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Good morning! I figured out what's causing me to be unable to eat; I'm apparently suffering from a mild meat aversion. : Would have been nice if I could have figured that out sooner. DH is quite the carnivore, so all our meals involve meat of some sort, and I just haven't been able to bring myself to eat more than a couple bites of anything here and there.

Last night, I was taking a shower around 11pm, when it finally struck me. I just am not interested in meat at all, and....I wanted hardboiled eggs. I could have eaten a dozen of them. I settled for the four eggs I had in the fridge :

My assistant and I decided that we should go to the mall for lunch yesterday and I ended up getting a dress and a couple nice tops from motherhood maternity. I'm wearing one of them today and when I walked in, she said, "Hey, nice shirt....you look pregnant" :

I DO look pregnant. Last night, I was getting changed, and caught my reflection in the mirror in the bathroom. I have officially got "baby belly" I ran outside, where DH was playing with DD and our dog and pulled up my shirt so he could see

Suddenly, this baby feels very real.
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I've had a few days of not really wanting to eat lunch or dinner, but this week I made a meal plan for dinner and bought all of the groceries yesterday. Last night's dinner was lamb chops, rice pilaf with dates & parsley, and peas. Dinner has never tasted so good......

Tonight is a caribbean-style beans & rice, and I hope it goes down just as well! It seems like if I don't have a meal planned and ready to go, I just can't cook because nothing sounds good.

Still doing puzzles here this morning....I need to find some new ones!! My 2-yo isn't bored with them yet, but I am.
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Originally Posted by my kidlets and me View Post
OK, let's see if this works...nope. Here's the link to the image - I can't get the image to post on this site.

LOL, that cake is so great!! I love making totally fun & creative cakes. Or at least, I love TRYING. Sometimes they turn out hysterically wrong. My ds just turned 9 & asked for a "robot shooting lasers from it's eyes" cake. That was fun! The robot turned out all right but everyone said it looked like he had blood gushing from his eyes, not lasers.
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Originally Posted by living_organic View Post
Or canning the peaches that you just picked in Greenbluff! I was living in Spokane when I had dd1
ooh I love greenbluff!
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I'm so tired today. We were up late last night, and I am suppposed to be working while my SIL watches the girls. DH is driving me crazy trying to decide what to do about the vehicle situation we have. We don't know what to buy, but we know what we have won't work when the baby comes. I think we are certifiable at this point. I think he has called at least 3 times this morning, plus he came in a while ago to go back over all of our options (Van, trucks, SUV) plus how much each costs, what each will do, ect. ACK! I don't want to think about all of this! My head hurts! Oh, well. I think we may go out and look around Saturday. We are thinking of getting both a van (used for about $8,000) and trading our truck in on a new one I can get 3 carseats into (the crewcabs).

Did you all see my other post? I am so excited to be PG w/ my SIL! I am planning to get her a PG book and I happened to get 2 of the little Gymboree Christmas-ey sleepers in 0-3 months when they were on sale for $3.50 a few weeks ago. We are going to have to dress them alike and take a pic! I think I'll go ahead nad give her the little sleeper now, its' completely GN and will be adorable for their Christmas baby. I'll go ahead and give it to them next week when I go up. My brother is going to make the best dad! He LOVES kids! My girls always prefer playing w/ him than anyone else when we go and visit.

Well, I guess I'd better get to work now. I hope everyone is feeling okay (I would say good, but we are in the first tri, so we aren't supposed to feel "good" yet WE have to settle for okay, and hope none of us are feeling really bad).

And the ducky cake is cute! You did a fantastic job! I like making my girls' cakes. Lacy had a Disney Princess party when she was 2, so I made the Barbie cake , and put Sleeping Beauty in it. I'm NOT the best cake decorator but it still looked cute! Now I stick w/ mostly cupcakes and just arrange them on the cake plate or this cool cupcake tier I bought. Lazy me!
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Good Morning Ladies!

Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
Good morning! I figured out what's causing me to be unable to eat; I'm apparently suffering from a mild meat aversion. :
I had this with my second big time. It drove dh nuts because he is a steak fanatic and I never wanted to eat it with him.

Well I am feeling pretty yucky...as I expected. Couldn't even eat dinner last night....went to bed at 9pm. I am usually sick until between 16 and 18 weeks so I am hoping it might be a bit shorter this time. I envy you ladies who feel great.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!
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Well I have suddenly become very religious. I was hanging over the toilet this morning chanting "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God" -- dh pops his head and reminds me that we are atheists. Funny.

