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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post

I've been having a lot of headaches, like almost every day. I plan on asking my doc about it Thursday but has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if it's cuz of the change in the weather, or the increased use of a.c. (seems like I go through this every year when we start using a.c. everywhere again)...but can you take too much Tylenol? I know it's safe but I don't like having to take it so often. Not overdosing or anything but I just don't like it.
grace, i've been having migraines every so often. like bad bad ones that would last for days. i've found a little caffeine works way better than tylenol, and i feel more comfortable indulging in a bit of coffee than popping pills constantly! maybe that would work for you?
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Yay I'm glad to see this thread is active!

Heather I was freaked about weight gain too but I'm really trying to just go with it and let my body do what it needs to do. You might be surprised that the rate of gain is slowing down, as it has for me. I gained about 8 pounds as soon as 2 lines showed up on the test, lol, but it's slowed down so I'm up about 13 pounds total as of 19 weeks. Check out the What To Expect website - they have a neat weight gain tracker & you can choose to display the lines indicating recommended average. I'm still a little above average but feeling okay about it. You're growing a BABY! Like others have said, you will lose the weight after the baby is here. Go kiss your DH for being so supportive of you too!

Robina glad to see you! Isn't it fun to have people notice that you're preg? I was walking across the hall at school the other day and one of the profs saw me briefly while he was sitting at his desk. When I walked back across the hall I could see him straining to look at my stomach.

Meredith hooray for movement! I've been noticing it every now and then, as a matter of fact, right now! It's so neat - I bet you can't wait til you can feel it from the outside. I'm excited for my DH to be able to feel it.

Grace do you have allergies? The pollen is extremely high right now in most parts of the country and your headaches could be related. Lots of antihistamines, including benadryl and claritin, are pregnancy safe. I'm miserable without them - pregnancy seems to make existing allergies worse.

Thanks for the congrats on my baby girl. I'm having a surprisingly hard time getting used to the concept & I keep wondering if the u/s was wrong. : I didn't realize how attached I was to the idea of a boy. I guess I was attached to "the baby" as a boy ever since the 13 week u/s so it feels weird to think otherwise. I'll get there.

Good: My feet stopped killing me, yay! I hit another pregnancy milestone the other night - heartburn! I walked the dogs this morning before it got hot & it felt good to move a little bit.

Bad: I woke up with heartburn the other night, haha. I've also been really tired and I'm having a hard time concentrating at work. I still haven't taken my prenatal exercise video out of the package - 2 weeks after I bought it.
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Hi everyone!

I had a MW appointment yesterday and everything looks great. The baby must have been super wiggly yesterday because the MW was chasing the baby all over my uterus trying to get the HB longer than just a few seconds. For the few seconds we could get it it was 157. It was really reassuring to hear it again. She measured my fundal height with the tape measure yesterday and I am 21 1/2 cm. I am so surprised how high my uterus is. I have been trying to feel for it much lower, but it is at the top of my belly button already! I am scheduled for my one and only ultrasound on June 27th. I am really excited to see the baby. We aren't going to find out gender.

I am feeling much calmer today about my weight. I appreciate all of your comments. Sometimes you just need a little reassurance from others that are going thru the same things, kwim? I am going to just make myself stop worrying about it. The MW doesn't even look at the weight. She just wants to know I am gaining. I don't think the issue is even gaining the weight, but that I have had such terrible experiences with past OBs about my weight. I just don't want to be scolded or to have that be the thing someone has to focus on. I know the MW would NEVER do this to me. I really just love her to pieces and am so lucky I found someone like her. I have gained 20 pounds so far, but I am eating well. I think my body is just gaining what it needs.

Gamitzer-I am so happy your wife is feeling movement! And I am also excited you posted about the feeling she is getting like going down a steep hill or falling. That is exactly the feeling I started with several weeks ago and it is nice to hear someone else describe it that way.

Grace-I have had a few headaches, but not lots. I usually try to lay down in a dark room if I can. I don't like to take stuff, but I know they can get bad. I am running to the bathroom all the time with a full bladder. I drink lots of water, tea, and gatorade : so I think that has lots to do with it. I usually only have to get up once at night/early morning around 5am. I hit the 50lbs right around when my pregnancy happend.

MG-Thanks for the website. Congartulations on the baby girl. I can definately see how you would be a bit surprised and have to wrap your mind around having a little girl after expecting it to be a boy.

Robina-How exciting someone else noticed your pregnancy. I can't wait til that happens to me. A few friends want to touch my belly and that freaks me out just a bit. Maybe I will get used to that, but what about somepne being pregnant makes people want to put their hands on you. My energy is up more than before, but I still try to get in a nap in the afternoon or else I am dragging by 5pm.

bloomingmamma-I asked the MW about twins yesterday, but she thinks I would be measuring much bigger. I think DH really would love for it to be twins. I have my first ultrasound in two weeks, so...

