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Wow, I sure miss a lot by going to bed early and posting in the early morning instead.

I hope all you ready-to-go mamas got your wishes last night!

Charity-- I think you'll feel the BIG movement when your baby flips. Glooby was breech until about 33 weeks, and I could really feel the moving over. Same thing when this kid rotated to posterior (finally! last week!)--much bigger than usual movements--more like writhing. I hope that happens for you SOON.

WhiteWax -- sorry about your insurance mess. YUCK! What a thing to have on your mind at this point! Make sure they cover all of your expenses. That definitely sounds like THEIR fault. Threaten to get a lawyer if you have to. Amazing how quickly that speeds up a "correction" to the paperwork... : (We had a recent car insurance issue that was ridiculous until we had a lawyer friend give us the correct statute number to quote in a letter to the insurance company. Our money arrived TWO DAYS later... after WEEKS of arguing!)

I had an AMAZING night--I slept from 9:45 pm until 5:45 am WITHOUT GETTING UP TO PEE! (Nor did I pee my bed. ) After the wretched night before, it was blissful. No idea what gave me this gift. My chiro adjustment yesterday? I am far less crippled/pinched in my tailbone and hip, so maybe it was that? Anyway, I've already got something to be grateful for today.

My general contractor is coming this morning to finish up the last of the little kitchen items! Yay! And, according to the schedule/plan, my a/c installers should start today as well. Phew! I didn't want the work going on concurrently, but I'm ready to get all of this work behind me so I can stop wondering what strange men will show up at my house when.

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Had a bout of pre-labor in the early morning... I woke up at 3:45 with stomach issues, and then started having contractions for a few hours, but tried just to sleep through them. What's weird though, is there was stabbing pain on my lower left side (right by my pubic bone) with them. Why only on one side? I'm seeing my midwife today, maybe she'll have an idea.

Last night we went to take DS to the park, and noticed a DUCK on our roof. He was quite comfortable up there, because he was still there when we got back. DH and I didn't know whether to laugh or scratch our heads. We were calling it our "messenger duck".
DS and I are going to a tandem/toddler nursing playgroup this morning, and I hope hope hope he takes a good nap this afternoon so that I can too.
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So, we called dd's ped yesterday since she was STILL throwing up and filling dipe after dipe (I have to admit, it's times like this when I'm glad we moved to sposies...she has gone through and entire box this week...that would be 144 dipes. Washing the towels we use for the "top" mess has been more than enough for me!).

Apparently there is an evil GI Flu going round. Kiddos under 3-4yo seem to get hit the hardest with fever and ick at both ends for about 5 days. Adults get hit for about 2-3 days. So DH is fine, I'm feeling a lot better, and DD is laying on the couch watching as much tv as her little brain can hold BUT she isn't feverish and she isn't oozing. So I'm hoping a full day of rest/vegging out/half sleeping is what she needs to kick this sucker.

So Roro can come out now. Seriously. Eviction notice is on the door!

I looked at the calendar and got a bit scared. The husband wife OB team I see provide back up to each other during VBACs (the ACOG guidelines require a full OR team sitting on their hands at the hospital during a VBAC). But Dr Heidi will be out of town starting the 16th. And none of the backup OBs in town will agree to provide backup for a VBAC. So if I'm still pregnant and go into labor after Dr. Heidi leaves I have a 50/50 chance of "getting" a random backup OB who will NOT be VBAC supportive. And the hospital would probably try to force a c/s.

I know my EMTALA rights, and I would refuse as much as possible, but I honestly don't want to turn Roro's birth into a battle.

And today, looking at the calendar, I realized I basiclaly have 10 days to get Roro out under our own power before the 16th. I'll be getting a sweep on Thursday if she's still playing "queen of the belly", but any and all birth vibes would be welcome! I'm popping EPO and chugging RRL tea, I'm eating pineapple and bouncing on my birth ball. DH has been rubbing the acupressure points for birth, I've even been listening to my "early birth" hypnosis scripts! Roro needs to come out now...
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Just got back from my MW appointment. I'm at 3 cm, still not effaced very much. She did a sweep, but said there wasn't much to sweep. Guess that's been done. Popping the EVO and drinking red raspberry. Would try pineapple, but it makes me gag. I'm ready. 2 dpd right now. Come out Come Out
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Wombat I hope you can get your little one here without that c/s. Maybe baby will be sweet and come out early. I'm hoping my munchkin has mercy on his mommy and comes out soon too. I'm not sure how much more I can take. At least I know it can't possibly be too much longer but every day it's a little harder to convince myself to hang in there.
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Still pregnant. Getting more and more uncomfortable every day. Sad that I have a 50/50 chance of getting a stranger at the birth. Wishing baby would come out already. So I can totally relate to what you guys are posting. Here's hoping it'll happen soon for all of us anxious folks.
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My kitchen is DONE!

