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Baby Girl Annalise

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Our late baby made up for lost time at her birth! On Saturday my contractions started at 10:15 AM and intensified about 2 hours later. Dh finished up his work outside, showered and we were off to the hospital. We had a 50 minute drive and arrived at 1:45 PM. Annie was born at 2:18! My water broke at 2:10 and the doctor made it with 4 minutes to spare. I was utterly shocked to say the least. I still can't believe that she is here!

Here are her "stats"

Annalise Marie "Annie"
June 2nd 2007
2:18 PM
9 lbs. 9 oz.
22 1/2 inches long

Mom gets to wear her badge of honor for going without pain meds!!! Can you tell that I am proud of myself?
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Way to go!! I couldn't do it. Congrats!
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YIPPEE! Congrats.
WTG! Let's pat ourselves on the back for going med free.
And kinda quick for a first time mom ...
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wtg momma. you should be proud,its hard as hell!
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congrats on the arrival of sweet Annie & on the speedy delivery! be prepared for quick labors in the future, too, no matter what people say. (mine just kept getting quicker with each babe). and fast labors are super-intense so way to go, med free!!
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Yeah, My doc suggested that I camp out at the hospital next time. My first labor was 14 hours long so I never dreamed that this one would go so fast! I think that super fast and super intense is the way to go though...it makes it easier when you go med free.
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Just being nosey from the NOV DDC...: I remember when you had a leak in your bag of waters.

Just wanted to say congratulations, Mama! I'm so proud of you for holding off the artillery and giving your sweet baby the chance to choose her own birthday! It sounds like it really paid off! You *should* be proud of yourself!

Enjoy your babymoon and take gentle care of yourself.
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CONGRATS!!! You should be very VERY proud of yourself for going med free. Its so worth it in the end for both you and baby.

Welcome to the world Annalise!
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