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Has anyone here tried the Hip Hammock baby carrier?

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If so, what are your opinions on it?

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I had it and returned it-I much prefer the versitality of the sling. the hip hammock just wasn't as comfortable and can only hold the baby in one possition.

I have a kissa-luv sling which I LOVE. I use it many hrs a day-it is very light weight and has a lightly padded shoulder.
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I have it and like it. I never got all that adept at the sling (although I tried!!), so this works really well for us. I find that eventually, my neck kind of gets tired, but I can carry her on my hip with this one a lot longer than just in my arms. I've heard that a similar carrier called the Walking Rock Farm is also really good and digs into the shoulder a bit less.

If you're like me and virtually always have your baby on your hip, I think you'll like having a hip carrier.
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I use it and love it. I have been using it since my daughter was 1month old. It doesn't seem to hurt my shoulder or back as much as other carriers. It is much quicker and easier to get her into then the bjorn, too. She really likes it better than the sling, me too.
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I had one and I liked it but never used it much for some reason. I think the sling was just easier to throw on than messing with the buckles. If your baby doesn't like a sling, I think this would be a great alternative.
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I have one and I like it, but dont love it. Comfort-wise, it's pretty comfortable for about an hour. After that it does dig into my shoulder a bit. A sling probably is more versatile, but I've never been able to "operate" one. The HH is perfect for quick errands, not so great for long walks. I love to throw it in the stroller(it's very compact)and have my baby ride in the stroller one way and my 4 yr old ride the way back & have my baby in the HH. Overall, it's worth the money tho not if you are adept at slinging.

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I have it and love it b/c my husband loves it too! Anytime we go out together, he 'carries' Kenny. Kenny is hefty - 20 lbs at 60 months, and the hip hammock displaces that well.

We also like that if we move him out of it, we can wear it sort of like a fanny pack . . . so, I don't have something slung over my shoulder to carry or to have to 'hold,' y'know?

Perfect fit for me and I'm a rather large busted woman and the same perfect fit for my husband - no busts (obviously) and a slender 185 at 6' .

I know this is a bit of a late response - but just in case anyone else was interested.
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I just tried it out today. My neighbor has one and I thought it was very comfortable and easy to get used to. She had the hemp fabric and it was very nice.

I'm seriously considering this one - and I've been looking at them all!
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Love it.

I also love my sling, but these days, if i carry dd ( 8 months and 25 pounds) for long in the sling my back goes out. With the hh, I can stand up straight instead of pushing my hip out a little like I do with the sling. the hh, I think, is actually pretty versatile. I can carry dd on my hip, or I can swivel her around to the front, or also around to the back. also, dp loooves it.

I still use the sling when I'm trying to get her to sleep, because I've never been able to get dd out of the hh without waking her up.
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