Okay, we're having a couple of guys here to carry heavy objects on Saturday, so they will put the fridge in place then and bring up the kitchen table from the basement, but everything else is now FINISHED. Woo hoo! I have my stuff on the walls and my stove is now tight against the wall where it goes and just everything. Super cool!

The dumpster will even go soon. I will be happy to have my whole driveway back, too.

Of course, now someone has to unpack all the kitchen items. I think I can get away with unpacking just the bare necessities and leave the rest for my mom to help me with as the summer wears on. (Lazy willo!)

Beautiful acupuncture visit this morning. I left there feeling so great. I sure do love my acupuncturist.

A/C installers are working away, thankfully almost done with the indoor portion. Because they are running one day behind schedule, they're trying to squeeze my job into two days instead of three, so somehow that means they will be inside for part of tomorrow as well instead of doing ALL of the indoor work the first day, but I think I can survive ONE MORE DAY of men in my house. This morning, while my kitchen guys were drilling downstairs and the A/C guys were drilling upstairs, I kind of wanted to tear out my hair or at least run screaming from the house. I'm not as reclusive as some of you guys are talking about, but I'm definitely wanting my house to be a SANCTUARY again.

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Clay.. hang in there.... She'll be here by the 16th, dont you fret... i just have a good idea about it. Mention your concern to the Dr and amkes sure they speak up on your behalf so you dont feel the pressure of the "battle" IF you end up with some one anti-VBAC.... Slippery vibes!!! EVEN if you go after the 16th, just keep thinking quick, smooth, happy labor thoughts and there wont even be time to second guess the VBAC! Hang in there Momma! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

As for me.... I'm due today.... nothing.... nothing is going on... DexP called... I told him Jilian was having her baby (probably as we speak) and that she and I were suppose to have these kids on the same day, he retorted with "well the day is not done!" ::sigh:: we shall see............
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Thanks all!

I think that now that I am "officially" past the 40 week mark I'm getting even more ansty. DD was 42+ weeks and I was a miserable wreck for those last few days...I was so sure Roro would come early! Ah well...I'm maintaining my zen-insanity!

My mom pointed out that dd was born on 4/5/05 and my next appointment (when I'll ask them to sweep the heck out of my membranes) will be on 6/7/07 so maybe Roro is just holding out so she can follow that "birth date pattern"?

Big ol birth vibes for all of us!

And YAY and HUZZAH for the kitchen Willo! That's awesome!
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Sarah~ im sorry youre feeling guilty and weepy. i went through the same thing, especially the last couple of weeks before i had lexa. it was horrible and i was a mess. this time around im a bit of a mess, hating that my princess will no longer be my baby, BUT ive seen the amazing amount of love that lexa and zach have for each other and i cant imagine them not having each other~ even if it means they dont get as much one on one time from mommy and daddy. this little monster will be a wonderful addition to our family and, like lexa, worshiped by all of us. hang in there, sweetie~ in a couple of months your daughter wont know how to function without her baby and youll wonder why you didn't give her a sibling sooner

Charity ~ howd it go with the mw? are we head down? dont forget~ take the pulsatilla 3x a day for 3 days!

sally z~ im so sorry your husband is leaving!! who do you have to lean on for support?

willo! im soooo jealous! theres NO way I could go that long without peeing! what a beautiful night you had last night! and so awesome your kitchen is done!! woohoo!!
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forgot to type about my day

well, my dryer broke last night~ just as i was fixing to do some hard core laundry and nesting : SOOO, I went to my moms today and spent 8.5 hours! doing 9 loads of laundry! yes! 9 friggin loads! i didnt realize just how enormous my washer was! wouldve only been like 4, maybe 5 loads here! i honestly dont think my family has EVER had this many clean clothes! i cant even close the drawrs in my DS dresser! and hes usually low on clothes!

ok, how the heck can you guys feel your cervix? seriously? looking for some help here! a couple days ago im pretty sure i felt it, but today theres no sign of it...?

