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I think someone here has recommended taking a certain type of probiotics after finishing a couse of antibiotics...

Well, I am on my fourth different antibiotic since the week before DS2 was born, and I am worried and want to get some good bacteria re-established asap.

Any recommendations for this? TIA, tired mommies.
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I think it was me . You can look through my previous posts for more in-depth stuff, but the short of it is:

during abx treatment, you can use Saccharomyces boulardii to keep candida yeast at bay. This is a helpful yeast strain, which will not be killed by abx because it isn't bacteria,

after abx treatment, a nice combination probiotic containing several strains including l. reuteri (especially beneficial to breastfeeding couples). This can give some sticker shock - I pay about $30 per bottle of 30 caplets, but it works well to replenish when the good cultures have been compromised.
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Thank you!
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