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June Decluttering Challenge!

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Welcome to the June decluttering challenge!!
If you participated in last month's challenge, feel free to share your accomplishments & what you'd like to do differently this month, if anything.
Post your goal- whether it is number of items gone, number of bags, rooms, whatever works for you!

Are there items that haven't been used in a long time, are just taking up too much space, or have been outgrown? Time to get those outta there!
Be sure to post your progress as you work towards your goal- it's inspiring to see how far you've come in your effort towards a more simplified home!

Okay, mamas! I can't believe it is June 4 and no challenge posted yet. I participate in January, February and March, but sat out of April and May. This month I'm setting the bar high for myself. I changing from full time to part time work beginning on June 11. I have 2 months to get ready to go to law school. I am working part time especially so I can get my house organized and get good systems set up. Decluttering is the first step.

So, my goal for June is 500 items!! This is more than twice as many items as I have decluttered in any other month, so I'm a little nervous about reaching the goal.

So far, I got rid of some yarn and some clothing and so I'm at: 30/500 through yesterday!
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I'll join & also set a goal of 500 items. I figure I have at least 50,000 things in my home I could part with, so 500 seems reasonable. Also, I MUST go through the downstairs file cabinets this month!

Yesterday, I tossed/recycled 8 things from my drawer of personal care items + 14 toys/coloring books/junk, listed 9 things on Freecycle (1 to be picked up tomorrow & the rest I'll donate if no one wants them), and have 3 books in the car to drop at the library.

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I'll go ahead and count a bag (30 gallon trash bag) as one item

1 30 gallon trash bag full of toys
1 smaller bag full of clothes and books
1 very large bulky toy
1 bag of wrinkled play money
1 kid's art project that I decided wasn't THAT cute (I have boxes full)
1 old workbook from school

I also have some stuff designated to throw out that hasn't gone out yet. I'll do that tomorrow

ETA: 6/500
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I was doing well earlier in the year with this, but had a car accident in April, that has derailed me til now. But I am back on track. I am setting a goal of 500 for this month, which is a bit high for me, but we are moving ds1 to the upstairs loft, and moving stuff from upstaris to become my new office in his old room. so I am hoping to declutter along the way. I started this weekend on some projects that have been sitting for a while, so I am going to include those.

-10 bags of recyclables to the recycling center
-1 stained shirt cut into rags
-cleaned out/reorganized 2 large drawers in ds2 room and passed on 3 bags of baby clothes to a friend for a longterm loan
-packed up the extra diapers and baby blankets that I am not currently using into a 1 plastic tub for storage
-folded/put away 4 baskets of clothes that had been sitting in my room for an embarrassingly long time (reference car accident above!)

So my total so far is:

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We're hopefully buying a house and moving this summer, so I need to get in on this. I'm setting a goal of 300 items. I've never participated in this challenge before, so 300 seems like a ton! Wish me luck!

June 5th
huge amount of toys (I'm NOT counting all of them individually ) ready to go to my SILs yardsale this weekend, we'll call it 30 items
cleaned out one drawer of filing cabinet, recycled a lot of paper (probably close to 100 pieces!) but I'm not counting so we'll call it 20 items

June 6th
10 sippy cups that haven't been used in months since we switched to Kleen Kanteens going into the yardsale pile

June 7th
drawer completely emptied.....5 items in trash/recycling, 4 for the yard sale pile
compact disks for the yardsale pile.....96 so far!!!!
1 calendar that I never look at (it's still on February!) going in the recycling

June 8th
20 more cds for the yard sale pile

June 9th
Successful yard sale! I made about $200 and all I sold fit in the back of our van with the third row seat out. That's not really very much stuff, and I made a good bit of money on it! Woohoo!!!!

June 11th
An old lawnmower freecycled.

June ??
Gave away 15 old computer games.
Returned 3 things to my mom I borrowed ages ago.

June 28th
Threw away some old food from the freezer. Another 12 items gone.

June 30th
3 outside toys they have outgrown.
8 empty cardboard boxes (too bad I didn't fill them before they got recycled!)
1 broken laundry basket
1 set of sheets recycled into rags
1 expired box of cereal (unopened)
2 old pairs of sandals
20 items of children's clothing

June 30th afternoon/evening last minute purge
8 cardboard boxes from Playmobil toys.....why was I saving them?
1 robe
2 pairs of slippers
approx. 30 hangers (counting as 1 item)
1 stuffed elephant
1 grocery bag of garbage
1 old guitar amp
music stand
child's chair they never use
small broom
4 dining room chairs out to the curb
6 extra sandbox toys
particleboard tv stand from the 90s out to the curb
2 extra pillows
small end table with no good home, out it goes!