I am sick and so tired. I don't know what I am going to do. I called the midwife and she recommended trying Zofram. Anyone ever used it? She said it was an anti nasea med that has been used successfully for pregnant women. I will do some reading on it. I have done the B shots and ginger and such, but never had much success with the more natural remedies during previous pregnancies.

This all gets a little complicated, because dh is leaving for field work in 10 days and will be gone for 3 weeks. I just don't know how I am going to handle being this sick and taking care of two kids. If the Zofran checks out, I may give it a try.

Hope everyone is having a good week!
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today I feel BLAH.. just woozy and nauseous.. got some preggo pops yesterday at babiesrus when I got Aidan some butt cream.. I don't know what is worse.. feeling nauseous and wanting to puke but don't or dry heaving when changing a dirty teething poo butt.. at least 4x times a day the past week... :

Dh comes home today so I may go out and get a pedicure.. I need one.. Last time I got one was with my mom last year for mother's day and before that I was 8 mo pregnant with Aidan.. so it's a treat for me. I usually do it myself but I don't want to bedn over for fear of throwing up on my feet!

I am SOOOO tired today too.. I got up to get Madison her breakfast and got myself dressed and layed back down until 5 min before it was time to leave to take her to school.. ONLY 1 week left of school and I can sleep in!!!!!
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Originally Posted by To-Fu View Post
Do we pay the extra $160 to test for Downs Syndrome? Man, I don't know.
We did it with our first, even though it wouldn't have changed our minds if he had been downs. But the test came back positive and then we got all the other u/s so they could measure a flap on the back of the neck, I guess if its longer then some number its another sign of being downs. Well he had that too. So it was a little stressful the entire pregnancy just preparing ourselves. He came out....PERFECT. Not a sign of downs. It was stupid. I opted not to do it with my 2nd and won't be doing it with this one either. Unnecessary stress.

Originally Posted by Mamazon View Post
I'm doing ok.. a lot more tired and I get winded walking up and down the stairs!! :
I am this way too!! I get up and have to go sit down on the bed for a second to catch my breath!!

Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
Our decision was later reinforced by a situation that arose with DH's cousin. She had all the standard prenatal testing done and was advised that the problems with her baby were so severe that she should terminate. She did, at 20-something weeks. Then, she opted to have the baby autopsied, which revealed that all the problems that the doctors had "seen" in the course of her testing, were completely nonexistant.
How tragic. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that!
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We didn't do any extra testing with either of our boys, for all the reasons that everyone else said. For us, it wouldn't change anything and would just stress us out. We won't be doing any this time either.

Well, I told my sister this morning about the pregnancy and she was really excited! In fact she called back later b/c she didn't think she sounded excited enough when I first told her (she did). She is pg, too, due in October with a little boy so I wanted to tell her first. I am so thrilled to be preggo along with my sis! Its kinda sad, too, though b/c she lives all the way across the country. I would love for our kids to grow up together. We'll be telling my parents this weekend.

mamazon, I'm doing a lot of dry-heaving here too. Not fun. Especially when wiping butts- thankfully they are both potty-trained though. I feel for you!

I called the midwife and she recommended trying Zofram. Anyone ever used it?
Not me, but I think that is what my sister was on for little while. She was super sick and losing weight, it really helped her. I don't know much about it though, sorry.

I love the Ducky cake! Adorable! My ds2 turns three in August and has requested a bulldozer cake. Unfortunately for him I am a total spaz at baking. I think I may ask a friend who loves to bake to make it for me. Sad that I can't make my own kid's b-day cake... oh well, I have other gifts I suppose.

to you all feeling so awful. I think I'm about 10/ 11 weeks and mine seems to be easing up a bit. So hang in there!
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This weekly thread is great. I'm a newbie to the "online commmunity" so it's fun to get to know people through their posts.
This week I've been a bit sick, a lot tired, and a whole lot cranky! : Holy moly, hormones and I are a bad mix. My DD, who is 14 mos, is in a contest with her daddy to see who can annoy Mummy most. He usually wins, but it's a close run thing! We are getting ready for a cross-country move in a few weeks, so I hope I am perking up by then, or else we will all be miserable.

I'm still a little paranoid about this bean being viable: my last PG we lost the baby at 7w, and I m/c at 9w5d. My doc won't take my hints and send me for a scan, so I won't get to hear the HB or anything until I'm almost 12 weeks. Poop!

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Andrea, EDD Jan 13-15th. DD 03/24/06
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Cute ducky cake!

I wish I had someone to share this pregnancy with in person but none of my friends are anywhere near ready for babies (I'm 24 as are they).

