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Hemp milk yogurt

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Has anyone tried making hemp milk yogurt? I gave it a try the other day and it did not set up at all. Any one else?


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What is hemp milk? Since I don't know what it is I can't offer any yogurting advice.
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where do you purchase hemp yogurt?
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I don't know if you can purchase it. I was just taking a shot at making it and it did not work.
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oh, man!

i've always wanted to try something like that since hemp is so beneficial...

i had the idea to try and make hemp chocolate milk....

how did you go about making the yogurt?
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I haven't made it but it has the wrong sort of protein to make yoghurt thick. You need to add a thickener to it before you set it. Corn starch works okay, so does a little bit of agar, or arrowroot. Try adding those to the mix next time and it should thicken up a bit (obviously you'll have to fiddle with the amounts).
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Ah, thickener. Ok, I'll try that next time. I just added starter and nothin' happened.

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I know that this was posted in June however did you try to make it again?

I am interested in making some for my DD.
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I didn't ever try it again. I should, but I just haven't messed with it yet.
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