UGH! so, ive been having my normal BH cntrx all day, which, as usual got more intense this evening. now, however its just a constant tension/pressure kinda thing....(so embarassing to say this, BUT....) somewhere between wanting to push and that built up feeling just before you orgasm? so odd~ anyone have a clue what im talking about?

having serious nesting issues tonight, but im too damn sore and tired to do anything! probably has a lot to so with the fact that my home visit is thursday and my house is a DISASTER :

so, our cable hasnt been working right in our bedroom and theres nothing on tv, so my dear sweet hubby went to blockbuster (which is a block away) to get me movies : this pregnancy thing is rockin! (im sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact I gave *it* up last night....for the 3rd time since he knocked me up again!! ) poor thing is so stoked that im in the final weeks~ he knows hes getting laid daily!

ok, i need to start pushing or something...UMPH!
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I had a loooooong night last night! Was up from 1am to 5am with contractions that eventually were every 5 minutes and crampy and painful. I had to really concentrate during them. As soon as I fell asleep I guess they went away, and have spent today with on-again, off-again ones. We'll see tomorrow if I'm dilated or effaced at the MW.

jbobys - Hope the dryer gets fixed SOON! I know exactly the feeling you're describing, I just thought I was the only one feeling it, lol.

Yay for the kitchen being done, Willo! DH finally painted ours and I'm decorating this week, so I have happy kitchen vibes too.

Hang in there, Clay, and everyone else feeling these aches and weepies and all. I'm right there with you! Soooo ready to hold this sweet little one already!
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Originally Posted by jbobys View Post
Charity ~ howd it go with the mw? are we head down? dont forget~ take the pulsatilla 3x a day for 3 days!
Thanks for asking--no luck yet--baby's head is about two inches further down, sort of on the side now, so I'm trying to interpret that as progress, but it seems so slow. Still taking pulsatilla, tried the warm bath with ice on top, more music, more moxibustion, will try to get a chiropractor appt. asap. Haven't tried a cold bath yet. Maybe tomorrow.

It's so hard to relax while doing all these things and worrying about what will happen! Our mw is now suggesting breech birth at home, but I just don't think I feel comfortable with that. I only just made the jump to homebirth last week. Please, baby, head down now!!!

On the positive side, if we hadn't switched to our mw, we still wouldn't know about the position--two OBs had already assured me that the baby was head down, which is why I felt confident about that for the last few weeks. They didn't check in nearly as much detail. At least this way there's a chance we can get her to flip.

Willo--good news about the kitchen!

Wombat--here's hoping she'll come soon and that it will be a peaceful VBAC.
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We had our baby girl, Gabriella Lucille, at 3:02 am on June 5. It was a dramatic birth that almost ended in transfer from the birth center, but I managed to get her out (while ambulance was waiting and EMTs in hallway!). birth story later.
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Originally Posted by rock_dr View Post
We had our baby girl, Gabriella Lucille, at 3:02 am on June 5. It was a dramatic birth that almost ended in transfer from the birth center, but I managed to get her out (while ambulance was waiting and EMTs in hallway!). birth story later.
Oh wow! What a cliffhanger! Get that birth story written. Now I really want to hear it. :

I snapped a few pics of the new kitchen this morning, so if DH will download the photos (someone ask me why I don't just go to Staples and buy a memory card reader for my computer for, like, $30!!!) I'll be able to share soon.

I was very nervous about labor right at bedtime last night! (Unlike many, I'm not ready until at least FRIDAY.)

(TMI alert!) So, yesterday, one time when I peed, I thought there was brown discharge on the toilet paper, but (embarrassing admission) I wasn't positive because I thought maybe it was just a result of very hurried hygiene at the last toilet visit when DS woke up and I had to hurry from the bathroom. Anyway, I didn't see anything else mucus plug-ish at that toilet visit. But, at bedtime, I felt hot and sticky and decided to take a quick shower before bed (clean sheets deserve a clean body, right?) I noticed two dark spots on the floor of the shower.

Now, I wear glasses and can't see much without them, like right as I go into the shower. I'm assuming I see spiders, though usually you only see a single spider in your shower at one time. Anyway, I got my glasses, and it turns out there are two small blobs of... stuff... on the shower floor.

"DH's weird natural dandruff shampoo?" I wonder? Nope. They were mucus clumps. When I wiped up the "brown" clumps they left those red streaks like blood does.

