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Does anyone NOT have a name yet?

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Seriously. DH and I just don't have any real names AT ALL for this babe. With dd, we just KNEW, even before she was conceived what most of her name was, and her first name came very easily during pregnancy. I mean, it was HER. With this babe, we are just having NO luck. I finally, a couple of weeks ago, started keeping a list of names I at least liked, but we're just not feeling anything yet. I'm guessing the baby wants to make sure the name we pick will fit right. Is anyone else in the same boat?
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We are still undecided ... but atleast we have narrowed it to two (we think!!!) - Sean or Eamon (we both prefer Eamon but worry about it being a bit unusual). This board is great for more unusual names so I feel it would be just fine as part of this crowd. Most of my friends name their kiddos much more common names so I am a bit cautious.

Still no middle name!
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I'm with you, sebarnes, but I'm oddly complacent about it!

I really, REALLY love to choose names. Part of me is more grieved by the idea that this is probably my final pregnancy because I WANT TO NAME MORE CHILDREN, even more than I want to HAVE more kids!

But, seriously, I know my child's Hebrew name, which came to me while I was napping one day. (And, it turns out, is a Hebrew name for boy or girl, so no clues to gender there. We don't know the sex. )

First names? Middle names? Could be almost anything.

The weird part is how laid back I am about it. That isn't my personality at all! I did (and do) feel strongly that I should meet my child in person before definitely picking a name, but, with DS, we had a short list of about 8 each boy and girl names (didn't know sex then either.)

This time? I may announce the birth before I can announce the name! Seriously! I wonder how long I have before the state requires something on the paperwork... ???

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we don't have a name, we have been planning on not naming until we see him (actually he won't be named till 8 days after birth...) but we do have a few options. I still don't have one that jumps out as *the* name though!
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Yeah, I'm not really panicked about it. It's more like every once and a while, when I'm going over what we've done and what needs to be done I'll go "Oh, crap, we don't have a name!" In our state, you have a year to file for a BC, so I figure we have time

Oh, I really like Eamon, it's one we have considered. But, I'm all about the unusual name/spelling (which is part of the problem, probably!) DD has a celtic name with an extremly odd spelling for the US (but it's spelled correctly, which is a big point for us - we like to retain the authenticity - we feel it's a matter of respect.)
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Originally Posted by dara00 View Post
(actually he won't be named till 8 days after birth...) !
Are you guys Jewish? I apologize if I sound ignorant, but isn't that part of Judaism that you wait to name the baby until the bris, which is 8 days after birth?
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me!! for a bo anyway. ive gotten pranoid that the girl name ive liked for literally 18 years, and has special meaning to me doesnt sound right with my last name...but a boy name, i like 2, first and middle, but hate their meanings when put together...so i want another one thats meaning I love, but well..i cant pick a middle name that matches it! its driving me CRAZY! ugh...
my 2yos name has a really great meaaning, and i want this one to have the same, and i dont like any of the names that would become a middle name, with the meaning i want.
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We have no name, and we haven't even narrowed it down to anything! *I* have come up with all sorts of names that I like, but dh has been really complacent about it. He's thought of maybe 2 names, and hasn't given me much feedback about the names I've thought of. That's okay though. I guess we'll figure it out when the baby arrives!
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no name here either. actually if the u/s was wrong and it's a boy we're pretty well set on a name, but for a girl, we are fresh out of ideas. i'm hoping to look at her sweet little face and just "know" what her name should be. otherwise she may be "baby girl" for a few days while we decide.
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Originally Posted by sebarnes View Post
Are you guys Jewish? I apologize if I sound ignorant, but isn't that part of Judaism that you wait to name the baby until the bris, which is 8 days after birth?
yup, that is exactly right! it's going to be weird for me not to have a name for so long! my dd was named the next day after birth, because for girls you can name whenever the torah is read in synagogue and she was born on a friday, so she was named on saturday!
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Nope, no names here and I'm due in just a little over a week.
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Sigh. I have names I like but am still working on DH... we don't know whether it's a boy or girl yet so there's no rush anyway. I'm thinking when I see him or her I'll just know. Whether or not DH agrees
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My 2 2 week old son was born 3 weeks early - and we wouldn't have had the name ready even if he'd been born on time! His dad & I found it easier finding names for our 2 girls - boy's names are hard!!! We always wait the full 6 weeks before settling on the name. Babies change so much, it's good to give them time to show as much of themselves, their true nature, before branding them for life.

Having said that - anyone know any good lists, or websites, for boy's names?

Yankeemum - mum to Lara (12/02), Natasha (4/04), and unnamed son (5/07)
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We never pick the name until we meet our little baby in person, but always before we have felt strong inclinations to our list. Not so this time. We have a couple of boys' names that we prefer (Eamon being one of them, although maybe it is becoming popular now?) but aren't strongly drawn to any of the girl names at this point.
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Just wanted to let you know that, even with our total lack of preparation on having names to consider, we did find our son's name on his second day of life. It wasn't anything we'd considered ever before, but it just came to me.

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Alright ... what happens if you picked a name and now aren't sure about it. Has anyone ever changed their babe's name? [He was only born on Wednesday!] We have been so uncertain throughout the entire pregnancy about names and had come down to Sean or Eamon (will see it in this thread). We went with Sean but now I am not liking it as much - like Eamon better. Husband thinks I am odd.

This is really bothering me (the name certainty, not as much the name).

I don't know any Eamon(s) - so don't think it is too popular - just Celtic names are more popular. I already have a Declan which is becoming more common. (I also have an Andrew which is REALLY REALLY popular so my 'popular' is probably a bit different than other peoples' view!)
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