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Congrats to all the new mamas! That's quite a full moon we got there!

It sounded like most people got off to a rough start this month - s Sorry to hear it. I'm glad things are better.

I think I would go crazy if I had to deal with contrax for more than a few minutes and then have it fade away. I had a little bit of prodromal labor with DD1 - maybe 3 hours of contrax. But I never moved around or did anything to see if it was the real thing - I just laid in bed. With DD2, when the contrax started up 4 days before her EDD, I didn't believe it! LOL I figured they would go away. I ignored them and continued to have a "normal" evening, but then couldn't really sleep. Tried a bath and everything, but they just kept coming. Finally at around 2AM I laid down on our couch and tried to rest between them. I even have fond memories of hearing the street sweeper running up and down our street as the early morning light came through our curtains! Now whenever I hear a street sweeper at four in the morning, I'm immediately transported to my labor with her!

I am desperately trying to have everything ready by 38 weeks and it is soo hard to get things done. I'm still so depleted after the flu and have no extra energy. I still need to finish getting all the homebirth supplies washed and packed up. Plus, because of the age-spacing, all the baby clothes and CDs were packed away and needed to be brought out and sorted through and now I still need to wash everything! I hate having that nest-y feeling but feel unable to fulfill it.

For everyone who is coming up on or has already surpassed your EDD - hang in there! It's soo hard, I know. Big hugs to you - your babe is so close to being ready. I'm thinking about all of you and sending good labor vibes out right now!
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Jillian how is the Murphy's law day going so far, any more sigsn?
Mine would be any time after Wednesday and before at least the 16 June. My dh goes back off shore on Wednesday at 4am so i guess starting labour at 5am would show this kid had a real sense of humour. I had so hoped he would be early so his dad could be here and I can't believe i am now wishing he will be late so dh will be home or almost home ( 20 March dh is home again, i am due 16)

Wombatclay: what a time to get a stomach bug- shame sounds hectic

loriu: sorry to hear about your friend

Charity: head down vibes coming your way, hope baby turns
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um, duh- i posted on the last week too!

well, here i am- i've had contractions throughout the night and day about every 15 min but they are strong and are changing my cervix. definitely not leaving the house today. convenient because my dh is a teacher and he started his leave today! so he can run the kids around. it's a stormy cool day, too- nice one for having a baby. i don't feel like this will go away...but i don't know when it will pick up either. all three of my kids were born between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, so we're curious to see if the pattern holds!

i'm mostly okay and excited, but a little nervous too because it's our first unassisted birth and because birth is just so intense and then i'll have a BABY!!!! it's almost surreal right now.
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Well I am still hangin around not doing much except spending time with my DH, he is off for the summer and since this will be the last "alone" time we will get for a while we are enjoying it.
I had a BIG scare last Friday, but it finally stopped so no baby....lol
I am currently 37weeks 3days and feel mostly ok.
Our 2 year wedding anniversary is this Friday and I will be exactly 38weeks..lol

Yesterday we went and took professional pictures belly and all... I get to look at them today and hope I like them...

We are going to do the belly cast tonight

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ACK! i was so stoked that i had caught up! only to post and realize that i was in the wrong week~ AGAIN! so, heres the post i put on the other thread, ill update once i read todays!

oh, wombat, im so sorry you got *the illness* glad to hear you all are feeling better, though, and what a relief your babe didnt come in the middle of all that!

has anyone noticed how many law & order and csi maraton have been on this week? im thinkin its a sign

ive had an ok day...im just sooooo tired. too tired to move and my inner thighs hurt too bad to get off the couch anymore! my kids are having crackers, cheerios and grahm crackers for dinner...at least until dh gets home. thats a healthy dinner, right? crap, zachs pouring himself juice....this is not going to end well

well, we blew up my birthin pool last night (la bassine) its soooo deep! zach got in it, grabbed the handles, leaned back and goes "OOOOOH, im havin a baby!" it was waaaay too funny.

trying to get the house ready for our home visit on thursday...not going too well, though

lexa has a cold and hasnt stopped whining and crying ALL day. i cant handle the kids anymore...i cant talk to them and zachs driving me nuts! he NEVER stops talking or moving. i just cant deal anymore. i wanna go to bed
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Jillian! youre kids are serious trouble makers! i cant wait to keep reading for an update!

