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Originally Posted by WatermelonSnow View Post
I have a question. Are email and zip submits just that? I mean, do they *usually* credit after you enter only your email or zip code?
It used to be that way for me. I'd just enter the zip or email and get credit. Nowdays, it seems I have to add in the mailing address as well to get credit.
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Originally Posted by 2Sweeties1Angel View Post
What's a MySimon card?

I just started doing the GPT sites a week or so ago and have already made about $40 combined from 2 sites (Deal Barbie Pays and Treasure Trooper). I used to attempt to do Instant Profits last year, but I wasn't doing it right and didn't realize it until this month Hopefully I'll have better luck this time around with these 2 sites since I figured out how to not use a Proxy.
A Simon card is a prepaid credit card. You can learn more about them here: http://www.simon.com/giftcard/
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I don't have a good answer for you, I do know that for some people, just doing the first page is enough, but for others, they seem to need that second page also.

I'm not much help, sorry!!

Originally Posted by Song of Joy View Post
It used to be that way for me. I'd just enter the zip or email and get credit. Nowdays, it seems I have to add in the mailing address as well to get credit.
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I find that different sites make a difference with email/zip submits as well. I never had any of mine credit until I started doing them at Monster Pays Cash, and now most of them go through. NO clue why...

I do go ahead and do the second page with the address info, I've got Roboform so it only takes a second anyway.
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I did my first batch of email and zip submits on MPC yesterday afternoon while DS had a friend over and they played in the yard. I was pleasantly surprised later that night to find the majority of them had credited. I was so excited, I did a bunch more last night, and not one of them has credited. On all of them I only did the first page, so I'd say I'm running about 50% with that system. I'm going to start doing the second page and see if that helps.
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Hi Everyone. Been super busy lately but wanted to pop in and wish everyone a great gpt month. I am impatiently waiting for some good new trials to be added. I miss the good old days. Going on 15.. or is it 16? ... months now. Still loving it. Still amazed at how simple/easy it is to earn money in this way. I helped a couple of ladies get started recently and they are doing well and feeling incredibly blessed to have been introduced to the sites. That always feels good. Wish I had more time to just spread the word. So many people out there needing the money and wishing there was a way to earn it from home. It stinks that most people I talk to about this really don't buy that there are no strings attached. It seems too good to be true.
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Originally Posted by rebeccalizzie View Post
Yup, shady is definitely the vibe I got.

Anyone do any trials more than once? I shouldn't have canceled Cosmetique...I love my makeup. I was thinking if they allowed another free trial, I'd do that again and then stick with it?
no, you're not allowed to do trials more than once, but if you liked it, you could probably just go to their website and sign up on your own.

Sherrie, I feel the same way about people who think it's too good to be true. I have a hard time explaining it to people I meet "well, you can take surveys, enter sweepstakes, or you can do free trials and be paid for them..." they look at me like I'm crazy or they think it's the same as, say, Lightspeed Panel. it's difficult to make it sound legit, even though it obviously is.
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I don't think I've seen hardly any new trials in almost a month now. I know when I was moving, there was a 2 week period where I was not able to get online much and I kept worrying that I was missing out on all the new trials...only to find that about 3 were added. I hope some new ones show up soon!

I have the problem of getting people to think it is legit, too. They are just sure it is a scam and either they have to get people to sign up under them or they have to pay someone somewhere down the line. Others are just scared to put their information "out there." I just always figured, the info GPT sites are asking for and that you sign up for trials with is the same info anyone can pull up with an easy google search/yellow pages search.

