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Congrats and welcome, Ebin!!! Can't believe he came so quickly! Has Isaac had a chance to visit yet?? oh...and yeah, ditto what sherri said!
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I feel like I'm late to the party. Woo hoo, Jess!!!! Congrats! Great name! Big baby!:
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Congratulations! This was wonderful news to find today. Hooray! You're amazing- almost 11 lbs? Holy Moly!
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isaac visited last night and this morning and is being very proud and sweet. and he's being great for grandma at home. they headed home for nap and now we're all ready for a nap here

quick deets: i had to ask doug because i couldn't see anything. he said the doctor unwrapped the cord around his neck and then turned his head (not sure from what orientation to what) and then reached in to pull one shoulder out and then reached in with the other hand to pull the other out. i felt an intense amount of twisting and then SWEET RELIEF!!!!!!!

i hope i'll have a chance to write out the birth story while i'm here. it has been pretty mellow. it seems like far fewer intrusions than with a first babe

ebin means rock. and i felt like i pushed out a boulder. so in the end we decided on that one

ok more milkin and then hopefully a snooze
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WAHOOOO JSTAR I am flyin' high with you! I just can't stop thinking about you and Ebincito.
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So...can we call him the little rockSTAR? Can't wait to see some pics!
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laughup laughup laughup laughup laughup laughup
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funneh heather i uploaded some pix. i'll post the linky at yg.

i guess he is a little rockSTAR
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Oh meh gah you gehls ah funneh.

Thanks for the deets. You are a rockstar yourself!
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Welcome Ebin rockSTAR, and congratulations, Jess! No wonder it hurt. I mean, ya pushed out an 11 POUND BABY in _40 MINUTES!!!_. Sheesh.

Got off work, went straight online, to catch up with ya'll.

Happy Birthday, Rowan- glad it was so fun.

Heatherfeather- it's too bad we don't live on opposite coasts. It would be great to get our oldest together and chat about strategies. L has MAJOR perseveration issues, that were a big factor in his developmental delay identification. Like, he CAN'T answer a question about one thing if he is interested in something else. Actually, he struggles with answering questions at all unless they are very basic, but that's more related to the receptive language thing. Anyhow, between the reflux and the mobility issues and the perseveration, I here ya big time, mama.

They shut off my long distance because I haven't taken the time to pay bills, :, so I'd better get to it.
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hooey, jess, i'm still amazed about ebin being just shy of 11 lbs.

with the twisting and turning of the babe, i have to suggest the craniosacral therapy and baby chiropractic if you are open to it. giving birth is hard work, and being born is hard work, and it's really amazing what those chiros can do for the babies. korin (chiromama on mdc on the portland thread) works with the babies and is awesome (she's at numinosity on ne broadway @ 26th). i would see her if i didn't live way the butt out here and hadn't found a great local chiro for us and the littles.

much love to you and doug and isaac and ebin...

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Woohoo! Way to go Jess and Ebin. You are both rockstars!!! Love to you on your babymoon. Welcome to the world, big boy.
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I'll go back and read more in a bit but....GO JESS! Rock on with your bad-mama self!
Welcome Ebin! Fantastic name and it sounds great with his big brother's! Isaac and Ebin! Ebin and Isaac!
Yay! Lovin' the pictures!

Oh, and the party was FAB. More later, gotta go to church.
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i'm still in a bit of shock myself about the size of this boy. and i definitely am feeling it internally. i feel like my bowels are bruised...and they probably are. sitting and laughing and walking are a little tricky. well he's down to 10lbs 2oz now. far more normal

we are packed up and waiting to get discharged. i'm so ready to go! i feel like i had a 2 day babymoon just with ebin and that was pretty nifty. of course he slept all day yesterday and was up hourly all night. and i was zonked. my milk came in though so he's happy. doug just took isaac and mil back home since we can't all fit in the car. isaac says 'we're all done with pospital!' yay!

i got some cute brother pics i'll upload

my chiro does baby adjustments too. i think i could use an adjustment myself after i've recouperated a while.

baby rooting.
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Yahoo on the rockstar babe.

Julia has not pooped in a week and I feel horrible about it right now. I really need to be on top of things more.

I am back and catching up. I went campingthis weekend and had a great time. Then I washed windows today.
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Hey jacqueline! How fun, to go camping! Was it beautiful? Sorry to hear about Julia's lack of poop--does she need to eat more fruits/veggies, or what else could you be "on top of"?
windows...washing...sounds vaguely familiar...

Jessica how's the hospital-home transish going?
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Wait...I'm supposed to wash my windows? Crap.
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u/s went fine this morning. claudia was right....twas indeed an anterior placenta. kidneys look great! head is up on the right and feet down low. cute as a button....looks a bit like E I think.

busy day....must be monday!
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That's great, Heather! Wonderful news!

McSarahB, I can't believe you don't wash your windows monthly, twice monthly during the rainy season. Martha Stewart has excellent suggestions on how to better organize your sloppy life. How can you see out your windows with all that grime?

Yay! Camping! We're planning a trip in two weeks. If I can get over being pissy with my husband. He told me the other day that I've been really curt with him and he doesn't like it. Excuse me? Mr I Can't Close A Cabinet Door/Put Away the Vacuum/Wash the Windows/ Refill the Brita/ Give a Freaking Backrub Every Once In Awhile? I have no reason to be pissy because I'm PREGNANT?!!! oooooh. I'm still mad at him for that comment. I wish I could wave a magic wand and give him sore hips, no sleep, fat body image issues, impending PAIN, stretch marks, achy feet, tired back, exhausted brain, and 2+ years of breastfeeding. Let's see who's cranky now, tough guy! grrrrrrrr. This, from the man who feels put out when the lentil wakes up at 6:00 instead of 6:45, like the world is about to end. double grrrr!

Oh, I think I'm in a baaaaaad mood today.
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heath: yay for cute looking babes & an explanation for late movement sensations!

elola: you want for me to come down there and kick his pants in gear? ok, that was some slap talk which is so not me but i will leave it typed there because it makes me laugh. seriously, though, what's up with men and not giving you a free pass when pregnant? while pregnant, i repeatedly told bill i had no sympathy for him when he would come home sore from hockey or wake up sore the next day. i'm like, dude, that's how i wake up every morning from month 3 til babe is 4 months old.

must poop.


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