Charity~ try some pulsatilla! out of everything ive tried, im crediting the chiropractor and then the pulsatilla in getting my monster to flip!
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So how's this for pregnancy brain....on my way out to lunch today with my Aunt, I backed into the opening garage door. In addition to general brain fog & thinking about my Mom, I was trying to keep my dog & my aunt's dog in the garage (they're both good but I prefer to not leave them in the house alone, quite the rambuntious duo). Luckily the garage door isn't too bad (it still opens & closes & doesn't look bad at all), but my perfect little Prius has a small ding on the hatch. Haven't spoken to DH yet, so he doesn't know. Man, I hope he's mellow about it. At 38 weeks, I should get a little reprieve from a lecture about safety.

Jilian- I'm thinking about you & hope you are having a good day. Another baby on the way! Yeah!!

jbobys- Hang in there! I hope you can get a little relief from the kids tonight.
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Hey ladies...

my Mom is yelling for the phone (darn dial-up) and I was desperately trying to catch up!

Ok Jilian.... you go for it!!!! Have that Baby and then I'll try to pop out mine too!!!!

I have been losing CHUNKS of mucus plug like it's my job.... quite gross really and I keep thinking... "how much more could there be????"

got checked on Fri... 2-3cm and "squishy" as my MW put it.

DexP took me out to lunch yesterday and then took me to Babies-r-us and bought me a bassinet!!! (I put it together this after noon)

Took DD to the ER last night... she had gotten a bug bite that by the end of the day looked so horrid and infected we had to take her in. The persrcibed her some Augmentin... which I went to have filled (they told me it would be 1/2 an hour)... SO an HOUR LATER (11pm!!!) The Pharmasist says "Oh... you know you have to pay out of pocket for this right?" Apparently her insurance had been cancled in MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welll.... thenks for some one mentioning it to me SOONER!!!! Or... I dont know... maybe when we were IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!!! I had to pay $57.... which was the rest of my child support money (aka gas and food) to get my baby her meds.... I burst into uncontrolable tears in the car.

Called the insurance company in the morning... they had never updated my address properly when I called (well, they said it didn't go through or something stupid) and the woman said she would try to get it reinstated to cover everything because it was looking like it was their fault and not mine.

DD and I ended up staying at DexP's house last night.... it was just too late to make the 20 min drive home....

No kidding ladies.... best nights sleep in FOREVER!!!! It might have been the bigger bed, or sleeping beside someone... or just how EXHAUSTED I was, but that 25 year old queen matress was soooooooooooo much better then my 2 month old twin matress it's uncanny!

still no baby.....: Due tomorrow.....
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I wonder if that babe of Jilian's did decide that today was the day?

Amy, too bad about the scratch on the car! It's good that the garage door is fine though, that could be a pain to have out of commission!

My pg brain move of the day came when I was sewing diapers. I had 3 done and was working on the last one and didn't notice that I had turned it right side out and sewn the velcro on it w/o putting any elastic in the thing: ! I decided that was a good reason to stop -- I wasn't feeling up to ripping everything back open to fix it.

I'm starting to wonder if things might be moving along for me. Membranes were swept at about 10:30 this morning. I was expecting some show or something, but nothing all day until I went to take a shower around 8 pm tonight. I had just finished attatching the cosleeper to the bed, maybe that is what the baby was waiting for . I think it would be a great night to have a baby, we'll see if this goes anywhere or peters out like all the prodromal episodes.
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Herbmama: I'm so sorry you are still dealing with false starts. I hope you get a real start very soon.