Last, I said I would update on how moving went with the GPT sites....I notified all the sites I use about a week out. I used a trouble ticket so I could track my notification. Most replied to my tt within a day or two. I updated my info on the sites, then. I've been working off my new address/IP address for about a week now with no problems. It was very smooth sailing.
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[QUOTE=Radish4ever;8308562]I had the SAME problem, but with Columbia House DVD club - I asked them what email I had supposedly signed up under and she listed off one of the emails I use for freebies - so it's obvious that they are selling our information. UGH

Okay, I just now got a Columbia House DVD! That I never signed up for, might I add. That is so creepy! : Must go dig up the number...
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For those who may be similary scammed by Columbia House, I found a number and spoke to a real human:

212-596-2000 and the lady I spoke to was at ext. 0230. The first time I called the number, it just gave an option to dial someone's extention....frustrated, I called right back and that time, someone answered right away and transferred me to customer service.

I have no idea what "offer" I did who used my information unauthorized but I hope most of you can avoid this!
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Just a heads up to anyone doing Ultima offers, during a call to customer service today and learned that the number you call is a "fullfillment center" and they usually don't get payment information until 5 business days after the charge has been placed on your card. On a 7 day free trial, that makes a big difference. I am also wondering if it affects when these offers credit to your GPT account.
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I am ready to do this again for the summer. Where can I get the most for the money spent (which gpt sites)? Also would I be better off working towards a 1k giftcard or something? Thanks.
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I am getting seriously annoyed at a certain group of offers that don't take mastercard, LOL. I don't have a Visa darn it, every credit card I have is a MC or discover and I can't use my discover LOL!
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Originally Posted by camprunner View Post
I am ready to do this again for the summer. Where can I get the most for the money spent (which gpt sites)? Also would I be better off working towards a 1k giftcard or something? Thanks.
depends on what offers you can do. have you done this a long time and can't do alot of the cheepy gift card offers or do you still have lots of $1 trials left? if I had known about the DIY stuff first I would totally have gone that route FIRST. the profit is MUCH better (my sister did a 1k gift card first and only spent $150ish) whereas when i spend (if i could find that many offers!) $150 I am going to get at MOST $400 profit. so thats my answer!
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Thanks. I haven't done THAT many. I pretty much did it for a month before I got a part time job. but that's done for now...

Does anyone know of a reputable site for the big prizes such as the 1k gift card? Thanks.
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not really sure where you can get a 1k card right now..haven't kept up with it since i am unable to do them ...or at least there would be no profit or offers that i liked.

anyone done the corticet offer? i started it on 6/9 and haven't recieved the stuff in the mail yet and just now i recieved a cancel email saying that i will not be charged further. i was going to call tomorrow and see what was going on but i guess something got returned....although nothing is wrong my mail. funny! thats the way i like my offers!
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Why do I have a couple of days of absolutely awesome crediting, then a day like today where I can't get a single thing to go through??? I did three trials and two surveys on MPC. Nothing. So I stopped and went to DBP for a while, did two surveys there (different companies). Nothing.

I actually have a couple of hours to devote to this today, but I don't want to get burned doing a ton of stuff when it won't credit! I'm going to try restarting the computer...maybe that will help. I had an awful day a week or two ago and started using Firefox instead of IE, and that helped. Maybe I should go back to IE, :
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I'm right there with ya, rebeccalizzie. I did a bunch of email and zip submits at MPC earlier this week and had a startlingly high credit rate, like 15 out of 20. It was so cool and easy to be doing that while I kept one eye on DS and his friend playing outside, that I went back the next day and did about 20 more of them. You know how many credited? Two.

I haven't had much luck getting things to credit at DBP. I'm hesitant to do any trials there because if is an offer goes into the "declined" folder, you can't reset it. It just goes to bad offer jail.
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I have mixed luck with DBP. I don't go there often because they pay a lot less than the other GPT's I use, but sometimes when I'm in a slump I can get stuff to approve there. MPC is my hands down favorite...I don't need to collect cute stuff, I don't need contests, I just want the site that pays the most for each offer. But I need those offers to approve!
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That's why I love Sparestash! She is REALLY easy to work with - she puts denied offers back on for you to try again, she's wonderful about crediting something manually if it just isn't pushing through.........and she price matches!!!!!!

I have horrible luck with things crediting on MPC and DBP!
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