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My goal this month is to actually have the garage sale that I wanted to do last month. But things came up, I was sick, it rained, my MIL visited...so hopefully if it isn't raining this weekend (fingers crossed)

So my goals are: 750 items (but i never keep track )
1.empty the garage
2.get the games and puzzles down to 2 shelves (currently they take up a top shelf of a closet and the whole hallway closet)
3.Go through ALL the clothes, shoes, socks in the house
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Okay, I'm in. I just got up and threw out 46 items from my son's bedroom. I need to do focus on my office! I vow to throw out/get rid of at least 4 more items today and that will be 50/500.

We have a Big Brothers/Big Sisters drop off box right around the corner. I'm going to drop off the bag on the way to pick up my son from preschool.

Thanks! I'm procrastinating on my writing and decluttering is a better option than eating!

Thanks for the thread.
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Well, the surprise phone call from the repairman today instead of Friday meant I scrambled all morning to get things in order, including part of the garage (where the freezer he needed to check was located).


2 handfuls of plastic cutlerly that had dumped onto the garage floor gone
1 bag of no longer usable paper goods gone
3 glass containers of old pancake mix dumped out and recycled
1 pile of school papers gone through tossed
1 pile of junk mail gone through and tossed
1 kitchen table cleaned off

Okay, it felt like so much more (in between getting dressed, getting the toddler changed/dressed, everyone fed and cleaned back up and straightening the chaos that follows the boys around!). But every little bit helps, right? So my new total is 30/500.
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Another 12 things from the game cabinet, craft things, & a couple books. 46/500
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I gave away a whole bag of yarn to my mother-in-law. She knits sweaters for orphans, and I overstocked when I had delusions of ability.
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12/150 Blank cassette tapes still in the shrinkwrap gone on freecycle.
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I forgot to come post on here yesterday! I cleaned out the frig and decluttered some of my cake decorating supplies! That is 93 items gone yesterday! So that puts me at 123/500 so far.
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I just rememberd a few more things that I got out this weekend.

1 baby shower gift given very late (finally!) from when I couldn't attend the shower 3m ago

8 disposable diaper sample packs passed on to another mama

2 smaller disposable dipes passed on to church nursery

So my new total is :41/500! Not bad fora week that I am moving slowly in

Today's plan is to start on the room clean out prior to the switch--so crossed fingers!
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Sale of 3 shirts and a wallet went through, so I just have to ship them out.

I'm not counting the other shirt I sold, though, because it was at my mom's house, so it's not really cluttering my own place.

SO 4/100 so far.
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72 more items over the past few days. Mainly books & old paper work. I am trying to declutter the spare room/weird closet thingy attached to our bedroom and it is beyond a nightmare!

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It's a start!
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post

It's a start!
for starting!!!
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I ousted 45 pieces of clothing from my closet last night & dropped them off today. Also dropped off the remaining items that no one picked up from Freecycle. 46 + 45 = 91/500
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My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes decluttering on the weekend/ days off from work (Friday through Monday for me). Then I need to schedule weekly visits to the Salvation Army to drop off my goods. The "to donate" bags that I have at home just tend to sit for too long!

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I have no clue how many items there were, but I just de-cluttered FORTY SIX POUNDS of clothes! I haven't weighed the things I'm throwing away (holes/stains etc) but I'm guessing about 5 lbs extra there.

Freecycle is a good thing! Bag 'em - post 'em - and they're GONE.

Ala FlyLady, I kept singing "please release me, let me go" as I was cleaning my closet. There were some pieces that I had a hard time putting in the bag, but as I looked at them, I couldn't honestly remember the last time they were worn. I also had a MAJOR "I'll garage sale them" moment, but I made it to the computer and posted on freecycle before I could change my mind.

(too bad I can't get rid of 46 lbs off my body that easily! )

I don't have any specific goals, but I want to be able to have our bedroom door open when guests come over instead of running to shut it if the doorbell rings - just in case someone were to come in and see it...
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Ohh, I hadn't seen this one before! I'm in!

I'll shoot for 250. This is exciting, especially since I get all emotional over stuff.
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Okay I really need to get serious here (!) but I am having a hard time letting go of things right now. I need some inspiration!

We are planning to clear out a closet tomorrow and ebay some other stuff so that should help my numbers.
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7 VHS tapes sold
4 books donated to used bookstore at library

new total: 23/150
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Got 2 baby items in the donate pile
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I traded 4 cd's for 1 skirt, so that makes 3 items. 7/100
(I'm going too sloooow)
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