Now, these were two smallish bits to add to the couple of white "panty boogers" (who said that the other day--perfect description!) I had a few days ago. I don't think I've lost the whole plug, but now I definitely believe it is disintegrating.

Add to this scenario that I almost immediately started getting that low, heavy, cramping feeling again. Going to sleep, I was a little worried it was actually labor, but I didn't want to tell DH because he would worry and he's the one who has TOO MUCH WORK through Thursday, which is our biggest reason to hope this baby waits another few days at least.

Luckily, the cramps petered out over the next hour or so, and I didn't wake up with any last night. Whew!

Anyone else have a decidedly brown mucus plug experience? 'Cuz, honestly, if that isn't what I found in the shower, I really don't know what it could've been!

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NO help to any of you with prelabour or other 'blob' issues ... nothing is happening here.

Willo - I am still with you, I need a few more days. I am almost finished all my laundry - folded and put away. (It takes a long time to fold all the little kiddos clothes!!!) I also have a dentist appointment today (9am), a hair appointment for highlights, pregnancy safe (10:30am), a homebirth seminar (1pm) and a midwife appointment (2pm). After today, I am good to go.

I went out for lunch with my husband yesterday - compared to last week (still working and had a lot to do), I feel giddy that I have accomplished so much in just a few days. I am not envious of you moms who are trying to scramble to get ready with a mittful of kids around. I get nothing done with the 17month old in the house as I chase him around all the time ... the older pair are easy (but will become a bit tv obsessed if I don't watch them closely!)

So ... just wondering ... in the shower, I 'check' the cervix every few days - this baby's rock hard head is less than a finger length away and the cervix is really short and squishy (and somewhat forward) ... does anyone else have the same thing. For me, it means nothing but just wondering how common that is! [BTW - last babe, I pushed for less than 10 minutes so low is very common for me!]

Sally - hugs to you, having husband away must be a challenge. My husband would be on cloud nine to miss this birth thing (loves his kids, not so fond of the birthing process or hospitals but likes the idea of a homebirth even less!)
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We had our baby girl, Gabriella Lucille, at 3:02 am on June 5. It was a dramatic birth that almost ended in transfer from the birth center, but I managed to get her out (while ambulance was waiting and EMTs in hallway!). birth story later.

Happy baby day and oh my goodness we need the full story when you can! Congrats!
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So...is anyone familiar with a cartoon show called "Invader Zim"? It was supposedly for kids but it was more of an "adult" show and it was cancelled pretty quickly (it still plays on, I think, Nick at Night).

Anyway, it's about a seriously incompetent alien named Zim who has decided to "take over" the earth. He's totally hopeless, his "super invader assistant robot GIR" is a nut case, and his "arch nemesis" is a kid named Dib who is sort of a young Fox Mulder. It's pretty silly, but I enjoy it...

So what's the connection to babies? In one episode Zim shrinks himself down and winds up inside Dib. While inside Dib he finds the "arm control nerve" and takes control of Dib's arms (despite Dib's protests that there is no such thing as an arm control nerve). Well, considering the pain and random leg failure I've been feeling today, it's pretty clear Roro has found the "leg control nerve" and is having fun.

At totally random moments I'll get a shooting pain down my leg and it will actually stop working for a moment! I'm being really careful on the stairs since twice today I've gone to take a step and had my righ leg just sort of crumple under my weight. It's really painful and also sort of freaky.

I'm trying to see it as a "she must be lower in the pelvis and doing something new...and something new might be leading up to "getting herself born"...so it's a good thing right?

As GIR would say "I dON't know". But I can hope!
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Originally Posted by sally Z View Post
My dh leave tomorrow and i am getting all emotional about coping and having the baby without him
I'm so sorry to hear that dh is leaving Do you have people around to help you out? How long is he gone for?
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Originally Posted by rock_dr View Post
We had our baby girl, Gabriella Lucille, at 3:02 am on June 5. It was a dramatic birth that almost ended in transfer from the birth center, but I managed to get her out (while ambulance was waiting and EMTs in hallway!). birth story later.
Congratulations! I can't wait to read your birth story!

Still not much going on here. I've been a bit crampy today though. We're supposed to get some stormy weather tonight and possibly tornadoes-I hope that helps (although driving 3 hours in bad weather isn't my idea of fun). We've been working to help baby along. I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping that we find out that it's done some good.

So, my belly has been really sensitive the last week or so. If I brush up against something or accidently bump into something-even if it is just a light bump-it kinda hurts. What's up with that?
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