I'm so sick and tired. I've been spotting on and off since the beginning of this pregnancy. I'd gone a few days without spotting and then this morning had some brown spotting. But, I'm also so nauseous. With my m/c I didn't feel nauseous and all my symptoms disappeared a week before... I don't know what to think. The nausea keeps me hopeful but it also keeps me horizontal I'm 7 weeks so it could go either way. I'll be glad when the first trimester is over.
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Originally Posted by Jillybean View Post
I love the Ducky cake! Adorable! My ds2 turns three in August and has requested a bulldozer cake. Unfortunately for him I am a total spaz at baking. I think I may ask a friend who loves to bake to make it for me. Sad that I can't make my own kid's b-day cake... oh well, I have other gifts I suppose.
You know, one really easy way to make a "bulldozer cake" is like this: Bake a chocolate cake from a boxed mix, add chocolate frosting, then dig lots of little holes in it. Pile the dug out cake right next to the holes, these will be your "dirt piles". Add some crumbled up chocolate graham cracker if you need more dirt. Then, put little toy bulldozers or other tractors right next to each hole so it looks like they dug them or are working around them. It's really cute!! You could add some little fake trees around, too. Awesome for little tractor lovers!
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This is NOT cool...I'm sitting here eating ice cream while my son is sleeping. I really don't have any bottoms to wear for summer as it is, so I really don't need to be gaining any extra weight. But ice cream just sounds so good right now! We usually don't have it in the house, which I'm sure is the problem---it's there!

We're going out to a concert tonight (The Police!) and my dad is driving up to stay with DS. Should be interesting, although I'm sure they'll both do fine.
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Just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Pheobe.
We're due with #3 in mid January.
I'm knee deep in nausia and fatigue.
But I'm feeling good other than that.
We hope to have a homebirth this time (I've had a hospital birth, and a birthing center birth so far). I'm still looking around for a good midwife.

Hope to get to know everyone a bit in the next 7 months.
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Originally Posted by PheobNFam View Post

Hope to get to know everyone a bit in the next 7 months.

Wow. We're already down to 7 months!

Hiya Pheobe.
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Ack only 7 months!! We will probably be moving, getting a bigger car (read minivan) and Dh will be getting a new job within that time--oh, and a new baby.
We saw the baby on the U/s this week--precious! And my EDD was moved to 1/7/08, so I'm def in this DDC!
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The thing that seems to be settling my stomach in the morning these days is....coffee, believe it or not. Once I've had my cup, I'm usually on the road to feeling better. Of course, Monday (the day after dd's birthday party), I go to make myself some to find out that we've run out and dh didn't mention anything before he went to work . Grrr. So I had to call up my mil and ask/beg her to drop off a thermos full, because there was no way I was going to make it to the store to buy some, not the way I was feeling. She stayed for an hour to play with the kids while I sipped my cuppa and had a break...gotta love dh's family.
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that is great that your ils are near by to help out. I'm jealous. Right now we are far away from any of our friend and family. Besides that we still haven't told anyone, and weren't planning on it. I am rethinking this though. I am going home this weekend and figure that it will be pretty obvious by how terrible I feel. It would be great to have someone help me, so I should go ahead and ask for help.

I know this sounds bad but I am comforted knowing that some of the rest of you are also feeling bad. Since I don't really have anyone else to talk to about all these early stages of ickyness I feel better when I get online and am able to hear about all of you guys.

I would like to rant about one thing this week. I called my midwife to set up an appointment, but I found out that I will not be able to see her for probably another month or more. Dh is currently working as a contractor for FEMA. His contract will be over at the end of June, unless it somehow gets renewed, but it probably wont. We have health insurance that is not with his job, but it does not cover pregnancy. If he had a job we would totally be able to pay for everything at the midwifes, but after this month he probably wont and we don't have any money saved up. I guess we are going to have to apply for medicaid. The midwife said that if we are going to use medicaid we cannot come into see her until we have the medicaid already. Meaning I can't go ahead and go and pay and then switch to medicaid after dh looses his job. So I guess I just have to wait until he loose his job in July and then apply for medicaid, and not go to the midwife until then. It just makes me nervous, because I have really wanted to go to the midwife or doctor since the day I found out I was pregnant. We miscarried in Nov and had to wait several weeks before we found out. I don't like the waiting. I want to go in and have this pregnancy atleast confirmed with a heartbeat or something so that I can feel like I can get excited. Well that is my story for the week. Thanks for listening.
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I know that in NJ it is illegal for a provider to see a patient with medicaid without accepting their medicaid for payment. i.e. a patient with medicaid can only go to providers who participate with medicaid, and if they WANT to go to another provider and just pay out of pocket, they are not legally allowed to do so. A provider cannot accept money from a patient with medicaid.

That may have something to do with the midwife's reluctance to see you before your insurance situation is finalized.
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