Total Items Decluttered = 285
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I was just coming to start this thread! I'm pretty overwhelmed right now, but need something to help focus me. Also, the toys have begun taking over the play area again--how is that possible, when no new toys have come into the house? I think they either multiply at night, like bunnies, or they roam in packs around the house and reconvene in the play area all at once :

So I'm setting my goal a bit low this time--I'm aiming for 250. That's barely 10 items a day, surely I can handle that. Right? RIGHT? Maybe...
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I don't have goals in terms of getting rid of X amount of things, but I would like to clean and organize my desk - file things that need filing and THROW AWAY everything that doesn't!! I'd also like to go through my old schoolwork and get rid of it all. Does that count? Can I join this thread?

Last weekend I decluttered under the bathroom sink and I threw away 2 boxes full of used/old/spoilt toiletries, makeup, etc - most of it wasn't even ours!
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Originally Posted by crayolaab View Post
I don't have goals in terms of getting rid of X amount of things, but I would like to clean and organize my desk - file things that need filing and THROW AWAY everything that doesn't!! I'd also like to go through my old schoolwork and get rid of it all. Does that count? Can I join this thread?

Last weekend I decluttered under the bathroom sink and I threw away 2 boxes full of used/old/spoilt toiletries, makeup, etc - most of it wasn't even ours!
You make the rules of your own challenge and tell us what they are! So yes, it counts.
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Oh yay, I'm in!!

We have to move at the end of the summer, and before that our house has to be presentable so the owner can show it to new tenants. That means STRANGERS WILL BE LOOKING IN OUR CLOSETS!!!

Every room in this house has a "Get Rid Of" pile. My challenge is to actually get rid of all of it!

I have made about $80 selling clothes so far.

ETA: I think I'll make my challenge goal more specific. 100 items. (I've never done this before so I'm starting small.)
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First time joining. I'm in for 200.
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I'm in for 500. I got rid of at least 50 today and 50 yesterday so 400 more to go!

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I actually finished up decluttering today!!! I mean, I know it's an ongoing job, and I'm sure I'll find something here and there that I missed or that I've changed my mind on, BUT.......................I'm done! The inside of my house is done. This weekend and today I got rid of six bags of things, a computer hutch, a metal shelving unit, and several bags of trash. Dh has been very good the past few weeks. Friday night after the kids were in bed - he was on the computer playing WOW and I was completely overhauling the front hall closet! He's been very supportive and has stayed out of my way. He even decluttered his drawers with me. My challenge now is to finish up the garage. That's my June challenge.
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I want to join too I need to get re-motivated.

I don't want to pick a number but I think I'll pick a room and work on that. I'm not sure which one though. I'll think on it tonight and decide.

Whatever room it is, I want to de-clutter more thoroughly, organize what's left and then clean. Sadly, pretty much any room in the house needs all of that My house has made a TON of progress in the past year and I'm proud of it (and me ) but there's room for progress
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I'm going to go by room. My goal is to declutter downstairs (living room, playroom, kitchen, mudroom) and the garage and porch. As soon as Babymort is done nursing, I have a bunch of stuff to put on freecycle. So far this month I've given away a play kitchen, infant car seat and base, and a printer.
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Originally Posted by NoliMum View Post
Every room in this house has a "Get Rid Of" pile. My challenge is to actually get rid of all of it!
Funny, every room in my house has a "Now where the heck should I put THIS?" pile

Ugh, house showings are intense. Good luck to you!
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how about MONEY for a motivator?!!!

I actually work for a cosignment company that sells items on eBay for people. This would be a good way for you all to declutter and make money on your items that you are getting rid of. Let me know if you would like more info!

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I'm in.

Probably well over 1000 items left the house in May as I went through all the outgrown boy clothes we have and gave them to friends. (Actually, I have one bin left)

So, my goal is more organization: finish going through that last bin, clear the floor in the schoolroom of all boxes of paper/crap/clutter and only have in the schoolroom stuff we will use for school, organize and finish sorting through all the girl clothes I've been given for #3 (and try to keep it simple).

I'm going to set a number amount as well. It helps me to have a number goal. But since I got rid of so much last month I'm going to set it somewhat low: 150 items.
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I'm doing the front room. Our first floor (where most of the living takes place) has four rooms. I wasn't sure which to do at first. We spend most of our time in the computer room or the backroom (which is the tv/toy room) but those two rooms are also the worst. Not as bad as they used to be but I'd still like to start with something easier. The kitchen would be easy because it's pretty close.

But then I thought how nice it would be to have the front room done. That's the first room you enter when you come in the house. Plus I painted it a few months ago so the walls are fresh and colorful. And I want to paint more designs on them and get new curtains. That's a good incentive for decluttering/organizing/cleaning
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Oooh, I'm in!

I'm going to set a goal for 500 things. But I'm going to count that a little more generously-- as in, each separate clothing item that I purge equals one item.

We have already done a LOT of decluttering, but there's still more, so here we go again!!! I'm excited because I haven't participated in one of these threads yet!
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I sold a shirt today! And I've got another sale of 3 items that is pending. :

I also have a friend who is pregnant, so hopefully she'll take some baby clothes off my hands.
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