD to come with me, an I would hold him until we left if he wanted...and once we got in there he wanted down and was all over the place and had a great time. There were very few tantrums in Newport, and I'm not sure if it was because we were on vacation and things were chaotic anyway, or what!

Also, President Bush : was in town Thursday, and we attended a protest and rally outside the Naval War College where he was speaking. My friend was like "hey! You're in Newport at just the right time! Come to this protest with us!" Rowan even helped me make the sign we carried. Of course, when he saw all the people, he was kinda freaked out but when I gave him the option to ride in his "Stroll-oh-oh-oh" (he says it like that and now WE call it that too! Hahaha!) he was cool. THEN he was chanting "What do we want? Troops out! When do we want it? NOW!!" I'm not even kidding. It was awesome.

So anyway, a good week was had by all. I am about to go to bed. I've missed you, and darn it, I am gonna keep up if it kills me!

Much love to you all, always. MMF!
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Lisa- I am glad you got to spend that time with your dad before he died. s

Renae- sounds like a great trip.
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I've totally missed out on everything and feel like I might as well reintroduce myself. I have a horrible memory and don't remember everyone either.

It's been a crazy time for us. I got my certification to teach Bradley Method Natural Childbirth Classes AND to be a doula. So exciting! Then... the bug just wasn't enough as my husband says.. I was just too obsessed with everything pertaining to birth and wanting women to have the amazing experience they hope for.... so I enrolled in college to work my way towards my midwifery degree.

I cannot believe that Dominic is three years old. It breaks my heart, but it's so much fun all at the same time. He's like THE best person to hold a conversation with- so much more interesting and hilarious! Plus it helps that he loves Isaac and is constantly trying to help me take care of him. They run around laughing and playing with each other all day.

Then we found out I was pregnant. We are due in December and planning our first homebirth!!! : Dominic is so excited and his constant (and asked with a very serious attitude) question is, "Can I have that baby in your tummy?" As cute as it is.. don't worry- I've explained that we'll share it.

So I have another month off of college before I go full time for fall quarter. Gonna be interesting. Hey- I can do it though. I'm superwoman. Oh yeah.. did I mention I was due a couple days after the quarter ends?

Reacquaint with me mamas!
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renae - that sounds like a great trip. i think they act up less on vacation because it is fun and exciting kinda like grownups. hah.

i was given a 'president poopyhead' onsie for the new babe with a picture of bush. he just wore it this week

congrats ducettemama on your new pregnancy AND on going back to school! that is awesome

i should be doing dishes instead of dinking on the net
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jstar: dishes schmishes did you get my phone message from the other day? how did this week go for you? i know your mom is coming this week but we'd still love to hang out now that we're not sick anymore. let me know.

welcome back ducette! congrats on everything! hope you can stay in touch with us...

going to visit thomas the traing later day and take a ride "in his passenger cars and then just walk on the tracks and then i don't know" (the answer to what are we going to see at thomas today)

i got to sleep in today. ahhhhh so nice. need more of that.

baby hates the ak of nak so ta!

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Hi Danile! I was psyched to see MMF in your sig!

My child is totally digging her stash from the latest birthday party today, that we both went to dressed as princesses. It was really fun. Her stash is the pinata goodness. Gah. Sugar.

I am too tired to introduce myself, but I am a bellydance bee-yotch off to tonight's gig. After last night's gig. After rehearsals. *puts hand to forehead dramatically* I am going to not allow myself to complain, because after all, it's fun and awesome during, and it's an artistic creation that is working toward self-realization. Right?
I just want a day off, and guess what? Tomorrow I teach a 3 hour class!
*returns hand to forehead and swoons*
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Oh my gosh! Your daughters name is Amara! I was in LOVE with that name. Since I was like 12. DH wouldn't go for it because he has others he wants for a girl first that I agreed on a long time ago.... so I named our baby puppy Amara! Beautiful!
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I so totally rock the thread-starting:

Here's our July thread, yo yo yo.
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