I have to run. Check in later.
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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
I've been having a lot of headaches, like almost every day. I plan on asking my doc about it Thursday but has anyone else had this problem?
My wife had this problem until about 2 weeks ago. For about a month straight she had a daily, horrible headache. She took about 4 tylenols per day (2 at a time), but said her headache never really went away. She went to the doc and they had her do a 24 hour urine test, which came back normal. She was really stressed out at the time, so it's hard to tell what the cause was. I don't recall why she stopped getting headaches, but I do think she tried to calm down a little at work (like take some breaks to just sit and breathe) and drink a lot more fluids. Then again, we're both living in the same area, so maybe it is the weather/increase in a.c.! Too hard to tell. But I hope your headaches go away soon.
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Thx for the thoughts on the headaches...yes I do have allergies, they were bad last week for a couple days and stopped...and the a.c. could definitely have something to do with it. I saw my OB yesterday and she prescribed some Tylenol 3. I used to struggle with migraines and sometimes just a couple doses of something stronger than usual will knock it out, so I tried one last night...worked like a charm. The question is, will it come back? I only plan to try a couple of these, then maybe see a neurologist (she wrote out a referral for one).

My appt went well...BP is 90/60 (so that's not what the headaches are from), no Group B strep, won't need Rhogam, no HIV or anything like that (ok I kind of already knew that ) and the heartbeat is strong at 159. I jokingly asked if that meant it was a girl...she laughed and said don't bank on it but the higher ones tend to be. Then I looked on the web and there's no evidence to support that. Sigh...guess I have to wait 3 weeks! I'm so impatient! We scheduled the u/s for July 11th. I'll be 20 and a half weeks then.

How's everyone?
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OH yeah...I'm getting a massage tomorrow, maybe that'll help my headache. :
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Julia glad your OB appt went well and you finally got rid of your headache! I'm SO jealous of you massage!

My baby's girl's heartrate at the 19 week u/s was 144. I never got numbers prior to that though. It's normally high during early development then gets slower. AFAIK there's no truth to the heartrate wives tale but it's fun to guess! Yay for scheduling your big u/s!
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Hi, I posted in the other thread, but then we moved and I haven't been around too much lately. We're finally settling in, so I hope to post more often. Glad to see everyone is doing pretty well!

Things are running smoothly with me. All of a sudden I have this belly to deal with - it's like I woke up one morning and it was there! I'm just glad my body seems to be focusing on growing the baby instead of my butt/thighs/boobs.

How is everybody doing with their appetites? For my next midwife appointment I have to track what I eat for a day - my goodness I go through a lot of food! No wonder I feel like I'm constantly grocery shopping. It's healthy stuff and my weight gain has been good, but to see it all in black and white is pretty amazing. I'm on my second post-it note to record it all, and it's only 3:30!
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Being moms-to-be is a lot of fun! We were at a family wedding this past weekend, and everyone was so sweet about the pregnancy, and they are all so excited about the baby. We were offered tons of things by cousins and other relatives with school-aged kids. One of my cousins is going to finish bfing in August, so she is going to mail us her pump. Another cousin has a changing table that was in our grandparents' home, so she is letting us use that. Don't even get me started on the clothes that people are dying to hand down to us!
My wife had a good time at the wedding, and although she has a small bump, no one tried to touch it. She was happy about that. I kept noticing my mom looking at my wife wistfully, and it was really cute. She is super excited about the first grandchild. It was also nice that people were so happy for us. I think all new parents wonder if they are cut out for the job, so it was nice to have a lot of people tell us they think we will be good parents.
Have you all started thinking about baby showers yet? We just got an invite for one in July (the couple is due in October), so we realized we should probably get on the ball about dates, registering, etc.
I hope you all are feeling well! Meredith
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Hi all! Meredith how sweet that everyone's so excited. I have so much baby stuff already that's been given to me, that my side of the garage is full! Poor car has to sleep outside at night!

I'm feeling good...sudden re-emergence of food aversions last week which seems to be getting better thank goodness. 18 weeks tomorrow, I can hardly believe it!

I've been enjoying a couple of weeks off...I woke up this morning at 10:30 thinking, man this is the last time in my life I can sleep as late as I want, like, EVER! Reality hit! I've always been a late sleeper (as I'm a late worker) so that will be an adjustment, to say the least.

How's everyone doing?
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Hi everyone, I know I'm bad about participating in my DDC But here is this weeks belly pic. I finally got one on Photobucket. I hope everyone else is doing well.

18 weeks: http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m...rene02/004.jpg
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Aww, what a cute belly! And those are some sassy pants!
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The pinker the better I always say:
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I had another midwife appointment yesterday and things are progressing nicely. Yay!

We seem to be having some Doppler issues, though. At the last appointment, I couldn't stop giggling every time we heard the heartbeat, which spooked the baby out of position. This time he/she got revenge: every time the midwife caught the baby with the Doppler, we'd hear a couple of beats and then woosh! The baby kept kicking the probe away! It sounded like Space Invaders or some other video game in there!
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That's funny. My baby never seems to mind the doppler. I wonder if it's sleeping, or if it's just calm from all the massages and yoga. I'm hoping for the latter!
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