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We have our baby

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After four hours of hard labor, we welcomed Nesta Otis Judah today at 8:34am.
He is 12lb 8oz (and possibly was bigger at birth- we think probably nearly 13lb). However, he was also a 5 minute shoulder dystocia and now has a broken arm. He has to go to the chiro soon...like in an hour.
He is very cute and very sweet.
And...I ended up NOT needing the castor oil!!!
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you win the biggest baby award!!! holy moly! almost 13 lbs? that is absolutely amazing & way to birth, mama. sorry about the broken arm, though. i hope he heals quickly & you all are doing well.
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Congrats! and wow!!!
Ouch, poor mama and babe!
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I broke a baby's arm once in a dystocia situation and the docs who saw the baby later agreed that a broken arm is WAY better than a brachial plexus injury. The baby's arm was snapped clean through, however it was not put in a cast or anything. She doesn't favor it in any way (she's two now)
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Congratulations. WOW! What a boy!
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holy big baby! amazing momma!
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As an almost 12 pound baby who suffered a brachioplexus nerve injury and lifelong Erbs Palsy from shoulder dystocia, it sounds weird but I am SO glad his arm broke! Sorry if that sounds just odd to say, BTW, I mean it with the BEST of intentions!

As my midwife said when he son's clavicle broke during dystocia (she heard the crack), she knew it was okay then and he was going to be safe. No long-term effects after the break heals. Good luck!

Congrats on your big, healthy boy!
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Wow, I thought I was going to win the biggest baby award at 11 lbs!! Way to go!!! Congrats and I'm glad you didn't have to go the castor oil route!
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WOW!! Congratulations on your big guy! I hope his arm heals quickly.
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woo he's a big one!

I hope his arm heals up well and you guys get lots of rest
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A five minute dystocia sounds frightening. I am so glad to hear you successfully pushed out that enormous little man though.
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That does sound frightening. How are you feeling about all of it? I know you are loving your baby
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Just lurking in from July DDC and recognized you from Makena and my ds, Milo's, March 05 group. Sending you a huge congrats and wish Nesta speedy healing.
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Congratulations Lizzo!
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WOW! I had a 9.5er and thought he was a good size - amazing!

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Kinda a silly question, but did any 0-3mo clothing fit your munchkin AT ALL?
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Thanks everyone.

We have been very blessed.
As for clothes- I am not sure yet. Because of his arm, all we can do is swaddle him. I'll let you know- but i sure hope so! We are currently using 7th gen diapers for meconium poops and they just fit.
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WOW! Great story!
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You deserve multiple glasses, mama!

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WOW thats a BIG baby! Congrats on your precious big guy. I hope his shoulder heals fast. that had to be scary for you. enjoy your babymoon!!!

to the world Nesta
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