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No more baby waiting

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We were induced on Friday, June 1, and after 7 hours of labor, Willow Anabella Whitley R*** was born weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz (exactly what the u/s had predicted) and 20 in. long.

I will post the details of later, but wanted to stop in and say thanks to everyone for all of the support I've gotten here, especially during the difficult last few weeks.
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CONGRATS!!! and Welcome to the world baby Willow!
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Yay - congrats!
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Congrats! What a pretty name!
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Welcome little one - I love reading about our new arrivals!
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Welcome Willow... Congrats...

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Oh, congratulations! Willow is such a beautiful name.
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world Willow!
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Congrats! Hope we can all be holding our babies soon. Good luck to you and the little angel.
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Enjoy your babymoon and wonderful little one!
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Your family has excellent taste in names.

Enjoy your little one!

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congrats, can't wait for my turn
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congrats and welcome!
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Wow, Congrats mama!!!!! Enjoy your babymoon!!!!!
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Just popping in to say thanks for all the well wishes!

I've only been on line twice since we got home from the hospital on Sunday, but thank you for all the congrats!
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