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Newby with weak eye?

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Hi All,

Just back from Babymoon and thought I'd see if anyone else has had a newby with a weak eye. It doesn't seem to want to look straight or to the outside. Any experience with this? I know this is normal to some degree and Boston is only 2.5 weeks, but it's troubling nonetheless...
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Hi, I'm sorry you're worrying about this! I know it's common for babies' eyes to cross here and there and especially in the first few weeks it's common for their eyes to wander independently. However after about a month if it still persists I would see an eye doctor. My son (now almost 5) has a form of strabismus - Duane's Syndrome specifically - which is where one of his eyes can't turn a certain direction (his right eye can't turn to the right). He's had it since birth but it got more noticeable in the first year but has since stabilized. But everything I've read says that early treatment is better - they may introduce eye drops or a patch or something.

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Thanks. Did you try any treatment for it? That sounds like our situation.
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I think it is perfectly normal at this point. Its just muscular immaturity, much like when the baby's chin quivers (is that a word?).
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pm'd you back!
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I answered in your other post, but my 2nd son had strabismus and we used patches, and glasses from 12 weeks until he had surgery at 22months

I really wish we had been more diligent with the patches and glasses (he didn't like them, and neither did my ex dh) and the surgery should have been done earlier we would have had better results
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