CJ: Sending some peaceful birthing vibes your way

I'm not sure what is going on with me. Contractions started around 4ish and have been irregular, maybe about 10-15 mins apart. The good thing is that I can really feel the baby dropping. The pressure in my pubic bone is really intense right now, with a side order of serious back pain. My Murphy's Law situation is over - I just got back from the party. I'm not sure if I'm in early labor or not and I don't want to jinx things by saying I am. But I can say that this pressure feeling is getting more and more intense. DH should be home within the next 20 mins or so and I'm happy to not have to be alone right now.
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Jilian, glad you made it through your Murphy time! What you have happening sounds promising, hopefully you know for sure pretty soon!
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Oh Jilian, I've been thinking of you. Glad baby stuck around until the party was over. Hope the rest of your evening is either very restful or ends with a baby.
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Good luck everyone. I hope we all hold our babies soon. Maybe this will be a good week. I'm trying to keep myself entertained waiting for this baby. I'm about to go crazy waiting for him to be here. And it's funny about the Murphy's Law because right after I read these posts I found out my dad is in town unexpectedly today. (We've had a rough past and I try to distance myself from him.) I don't mind if he comes to see the baby after its born but I really don't want him around when I'm having the baby or right after I bring him home. It would kind of ruin and stress my babymoon. Oh well if this little one will just come out I really don't care at this point.
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I'm reluctant to jump the gun, here, but I went out to dinner with some girlfriends this evening and had contractions 10 minutes apart for the first hour, then down to five minutes apart by the time we finished. Came home and started straightening the house, and the contractions were nearly constant. But when I sat down to check the computer and have a drink they've slowed down again to about 7 minutes apart. Could be a false start, but it's definitely possible that I'm in labor.

I'm very hormonal at the least. DH and DD came home just as I got here and I carried DD up to her bed, fast asleep. I cried a little at the thought that it might well be the last time that I hold my daughter as my only child. I've been dealing with a lot of guilt about having a second while she's so young and still needs so much from me. Just thinking about it has me getting weepy again.

But in terms of the birth, it would be just perfect for her to sleep through the whole thing. Poor kid doesn't like it when I make "mama bear" noises, and has a hard time when I'm unavailable to her, as I almost certainly will be for at least a few hours of labor. We have plans A, B, and C for her care if she does wake up, but sleep would probably work best for her.

We shall see what, if anything, comes of all this, I suppose.
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My contractions were 10-15 minutes apart all night and day until about 3, when all my kids got home (go figure!). About every third one was strong. I was bummed that they've mostly petered out though I still get random good ones and the intense crampiness and pressure (like it feels awful to sit!) is still there. But I just checked my cervix and I'm really glad to announce that those contractions actually did a lot!!! I'm about 4 cm dilated and almost entirely thinned out. It felt like a crater, and I could feel the soft membranes/bag in the center- it's awesome. So I'm not disheartened now. Glad baby is being gentle on me, but when things really kick in, I don't think it will be long at all and that's wild to expect!!!

I have NEVER had early labor like this before- my longest labor start to finish was 8 hours, so this is so different! I'm with you, Jillian, I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm on my way, even if it is another while!

Thinking of you Jillian and Saratchka! I hope we all get to announce our baby's safe arrivals into our arms soon!!
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Thinking of everyone who has been having a rough time lately, and hoping all of you mamas in the beginning stages of labor are progressing and having peaceful labors and births!

I spent the day having heartburn and contractions every 10 mins, then they stopped. Now they've started again. It's not labor, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

Wishing everyone a peaceful nights sleep!
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Originally Posted by jbobys View Post
Charity~ try some pulsatilla! out of everything ive tried, im crediting the chiropractor and then the pulsatilla in getting my monster to flip!
Thanks for the head down vibes and advice, mamas. Pulsatilla was the first thing I tried last night, then ice, heat, and music today, plus different positions and acupuncture and moxibustion. It's been a full day. Tomorrow our mw will come by to check and discuss further options.

to everyone who needs them right now, and gentle birth wishes to those starting labor.
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Congrats to all the ladies that are in early labor. I'm still stuck in the prelabor/ prodromal labor phase. Contractions off and on every now and then. They were regular for about 2-3 hrs last night then phased out again. Cramps and backaches with some pressure daily but no labor yet. I'll be glad when the labor finally hits. All the prelabor is making me nuts since I didn't have it with DD.
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Originally Posted by Charity View Post
I've started doing several things on the list of things to make her turn and am hoping for an acupuncture appt. today. .
Dear Charity....I took a cold bath the other day b/c I was so hot and I I settled in the tub.....baby (who is head down) did not like that one bit....enough that she started to squirm and I felt like she might turn head-side-up......so I got out right away....

just an idea....anything is worth a try...
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good luck to all who are starting the journey. Hope we hear the stories soon.

My dh leave tomorrow and i am getting all emotional about coping and having the baby without him
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